Maggie got up first and I watched her go to the back of the plane, with a quick look around I got up and walked to the same toilet and knocked twice, she opened the door and pulled me inside. We started to kiss and my hands were all over her and so were hers. I was grabbing her at her cloths ,I unbuttoned her green top she had on ,which showed off her well cupped breasts in a lace bra, in matter of seconds I had it off my mouth went straight for her nipples ,I was sucking them like a little baby trying to draw milk, she was undoing my shirt at the same time I was unzipping her skirt and pulled it down I was on my knees and sat her down on the toilet seat where I pushed her legs apart as far as they could go, ooo her pussy looked so nice ,I pulled her legs towards me until her bum was almost off the seat I slowly started to lick her pussy my tongue was moving around like a cat licking its bowl clean ,I was licking her pussy lips as well as sucking them gently my tongue was probing her ass hole as well as licking with long strokes up and down the whole length of her pussy ,I slowly moved up to her clit I sucked on it while my tongue was flicking the hood of her clit ,she enjoyed that as I could see by she tit got hard and her nipple erect I could feel her heart beat throw my hand that was squashing her tit ,with my free hand I put two fingers inside her she moaned as I slide them deep inside her ,sliding them in and out while I was sucking her clit ,she moaned as she came ,I turn my fingers up to find her g-spot she was so wet didn’t take long before her came again ,she stopped me ,and told me to stand up she pulled my jeans all the way down as well as my boxers my hard cock sprung out she took it in her hand and started to suck it softly ,as she was sucking with the in and out motion her hand was in time with it ,she kept looking up at me while she was sucking my hard cock as if was wait for approval ,her sucks got harder and harder ,and deeper until she was almost chocking, I could see the tears in her eyes .her other hand was pulling at my balls ,ooo mmmmy gggod that felt good ,my hands was squashing her tits I could feel every inch of her suck down my long shaft ,she speeded up and soon I was about to cum ,I stopped her and made her kneel on the toilet seat her pussy just sat there waiting for my big hard cock inside it ,it look so inviting her pussy looked so small will she be able to take me ?i put a bit of spit on my hand and rubbed my cock head with it ,I slowly pressed my head into she wet pussy ,it didn’t want to go in at first ,I bent down and licked it some more until it was so wet ,I tried the second time it went in slowly inch by inch I pushed it in pulled it out until I saw the head then push it back in an inch deeper ,I could see her gripping on to the rail her knuckles where turning white ,and she was moaning at the same time biting her lip, this took 8 or 9 goes until was deep inside her every time I pulled it out I could see her back dip ,and when I pushed it deep in her back arched and gave out a long moan ,slowly and deeper I went until she was so et my big hard cock was moving freely inside her it was not long until she had her first orgasm ,I pumped harder and quicker my hips slapping her ass she came again ,three deep pumps she came again I could feel her pussy crushing my cock as she came I am sure she could feel every view on my hard cock she was so tight ,I was pumping her so deep I could feel the end of my head hitting something deep inside her and every time I did this she gave out a yelp found her panties in her skirt pocket ,and stuffed it in her mouth to keep her from making too much noise ,I now got into my stride I could still hear her but the noise was coming out of her nose ,she just kept on cuming after 5 or 6 deep hard strokes she was moaning every pump now ,I pumped harder and harder faster and faster I went ooo myyyyy goooodddd I was ready to exploded my balls went rock hard we both came together she let out a long moan ,I could feel my cock pumping my cum inside her I stopped counting after 12 pumps of cum inside her ,she was cuming as well as my cock pumped out my cum .I slowly pulled my cock out from her red hot pussy I could see my cum running out of her well used pussy ,running down her leg until it formed a pool on the toilet seat ,we stand in that position for a while, until we got our breath back ,I help clean up the cum on her leg and the seat ,she sat down on the seat looking at me ,I could see in her eyes she was very happy how things turned out ,I picked her up and gave her the biggest hug and a kiss to go with it, we both helped each other to get our cloths back on ,she left first and just sat down then I was right behind her ,we both sat there looking at each other with a glazed look .I put my hand on her very hot pussy and her put her hand on my cock .We both feel asl**p ,when we woke up the plane was coming into land, the plane landed and we got off the plane holding hands ,just before we went through passport check we stop and exchanged numbers and addresses and planned to meet up that weekend ,I would pick her up from the station and take her to my house. OOO I CAN’T WAIT………..

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