My crush turned into to my sex doll pt 1

This is a true story all of my stories are true unless said otherwise, It all started 9 years ago when i was 14 in summer school,i was very sexually experinced cuz i lost my virginity at 12 with a 18 year old and she taught me alot nd i learned from plenty of prn at the time. (i failed math lol). It was the first day of classes and i was already pissed that i was going to waist the the whole month of July of my summer , being stuck in a bullshit class, but that all changed very quickly when she walked in. Her name was Karithy, a thick not fat but thick Indian girl with a big ole booty and big tits d cups to be exact and very cute, she was the one of the few in the eight grade that were that big and the only one in summer school with nice round juicy tits. i new her from elementary school she was in mostly all my classes but i never really payed attention bcuz she wasn't this good looking, she saw me sitting in the back of the class and she happily rushed over screaming my name in excitement, "Derrick!! i haven't seen u since 6th grade" she said, i smiled at her and showed the same excitement i stood up and she gave the biggest tightest longest hug, her soft thick body felt so nice.

we talked and caught up before the teacher walked in, i asked her what she was doing in summer skool , (bcuz of course u know Indians are smart especially at math lol), she said she had strict parents and they were making her take summer courses to be ahead of the game or some bull shit she said she hated how strict they were, but she was glad they made her come cuz she wuldnt of saw me. she sat in front of me so everyday i got to see that fat ass in front of me getting up and down. She wore tight spandex leggings everyday one in different color , monday blue, tues, pink, weds, red etc.

A few weeks went by and we were closer than ever talking and texting everyday she was very upset about her strict parents. one day she came in class with her usual spandex, black this time and a tight wife beater with no bra, exposing her big tits, she greeted as usual with a hug, this time so tight she rubbed up against me and her boobs were popping up close together with her boobs almost falling out, i culdnt help but to look down and stare for a minute and she didnt even mind, idk if she really noticed but i was happy and so was my hard dick, she dropped her pen and she bended down to get it in front of me i looked at thhat fat, round and brown apple bottom peach shape indian booty, and was in heaven, her thick thighs were tightly togeter leading up to her phat ass, and then i noticed as she bend over i could see thru her black spandex and saw her red thong and round butt cheeks, i keep looking longer because then pen had rolled further away from her each, and she was f***ed to get down on all fours and search, i keep lookin and took a few pics on my phone so i can beat off to later. later in the day she sat down and her pants were sliding down a lil exposing the top of her butt crack it was enuff for me to look at the rest of the day and enjoy, i imagined lickin it and spreading her cheeks and licking her ass becuz even at a young age i was all about ass and asslicking.
after class she asked me if i wanted to hang out wit her at her house, which was across from the skool, i said yea sure lets go, her parents were at worked and didn get home til six or six thirty it was one when skool let out, we went to her crib,and she quicly drop off her bags and we headed for the tv, she said she wanted to watch videos, we sat for awhile watching, and remembering old times, i jokingly danced to a few vids it was the rap channel nd she started to dance, she dance for me to the vid like the girls in the vid , i jokingly told her to give me her best booty shake and she laughed and so ok hows this and started shaking that round spandex ass in my face while is sat with a hard dick on the couch, i was so happy she did more moves and we started to talke more, she told how she hated how strict her parents were an dhow she was tired of not having fun like normal k**s, she told me that she had to change clothes cuz her parents wuldnt let her where the clothes she wheres to skool, i told her i loved her class and she hugged me and said thanx while giving me a kiss on the cheek and said thanx.

eventually she feel asl**p nx to me after she had eaten, i was staring at her sexy thick body she was laying on her stomach in the prone position. her ass was so big round and it looked like a hill in the positon she was laying, i stared to feel and rubb and squeeze her ass one cheeks at a time, her booty was so soft,and sqishy but not in the fat she wasnt fat she was thick, feeling wit my hands wasnt enuff, i put my face on her sl**ping ass spandex still on and worshipedd it and sniffed it, it smelled so great. my dick was bulging in my jeans , i unzipedd my pants and pulled them down wearing nothing but boxer briefs. my dick was hard and pointed towards me right thigh i mounted her ass and dry humped her from on top i bounced and shoved up in down slowly and quickly, bravely dry humping this fabulous booty.

at this time she was still sl**ping, i said to myself damn she is a heavy sl**per as i was dry humping that booty. felt up her shirt and careesed and squeezed her boobs rubbing her nipples and kissing her sl**ping face.

i got of her ass, my dick still hard like a rocket slowly and carefully pulled down her spandexed and from my drump humping her thongs was already pulled down. i examined that soft brown booty and liked her ass cheeks jiggled them each with both ands from side to side, sqeezing them slapping them, i licked the top of her butt crack before i spread them and licked at her fat puffy pink pussy, i spread her cheeks and looked at her beautiful tight virgin butthole, it was so nice and the look of her tiny asshole ass i spreaded those fat cheeks was a sight to see, i burried my face deep in the ass and sniffed away it stinked so good, her butthole was pretty just like karla lane butthole her skin is carmel and her butthole and rim is a darker color, which i fell in love with. i began lickin and rimming all around it , spit in and sucked it out tastins those booty and pussy juices i tounge fuck it deep, in then in the middle of it all i looked up and she was woke, i stood up in fear that she will freak out nd tell her rents, but she said in a sexy voice wow why did u stop she said she was uwoke during the dry humping, but kept her eyes clothes cuz she didnt want to ruin it.

her booty was still out, and i asked her how she liked it so far and she said she never been pass kissing a guy nd that was one guy in sixth grade. " I never had my ass licked and been humped before and i always like you and wanted to kiss u but didnt know how to make the first move so i let u do the rest" she said lauging at the end, i said well lates get back to bussines and she agreed laughing as she greed "ok sweety" she said. after a few hours of me lickin and druy humping her ass and licking and suckin her tits i asked if she can sucked my dick and she said she never did and didnt kno how, but she would like to becuz she said " your penis does look tempting" but her parents wuld be home soon, so i said can i alest bust a nut and she said wats that so i told her i would show her.

i told her to to around on her stomach and spread her ass for me she said ok, in a sweet little innocent voice as if she wuld only do this for me and only me. she spread those cheeks and i got on top of her with my knees on each side of her hip and my dick over her butthole and i beat my dick, she said what are u gonna do, i said ima bust a nut in ur ass crack, she layed their relaxed watching rap videos as i but me meat over that bootty i was getting ready to bust directing and rubbing my head in her butt crack and on her butthole i said here it comes and i busted a huge load all over her ass crack and hole, she kept arr ass spread and said she liked how warm it felt in her crack, irubbed the rest on her butt cheeks and she pulled her pants up with my cum still in her ass. my dick was still out and hard and she stood her knees lookin at me and pleasurable tiredness i rubbed my dick on her face and said now thats wat busting a nut its and she laffed nd said know i know. i left and went home and she texted me and said she had a great time and wanted to try more new stuff everyday after class, i said ok i will teach u wat i kno and we can learn together she said kk and left a heart and xoxo at the end and said good nite.

i laid back in my bed and smiled and said to my self im gonna love this summer. the end

pt 2, 3,4,5 cumming soon i hoped u enjoy plz leeve comments

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1 year ago
Great story! Do we get part 2? ;-)
3 years ago
aww man that was hot....i love ass play and the photos u took!!!!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
wow defos my best story so far i love the description and what you do to that indian slut

3 years ago
mmmmm love to have licked her clean when you were done!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
bruh that story was damn good im bout 2 read the sequels now
3 years ago
Niiiiiice One
3 years ago
thanx for the comments there will be just posted part three check it out
3 years ago
LOL bust a nut
3 years ago
wow loved it. can't wait for the rest.