true story

to let everyone know right now, i play with my cock on average about once or twice a day, regularly. not bragging or anything, just letting everyone understand the story better.

a little over a week ago, i decided i wouldnt jack off for over a week, just so i could enjoy a massive orgasm from the buildup. (ya everyone knows what im talking about ;))

so a couple of days went by, no problem. wake up with an erect nothing about it. as the days passed, it started to get harder. it felt like a nicotine addict craving a cig, but i was craving a nut. i knew i was building up a good sized load...i could feel it. as committed as i was, i wouldnt play with it for a couple more days.

finally day 8 came around. i woke up early today, went to work til late at night, and had no plans afterwards. home, i was about 2 beers down when i decided, "im gonna treat my cock to a nice nut tonight." i pulled out my laptop, and threw on some porn. my first sight of a wet pussy and hard cock got me stiff instantly. pants holding my hard dick down, i undid them, and let it spring up and free. drips of precum seeping out if the tip, i immediately starting jerking it. i wouldnt be long before i was gonna cum. i lasted about 5 mins through the video, when my cock sent the message that he wanted to spray. so i jerked really fast, aggressive strokes all the way up, and all the way down my cock. "here it gonna cum!!" the first shot was short, then the f***e of the second shot released the cock from my grip, and sprayed all over my laptop screen. spurt after spurt kept flowing out of my dick, i could barely handle the pleasure of the orgasm. there was hot cum laptop, my bed, my cock, my hand and my chest were all drenched.

so i layed for a bit, body still covered in cum. all of the sensation wore me out, and i wanted to let my dick settle down.

hopefully u all have nice things to say, im just a beginner!!!
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3 years ago
hot fucking cum!
3 years ago
Thats hot had to jack off with you great short story thanks
3 years ago
yea i save my load all the time, two wks waited and sprayed my load out 8ft across the room try it.
3 years ago
yeh hot stuff . love to do that but cant go 8
3 years ago
Thats soooo hot. Id love to feel a man spurt alll of that in me.