Max's monster cock in his tiny sibling

This is Max

No one in school knows about his monster cock and him being so skinny he wasn't so popular in school. At eighteen he is still a virgin and really wants to have sex. He is worried about girls not being able to take him and not want to have sex with him.

Max has a little sibling called Alyssa, at fifteen she has slept with a few people, she always has a huge line of guys wanting her. This is what she looks like.

Alyssa has always liked her older sibling, she hasn't seen his cock but she likes the tall skinny lads, Max is exactly that, when she is home alone she would always go and take a pair of his boxers and masturbate wearing them. She knew she shouldn't want to but she really wanted to fuck him.

One day being alone, Alyssa ran to her room and stripped totally naked, not using his boxers she lay on her bed rubbing her perfect shaven pussy hard. Max came home just after her, not knowing she is home as well he walks upstairs to his room. Walking past Alyssa's room he can hear moaning and he can hear his name being repeated. Alyssa still doesn't know he's there. Max pokes his head in and seeing in the reflection in her mirror he can see her totally naked, her smallish boobs, perfect wet shaven pussy, Max gets hard. Alyssa then begins to moan "Oh Max, I know it's wrong to want to fuck you but I wish you were here now, mum and dad don't have to find out, just fuck me!"

Hearing that, Max just walks in. Alyssa is so close to her orgasm when she suddenly opens her eyes to find Max standing there watching biting his lip. Both looking at each other shocked Alyssa doesn't hesitate to crawl to him on her hands and knees and yanks down his trousers, his monster cock flopping out landing on her face. Alyssa is totally shocked. "It's fucking massive! How!?" Max didn't reply. Alyssa pulled her head back and looked at it, totally shocked at its size as she slowly began tossing him off. "Don't tell Mum or Dad" Alyssa said as she opened her mouth and tried her best to take as much of his monstrous cock as she could. She got about quarter of the way and began pushing hard, she started gagging and pulled back fast.

Max couldn't believe what was happening, was he really going to get laid for the first time and was it gonna be with his little sibling. Alyssa started deepthroating him, after a while she was now able to take half of his cock at a push. She was dribbling everywhere, his cock was covered in her spit and he loved it. He grabbed the back of her head and took control, throat fucking her she gagged so much and became even more turned on that he was taking control.

Alyssa pulled back and stood up pushing Max down onto the bed on his back. "I'm gonna fuck you" Alyssa insisted. Straddling him she struggled to get high enough to get to the top of his giant cock. When she was able to fit it in she rubbed it against her pussy a little, her pussy so wet and his cock covered in her spit she slid it in, it was thicker than any cock she had had before as she slowly lowered her tiny body onto it, she could feel it so deep, it was almost in her womb she thought and she was only at half way.

Finally, a girl who could take his cock, Max was in heaven, she felt so tight and he wanted to grab her and thrust himself up all the way inside of her. Alyssa took care of that, as she got half way she pushed down hard stuffing the rest of his monster cock into herself, letting out a loud moan she had done it, he was all the way in, he was definitely in her womb now. Alyssa began grinding back and forth, she was moaning so loud. Max could feel her insides so tight around his shaft and the most amazing feeling of her insides rubbing against his bell end. Alyssa fucked him fast, within a few seconds she had cummed, "I have never cummed that fast before, I love this!" She began grinding again, Max could feel himself wanting to cum, it felt amazing but he didn't want it to finish yet. He held his hand against her tummy "Slowly, I'm close to cumin already" Alyssa looked at him surprised as she then fucked even harder and faster than before. "What are you doing?!" Max asked. "You're impregnating me, now shoot your biggest load!"

Max pushed his waist up, his cock even deeper into her womb now as she fucked him harder. Max pulled her down and rolled over, he was on top now pounding her tight body with his monstrous cock. "Oh Max! I'm going to squirt!" Max continued to pound her, his balls slapping against her asshole, she was screaming with pleasure, he felt her insides clench so hard around his cock, so hard that he wasn't able to slide in or out and then suddenly felt her squirt all over his cock, all over her own tummy and all over the bed. When she stopped clenching his cock she began shivering and moaning, Max couldn't control himself and began pounding her again, sliding as deep as he could he shot his load over and over again deep into her womb, she was for sure pregnant now. Alyssa screamed with pleasure again as she could feel Max's seed filling her up, impregnating her.

Max slipped his cock out slowly, her pussy gaping as he slid out which was followed by a huge flow of cum. He stood up and began walking out the door. "Where are you going? I haven't finished with you yet! Throat fuck me and shot another load all over me!" As he turned around Alyssa was laying on her front at the edge of the bed, he slipped his cock into her mouth and leaning over a little he began sliding it deep into her tiny throat, at the angle she was she could now take him all. As Max leant over his face was right by her amazing huge wobble ass, Alyssa was a very slim girl but any weight she did put on went straight to her ass, it was so fat and huge, he had always loved it, now it was bare right in front of her face, as his cock slid up and down her throat he spread her ass cheeks and buried his head between them eating out her asshole. Alyssa screamed as best as she could, muffled by the giant cock down her throat. Max was pounding her throat and soon enough wanted to cum.

Flippin Alyssa onto her back he rested his huge balls, one on each eye as he tossed himself off, her pussy still sticky and drenched by his huge load still deep inside her, her smallish tits flat on her chest, her biggish nipples so pink, erect and so puffy from being so horny, he could feel his load pumping through his huge shaft. Pulling back he let out a huge moan as another huge load shot all over Alyssa, her face was covered, her tits and slat stomach was covered, her pussy again and her thick legs covered. He turned around to leave and took a quick look back happy with what he had left, she was drenched and filled with his seed, not too bad for his first time.
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7 months ago
damn great story!
7 months ago
I would love to play with his gorgeous cock . wow would he let me taste his sexy gorgeous cock !!!!
10 months ago
What made it really hot was the pictures.
1 year ago
Very nice I would like to hear and see more of that horny little sis of yours and how you might make her yours..
1 year ago
i hope theres more! great story
1 year ago
nice. would love to see more
1 year ago
great story, she was a real cutie, and he's part horse LOL:)