We boarded the plane

We boarded the plane
We boarded the plane ,and found our seats very quickly ,we were on the right side of the plane by the windows ,I love sitting at the window so I can look at and see the world from a bird’s eye view ,then seat next to was empty, good I through to myself, we can relax .without worry about disturbing the other person, the plane was filling up and the seat was still empty, but I could see this long brown headed woman, red in the face looked like she been running, the closer and closer she came I could see her face a very big smile with dimples and the curliest hair you ever seen, if there was someone to sit next to me ,I hope it was her, and true and behold it was her. She plonged herself down out of breath, I waited a short while until I introduced myself to her,” hi how you are my name is tony and what’s yours if I may ask?” ”Maggie “ she replied .and straight after that she said she hated long flights ,where I replied I love them especial the overnight ones, I ask her if she would like to sit between myself and charlotte ,as we both loved flying and it might make her more comfortable ,she agreed, the planed start to taxi to the end of the airport, the engine started to rev up and Maggie grabbed my hand ,I quickly looked at her to see if she grabbed my mistake instead of the arm rest, to my delight it was not ,she give me a small smile. The plane took off in its rapped accent to get to its cruising altitude, it was not long until we were eating or late meal and we could see the sun set. Maggie and myself was chatting away like we knew each other for a long time, we had so much in common we were both at uni, loved a****ls and the odd joke. I commented her on her looks and smile and how sexy her dimples where she giggled in a funny shyness way ,before we knew it was dark and the light dimed down I asked for a blanket for charlotte as she already fell asl**p, Maggie asked for one too, as we was waiting for the blankets Maggie got up and she said she needed the rest room, she was not long and she return to the seat, the blankets came and we covered charlotte which was so fast asl**p only a bomb would wake her, Maggie put her blanket around her ,I was watch do it ,she looked at me ,I could not help myself but to move forward to kiss her softly our lips meet, her lips was soo soft ,I held her hand as I was kissing her ,it felt so good it’s been years since I had a kiss like that, I knew it was good because I could feel my cock getting hard , Maggie took the blanket and covered us both ,it kissed her again, we were still holding hands as I moved my hand to the top of her knee ,kissing some more my hand moved slowly to the top of her leg to find she was wearing stockings ,ooo my cock got even harder ,I love stockings and suspenders ,she moved my hand between her legs with my surprise she had gone to the toilet only to remove her panties my fingers meet her very well trimmed pussy which was already wet from my kissing her I stroked it ,I found her little clit and after a few curler movement over it its became very swollen ,she was enjoying this as I could she her body and head was pushing back in to the chair, she let go my hand ,she moved her hand over my jeans only to find my hard cock, she smiled ,crabbing it very hard which made me sit up ,I was playing with her clit and she was rubbing her hand over my hard cock, my finger was moving up and down from her wet pussy hole to her clit, I could see her breath got harder and deep as I could see her large breasts heaving and she was breathing ,ooo my fuck those tits I could eat them right now and suck the life out of those nipples. She didn’t take too long to cum I could feel her crab my cock hard plus I could feel it on my finger as her pussy was pulsating. She said more please I was able to get my fingers inside her wet pussy working my finger up to her g-spot I rub it only and few time and her second orgasm was there, more she said softly, I had a quick look around making sure no one was watching, I started to work my fingers deep inside her, she came again and again, I could feel the wetness of her running down my fingers. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my fly down and put her hand on my hot throbbing cock which was now so hard it was about to rip its way out of my pants, I was so hard I could feel everything she was doing rubbing her fingers over every lump and bump on my very hard cock, I still had my fingers inside her slow pushing them deep and turning them, she loved that I could see her baiting on her lip. She looked at me and said I want you, I want to feel that big hard cock inside me, NOW, but where we are going to do it, SHE SAID “meet me in the toilets at the back of the plane.


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