greatest day ever

i was so horny all day. all i wanted to do the entire day was stroke my cock. it was aching to be played with...

that night i went to this club downtown. i still hadnt gotten any chance to take my throbbing dick out of my pants. so i went to the restroom, mainly with the intention just to pee. i got in to the stall, and there it was, a massive glory hole cutout right next to the toilet paper roll. this turned me on instantly...

i pulled my cock out, sat on the toilet seat, and startedgetting it hard. suddenly somebody walked in.. immediately walked to the stall next to me, almost like he knew he wanted to go there. he got in, locked it, and i noticed him crouch down and peek through the hole. quick eye contact, then he stared right at my cock...his eyes got huge..

he stood up, pulled his pants down, and let me see his massive dick from within. my cock stood up instantly. he slowly eased his cock through the whole, so i figured this was my que to go to work. as i inched towards his cock and opened my mouth, he started peeing. it scared me at first, but i soon realized how amazing it was. flowing down my throat and face, i let him empty his entire tank on me.

but we werent done yet...

i started sucking his dick as hard as i could. giving myself a nice throat fucking. i could hear him trying to hold back his moaning, but was having trouble doing so. i couldnt take that dick outta my mouth. i wanted that dick to cum so much..jerking it as hard and rough as i could. then the first drizzle seeped out, followed by massive spurts of thick white cum. i got so much in my mouth...he almost filled me up entirely (which would have been godly).

after his cumshot, he put his cock away, and quickly rushed out of the bathroom. face covered in foreign cum, i had to get myself off too. i started stroking my cock, when another person walked in. again, pulling into the 'correct' stall, he had no hesitation to peek through at me. i figured i would give myself a treat for once and just give this man a nice show.

so i jerked my cock for him. he watched me the whole time. when i felt that tingle like i was about to spray my load, i got up, stuck my dick through the hole, and let my cock unload all of its juices. i think he enjoyed it, but i got out of there so quick to really know.

i have the biggest fetish about cum, so plz hit me up if u feel the same. hope u enjoyed my story!!
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4 years ago
Love to see a nice big cock spurt its cum out, love to swallow it - hot story!!!
4 years ago
That was another good one also jackoff to tht story as well. thanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
Love cum! Very HOT story. Thanks for posting, hope you write more.