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Jacking in the mall parking lot.

I was nude and stroking in my car and parked next to a car that I saw a hot mom and her college aged daughter get out of. I parked on the passenger side and hoped to show the daughter my big hard cock. They came out and the daughter was wearing very short tight jean shorts and her long legs were so smooth and sexy. I had my window cracked open so she could hear my fist smacking up and down my vaseline covered cock. She did. She turned sideways and looked right into my window as I looked at her sexy body. I curled my hips to show her my whole hard cock and I tightened my back and arched up so my cock was above the window sill. Her mom was putting things in the trunk. I lowered the window all the way and she stood there frozen watching and listening to the smacking noise and me telling her quietly how fucking sexy her legs and tight tits are. She could smell my sexy, sweaty, musky mix and the second I heard the trunk thump shut I exploded in long thick ropes of cum all up my chest and on my face. And when I was empty I held the base of my cock and slapped it on my cum covered belly splattering cum in all directions. The teenager turned towards her mom at the back of the car and I beat very fast and cum spattered the back of her sexy ass and backs of her thighs. I flipped my stiff cock towards her and saw cum spotting her car door. Her mom saw me now and came around and I was busted. She stood there between me and her daughter and told me I was a pervert as she stared at my cock. but I kept stroking its length slowly and she kept looking. Her daughter was beside her now and watching again and she stood there trying to act mad, but watching. I asked the mom to turn around and let me jack off to her hot ass and She blushed then they went in the store. I was so turned on I kept stroking for a while knowing she might have reported me and I was at risk of being arrested. I wanted to get out of my car and smear my cummy cock all over the daughters car window.

Posted by alwaysjerkingoff 2 years ago
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