what i would like to do
Well where do I start? I suppose from the start ,I have so many things I would like to try ,but I will have to go slow ,and build it up until the weekend ,and then step it up a notch, think I just start off very slow and work my way up ,I really don’t know until we try for the first time ,and see how everything fits .I am just going to lay there with you and hold you tight I have been waiting for this for a long time ,but one thing I know for sure ,I am going to pussy .lick ,suck and tease your pussy ,real slow ,and not give you the full treatment ,by looking at the photos ,I can see I am really going to enjoy myself ,your clit looks long and very easy to access ,long slow licks should work a treat ,with a little pressure ,mmmm just sitting here I am getting a hard on ,and can taste your sweet pussy .yes start off with few hugs and cuddles then work from there just start from the top and work my way down kissing and touching with the tips of my fingers ,running my fingers up and down until I see the goose bumps on your legs (hope to see)get you to roll over so I can do it all over again on your back ,I really want to get hold of your butt,(lol  ),really your whole body I would love to touch ,kiss I just want to hear you moan ;-),after all those nights telling you how I kiss and touched your butt ,this time I can do it for real ,all those nights I had to imagine what it would look and feel like ,now I can touch and feel and kiss it (them),rolling you back on your back I started to kiss from your knees upwards until I came to your pussy ,there I start to kiss it softly all around it ,until it got wet ,then I will slowly out it with my two fingers ,so my tounge just fitted in nice ,I will I lick it from top of your clit to the bottom of your anise ,until your clit started to swell up ,then I would trap it with my two fingers ,softly until the hood of your clit stuck out I would suck on that until you came .then I would lick it very softly and put one of my fingers in until you came again ,putting both my fingers in and looking for your g-spot ,I will move both my fingers about until you came again ,by this time I would had found what I was looking for (I hope nnnnnnaaaa I will find it) I will suck your clit on the outside while I stroke your g-spot from the inside this will make you cum twice as hard and quick ,I might be able to get you to squirt and maybe a bit more ,but I think you will get me too stop before it gets too far.(lol)but who know you might like it to go that extra bit more.xxx(lol)xxx ,but it’s hard for me to say what will happened,(changed the fonts to 8) so its private, I will just have to go with that. See ok can’t see well. I change the fonts back later lol-lmao .well they serving food now so it will held back for a bit.(lol),as I said before we will have to go slow and see where it ends up, but I might pick up quicker ,than we might on the bed, I would love to see you face when I suck your pussy ,and watch your body move about, and hear you moan, and then I will get my cock so hard it will be ready to push in deep ,but not too, deep I am saving that for later (lol) might be the weekend, when I will pull out all the stops, and really give with you been looking for ,for a very long time. I will put my hard cock slowly inside you a small bit at a time until almost the full leant is inside you ,then slowly pull it out until I can see the head ,it will be like your black ball, you are going to be soon wet, ,and I can’t wait to see you cum on the top of my cock, and feel it too,(I hope this is making since because I am typing blind here, all I can see is the typing mistakes in red lol ) but I will keep going until the battery is almost used up. I will pull my cock out all the way so you can see your cum over it, then put it back in deep but not forcing it, just slowly until it’s in deep, then I am going to pump my cock inside you until you feel it pumping inside you and then I am going to press on my button so it makes it so hard and back, I am not going to cum inside you until later that night because I want you to feel every inch of my cock ,slow and deep, I might get on top of you and lift your legs up, but I think I will just stay flat, and just slowly work my heaps, slowly and gently, until you cumin might try a few other positions, which you might likening on your side and maybe flat on your belly. That way I can’t go too deep and you will enjoy it more ,daady’s big hard cock inside you ,with every pump you will cum.nice and slow with every with every orgasm .we will see how we get on with that and then order a take away,

I would like to try doggy style but with you laying on some pillows and your ass very high in the air and I can get inside you at different angles this will not only you feel like you been had by two guys ,plus stretch your pussy just that little bit more, where I can left one of my legs and almost do it sideways from left to right and right to left, as well as from up and down, I will try and use my thumb in your ass and by pushing down this will f***e my cock downwards and it will change the angle and as well bend, it will rub at the top of your ass but rub at the bottom of your pussy ,then by lowering myself it will rub at the bottom of your clit and inside rub against your ass inside. I would like to try doggy with your princess plug in to and once we got you worked up, by pull on your plug (not all the way out) just ought to put pressure on your ass muscles, that might just get you really y wet, try a bit of anal too, maybe with a finger or two to start off with while I suck your pussyfoot maybe use the purple one ,the plug and the gum so many times, we don’t do anal, there are so many ways I can get you to -spot vibrator ,we will try that first ,then build you up and then try double penetration ,with me and in your pussy and the strap on up your ass, but we will have to wait and see maybe 9 days is too short to try and open your ass that big, all I want is to give you the best time you had ever. Every if, and not all by putting my cock inside you, rubbing, teasing foreplay, and just using my fingers.

But I will try so many different positions, and off the bed, standing up, kneeing, sitting, any way possible but also so love you, hug you, cuddle you at night as well as in the day.

All I want is my cock to be covered in your cum, and you cum so many times it makes you weak at the knees every night. And I would like to get my cock so deep inside you that it hits the bottom of your pussy; I want to get it so wide it can’t come out. I want my head so big so you can feel it moving inside you every time. And you cum every time I move it in and out, do it in doggy so I can pull it all the way out the put it back in so deep. I want to tie you up your hands to your legs and fuck you deep, tie your hand I fuck you hard in doggy, I am going to suck, lick your pussy every day, like no other,. I want to fuck you like no other, I want to love you like no other.

What I would like to do: this is going to be hard seen you going to read it. (I will leave a few things out my surprise lol)
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