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Free blowjob

I was in another town on business for a week and horny and went out to a bar to pick up a horny woman. I wore no underwear so my cock would swell and hang down my pants leg for the girls to see. After a night of drinking I was at the bar sitting on a stool and a guy started talking to me and soon it was time to leave but this guy needed a ride. He asked me to drive him back to his house and offered his girlfriend to me for a blowjob. He said she is horny and loves to suck dick. I gambled and we drove off and to the next small town and into the drive of his house. We went in and sat in the livi... Continue»
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Horny on the Road

Driving on a road trip late at night I was so horny I took off my pants and was jacking off for a couple hours, off and on. It was after midnight and not many cars on the highway, only big trucks. i was looking for a place to pull off to piss and noticed all the exit roads were dark and couldn't see anything outside the headlight beams. I chose an exit that was dark and pulled off and parked. I also turned off my dome light to get out. Wearing only shoes and a t-shirt I shut off the car and headlights and got out in the darkness. I stood behind my car and pissed on the road and trucks were pas... Continue»
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Perfect exhibitionism episode

I was walking around my apartment, second floor, wearing just gym shorts, the loose baggy type, and out my balcony door I saw a girl standing on the side of the street. She was pacing back and forth and as I watched her I recognized her to be a local tramp, d**g burn-out-hooker, and I had passed her on the street in my car numerous times wishing I could give her a flash of my cock. I was not inclined to let her touch me because of her filthy condition, but had fantasies of maybe, maybe picking her up and jacking off for her for a ride. She has a nice body, a little thin but still shapely and o... Continue»
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Best cumshot in smoebodys car

I was in a mall parking lot way out from the doors and a convertible car with two sexy college girls pulled in next to me. It was summer and hot and I was jacking off with my shorts down around my thighs and I wanted to open my door and show them my cock and maybe they would watch me cum. But they stayed in the car fixing makeup for a few minutes and I got a better idea. When the girl next to me got out I saw her wearing a mini skirt and the driver was wearing short tight shorts. She didn't even glance my way and I watched their sexy legs as they strolled towards the entrance. As soon as they ... Continue»
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carwash girl/dog sitter now gets another load

After she got done jacking every last drop of cum out of my sore cock I told her how her sexy body kept me horny all day and all night and that I loved her tiny little tits. I asked her if I could suck her nipples while she stroked me. She told me she wanted to suck my cock instead of jerk it. I had a mess of cum on my belly and she bent over and began rubbing her hard nipples in the cum. My cock was growing again and up against her soft belly. She lay on me and slid her hard body up and down mine in the cum and I was rock hard. I wanted to enjoy her blow job so I had her come to the side wind... Continue»
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car washing teen likes mt cock

After having this hot, hot girl hold my spurting cock and get my cum on her I went all out to get more orgasms for her. I got the Idea to ask her to come over and feed and water my dog and let him out because I had a long day at work. My car was in the garage out of sight so her parents and the neighbors would think I was at work. I had jacked off numerous times but kept from cumming to save up a big load. That day I watched the neighbors all go to work and her parents left too. I was nude all day jacking off and keeping my cock half hard. I wanted to blow a huge load so bad but waited until s... Continue»
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Sexy teen next door car wash

She was at it again, this time wearing cut-off daisy duke shorts and a bikini top. I video taped her for half an hour to get some more jack off footage then I went out to the side gate nude and stroking my cock with petroleum jelly. I opened the gate a crack and peeked out looking for her parents cars. Seeing none I let the gate open a foot or two and she heard the hinges squeak. She looked over her shoulder and caught me and told me her parents weren't home and asked me if I was going to jack off again. I told her I was ready to blow a huge load and she told me to pull up a lawn chair and sit... Continue»
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Sexy teen next door

She has a new car and loves to wash it, twice a week at least. She is a tiny girl, 18 and out of high school but living at home, maybe 5 foot tall, and 80 pounds. Her body is so hot and tight. I thought she was way younger because her tits are almost non existant. She doesn't even need a bra. Her nipples protrude through everything she wears giving me a constant hardon. When she is car washing in their drive which runs between our houses she wears a very small bikini top and tight boy shorts. Her tight ass is on display as well as her hard abs and ribs. I watch her from a window merely 8 feet ... Continue»
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Spring Break teen girls

I was in a hotel on the beach for a week and spring break started while I was there and the hotel was filled with teen girls and guys. I was half hard all day watching the sexy girls on the beach and down below in the pool and my balls were churning up cum for a couple days. After a night of loud drinking the room next door finally got quiet and in the morning I went out to get coffee and when I passed the door to the room next door I saw it was half open and I could see girls on the floor. I stopped and looked in and about six girls were passed out on the beds and on the floor wearing bikinis... Continue»
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Watching girls swimming

Got back from a long business trip and was very horny and went out on my apartment balcony with some beers to look down from my second floor perch at any girls in the pool below. The balconies have a wooden wrap around the rail for privacy and if I am standing the top edge is about at my belly button. I can be nude from the waist down and no one can tell. I stood there getting hard and after a couple beers a group of girls came out for some afternoon swimming and sunning. College aged girls lived in this complex because its close to bus stops. Three sexy hard body girls came out and began taki... Continue»
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Another real estate agent

After having a good jack off in front of a sexy real estate sales agent I kept house shopping and found a very sexy black girl selling for one agency. She had dark skin, long thin toned legs, very flat tummy, perky ass, and full, firm medium tits. She was petite and thin. She took me to a house wearing sexy business slacks and white blouse. I was wearing loose slacks with no underwear. She smelled fantastic and she was free with allowing me many looks into her blouse opening at her tan colored lacey bra. She was all smiles and I was getting hard looking at her fantastic body. As she led me aro... Continue»
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jacking off in car

While jacking off in my car in the mall parking lot I was enjoying lots of hot girls walking in and out and had my cock lubed with Vaseline. I was wearing old cut-off jean shorts and had the legs cut off very short, so short that if I stood up my cock and balls would hang out without underwear. I had my cock and balls out the bottom of one leg opening and had been stroking for an hour and was very horny. It was warm out and all the girls were wearing sexy shorts showing their long smooth legs. Then I saw a young couple on the sidewalk coming out to the parking lot. The guy was 18 to 20 and the... Continue»
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Backyard Gina

Gina my MILF neighbor had been teasing me for a year wearing hot jean shorts and tight tank tops in the yard and I fantasized about her body constantly. She was half hispanic with nice brown skin and dark hair and her tits were small but perky. I began watching for her in the back yard, we share a back fence made of cedar boards six feet tall, but the slope of the yards allowed me a slight view over the top from my back door. When she was out back I could see her from the chest up. I got in the habit of peeking out the blinds at her and jacking off and I got bolder each time. Soon I was standi... Continue»
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A co-worker turns slut

My office got some new tallent in younger energetic people. One who had a desk in my office area was a thin petite blonde named Denielle. She was around 5 foot 1 inches tall and weighed maybe 105 pounds. Her face was cute but her most outstanding features were her tight muscular ass and her gravity defying perky boobs. She dressed mostly casually and conservatively and her hot little body was hidden. But she was working hard to get more clients and one cold winter day she showed up wearing a long, calf length knit dress. It was like a body suit, with full length sleeves and a high neckline and... Continue»
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busty waitress

At the cafe where I had breakfast and coffee the waitress Rene always talked to me and I looked down her uniform dress at her very heavy tits and she let me. After weeks of teasing I asked her out. She wore nice tight jeans that showed off her long thin legs and her big boobs were high and thrust out in a bra under her tucked in blouse which was unbuttoned enough to show the deep cleavage between them. We kissed and groped in the car and in the movie theater I felt her thigh and rubbed her pussy some feeling the wet heat build up. Rene felt my cock in my jeans and rubbed it feeling it grow and... Continue»
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Co-workers hot young wife

I had first seen this girl working in the local pet shop and I bought a lot of fish. She had a fantastically hot body. Her legs were sculptured and chisled like a goddess. Tight muscles, high tight, tiny butt cheeks, Rock hard calves, small firm tits and even well muscled arms. Her face was common but her name was exotic, Sari. She always wore shorts that showed off her hot legs. The Kakhi colored safari looking style with a waist band at her hips and leg openings loose and cuffed up. I soon found out she was married to a young lad in my company who was a dumb ass. I was sure to go to the pet ... Continue»
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Girls in jeep watch me jack off

Was cruising in my Pick-up truck looking at hot girls and jacking off. A jeep went by with five girls in it and the top down. They were all wearing bikini tops. I chased after the jeep and caught up a couple traffic lights later. I was one car behind them in the next lane and saw one of the girls jump out and she had short, tight running shorts on and a hot pink bikini top and her tits bounced as she landed and went to the car next to them. She handed a flyer to the driver and jumped back in the jeep and all the girls waved. I guessed they were advertising a bikini car-wash or something and I ... Continue»
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Jacking in the mall parking lot.

I was nude and stroking in my car and parked next to a car that I saw a hot mom and her college aged daughter get out of. I parked on the passenger side and hoped to show the daughter my big hard cock. They came out and the daughter was wearing very short tight jean shorts and her long legs were so smooth and sexy. I had my window cracked open so she could hear my fist smacking up and down my vaseline covered cock. She did. She turned sideways and looked right into my window as I looked at her sexy body. I curled my hips to show her my whole hard cock and I tightened my back and arched up so m... Continue»
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