Indian Summer pt.3 TRUE STORY

The week was over and while k**s were leaving school running home to go to parties and the mall we teenagers were interested in lol, Karithy and I rushed back to her place and eager for a hot steamy wild fuck session. We waisted no time , we pushed our horny bodies close together and kissed so passionately as we ripped our clothes off each other, we were completely nude as we kissed i pushed her on her bed and sat her on her back , she spread her legs exposing her puffy pink wet pussy to me i went in for the kill and lick all up and down her fat pussy and squeezed her camel toed pussy lips as i sucked hard on her erect tingling clit, her head rolled back and forth in pleasurable excitement, her juices tasted like sweet honey dew, her pussy muscles tightened up around my finger as i found her g spot, her legs begin to quiver and shake, "oh my oh my ooohhh my fuccckkking goodness!!!" she exclaimed as her first wave of womanly nectar squirted all in my mouth. She screamed so loud i had work my way up and kiss her, not before showing her DD's some attention i licked and sucked on them hanging on like a starving baby, i stock my hard black dick between them and my huge cock, got lost in them as i fucked her tits i reached back and fingered her and rubbed and pinch her cute tiny clit she squirted once more.

I told her to get on all fours and i got behind her and admired her round fat brown Indian ass, i kissed it, and then licked up and down and all around each cheek, i stuck my nose deep in her ass crack and sniffed her ass stinked so good, " Lick my ass baby please lick my ass" said my pretty Indian doll. So i started off by licking the inside of her crack on both sides then i slurped sucked and licked all over cute tight butt hole the taste was amazing, i stiffened my tongue and fuck her dark forbidden stinker so deep and hard, " u like that sweet heart u lick my tongue in that ass?"" OH GOD that feels sooo goood!!" she screamed , " Don't stop don't stop" After a while of pussy and ass worship, i brought her to her knees and stood in front of her with my dick erect, she told me she waited for this for a long time and now the time had come for her to show me her dick sucking abilities, i told her to kiss it, so she started off slowly rubbing and petting and rubbing it softly against her pretty soft face, she kissed and licked up and down and around my veiny shaft, she kissed the head and began to suck my thick black cock spread her mouth ass she struggled to take the full length of my meaty cock. Her mouth was so soft and wet and warm her pretty thick lips hugged around my cock, my mind was blown her head game was out of this world, she stroked my dick as she suck it and massaged my balls and cupped them, her head was bobbing back and forth as she picked up speed slobbing and slurping on my dick she made that sound that all of us guys love when she choke on my dick, she finally took the whole length of my cock i held the back of her for a minute so she can build up alot of spit. when i pulled of, she released i huge glob of spit all over my dick , she took a deep breath and as the spit spit some more on it and she saw the spit falling off my cum filled big hanging nuts, i said, " c'mon honey don't let that go to waste lick it up for daddy" she obeyed my orders and she licked my balls taking each one in her mouth and sucking on them making a popping sound when she sucked off. i was in heaven right now, " Baby i wanna taste your ass" she said I sat on the bed laid on my back and left my legs high in the air she layed on her stomach and went to town on my ass, she licked my ass and my grundle( the spot between your asshole and balls) as she licked my ass she stroked my cock at the same time. " MMMM honey i love your ass it taste so good " she said.

My dick was all lubed up and ready to go i said "come here baby let daddy put this dick in that pussy", she said no you cant i said why not, she told that since her parents are real strict every 2 weeks her dad gets her check to see if her hymen as been broken cuz she cant have sex til shes married, i was a lil pissed, but me being the anal enthusiast i am , i said don't. worry baby I'll fuck your ass hole then . " Oh yes please do, do whatever you want to me daddy im your whore just don't make it hurt", i told her i take care off her i licked and fingered ass starting off with one finger until i put three in that tight hole. I laid her on her back and told her to relax and enjoy , i slowly stuck my throbbing thick cock in her ass, spread her legs and pushed them back so i can get in there better, as i felt her butt hole relax and let my thick member enter she moaned , her tight hole hugged around my dick head,i had made the first penetration, i then had my whole length in there i stared to stoke in and out slowly , "OH FUCK BABY THAT FEELS GOOD" she said she was laying on her back getting her tight virgin brown eye porked, i told her to sit on my dick in the cowboy position she spreaded her cheeks while on top of me , as i tried to locate her ass hole, i licked four fingers and rubbed her butt hole to lube it up i stuck my dick in it and she let out i sexy little moan,i began to thrust my pelvis up pushing my dick deep in her ass while on my back i was going really slowly and then i got faster and faster squeezing her round fat booty ass it juggled from the speed of my fucking, she got the hang of and began to ride me hard she rode my dick look she was at the Kentucky Derby. OH fuck yeess i love your cock in my tight ass fuck yess!!" she screamed as we were sweating the bed was moving back and forth putting a scratch on her wall.

Her titties were so tempting as the bounced all around i grabbed them ass i fuck her ass and squeezed them and rub her nipples. I pulled my sick out after fucking in the cowboy position i pulled her around pushed her back down and licked her ass before i fucked her ass again, she was breathing hard and fast and so wise I, " I need that dick back in my ass sweetheart" she was begging to be quite the freak, i did as she said and stuck my hard dick in her ass from behind as i fucked her doggie style. she turned around as i thrusted her from the back very hard she smiled and said , " oh yeah just like that" I said whos your daddy bitch i began to talk dirty to her, " Your mu daddy. YOUR MY DADDY" she screamed as i fuck her harder, " Yea i am u anal whore you love it don't tell me you love this dick plowing that nasty fat ass" She said i love it daddy i love , then she said i love you daddy i love , that made me go even harder i love you to baby,. i pulled hair hair and then grabbed her cheeks slapping her ass from the back. " You like that baby, you like me slapping the fat ass" " Oh fuck yes slap it harder she demanded. she started to shake uncontrollably she was cumming hard this was her third orgasm today, She screamed and said something sexy in Indian.

After awhile i put her on her stomach and fuck her in the prone bone position i shoved my cock back in her now gaping ass hole after i licked and spit in it, my waist was pushing up on her fat round ass looking like the hills in the sound of music then i layed on top of her and thrusted hard and slow enjoying the feeling of her soft fat ass against my pelvic area, i kissed as i was fucking her were both tongue wrestling and breathing hard and heavy, " I love you baby" she said as she kiss me " me too" i said as i kissed back still fucking her ass, i was at my climaxing point i pulled out and turned her around , " You wanna taste your dirty ass baby?" i asked, " She shook her head and said yes in a cute little baby voice. She took my hard cock and licked all around tasting her ass off of my dick , she licked it like and all day sucker, she then took it deep bobbing her back and forth. " Give me those eyes baby, give daddy those pretty brown eyes" she looked up at me with my dick in her stretching mouth, i look in her eyes , she was so pretty with my dick her mouth she was my little Indian sex doll she gave me a sloppy job, i gagged her i face fuck her so hard and pulled out and her her lick by ass and balls as i beat off , she was taking both of my balls deep in her mouth, i finally reached my point , i said open your mouth. she got to her knees and patiently waited as i jerk off preparing to coat her throat with my thick gooey love custard, she finger her pussy and butt hole , i said say ahh, she stuck her tongue out and said " AHHHHHHH" like you would when the doctor examines, ' oh yea here it is im cumming!!" i said i busted i thick gooey load after load after load in her mouth, she took it like a pro, one nut, she kept in in the second stream she got in her mouth and on her nose the third bust i reached her left eye and the final burst was in her mouth again i took my dick head and rubbed and directed the rest in her mouth and fed it to her, she had it all in there, i told her to play with it she gurgled it and then i said let me see baby, she leaned her back and showed my creation , an ocean of thick gloppy cum in her mouth, i was satisfied , i said OK good honey," Now swallow my k**s" she swallowed making no faces of unpleasant she like up at my and smiled and i smiled back she said "that was amazing baby, i love you u can do that whenever you like" her parents were gone for the weekend so i was in no rush to leave we cuddled bare ass naked under the covers for a while and hen we took a shower and she sucked me off again slowly and nicely and ate another round of my man cream and then we cuddled on the couch naked and watch tv my legs were upon and she was leaning next to me with her legs curled up and her knees were touching my thy, my arms was around her ass i finger her butt hole and we tongue kissed as she stroked my dick, i cam all over her hands and she lick it all off we just cuddled together until we slept in the bed together spooning still naked sl**ping off our long sex filled day eagerly dreaming of the next day to come and many more anal sex filled days



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3 years ago
OMG this story got me SO worked up I had to bust one! Love desi anal stories - sounds like you tore it UP!
3 years ago
very good hope its working just as good now
3 years ago
Nice. I wish my indian were more into anal pleasure. She had a great, round ass. She at least lets me rub my hard dick on it and over her tight asshole.
3 years ago
man u lucky. wonderful story
3 years ago
I hope that Indian dude husband of hers doesn't find out about you.
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
hey thanx billyboy but im kno where your writing talents but thanx for the comment and u too sherrio1979 there will be more soon
3 years ago
Another hot chapter of a hot story...lucky man!
3 years ago
Congrates on getting back with her. Hope to hear more.