Naked invitation accepted

It is a favourite moment: I stand at the door of the video room where several guys are reclining on sofas. They turn towards me as I loosen the towel around my waist, holding it slightly open to show my hip and thigh. The bulge of my erection announces my excitement. I look around at the eyes on me; some faces are turned towards the video screen, but the eyes are on me still.
I take a deep breath at this exquisite moment and let the towel slip from one hand, allowing it to fall to the side and then behind me, leaving me naked and exposed to the gaze of all. My erection responds to my shameless exhibitionism, standing harder and higher. I pretend to look at the screen, but scan the room, hoping for signs of interest.
Two guys especially are watching me; one licks his lips, staring at my cock. I love it: I love guys to see my hard cock and my nakedness. That’s why I do all the training to keep myself in shape. The other has his towel down, stroking his stiffness, mouth half open, eyes moving between my cock and my face.
I look into the eyes of both of them. I hold out a hand towards each.They stand, look at the other, both with jutting hard cock. They nod, and come towards me.
I wet my lips, smile, and close my eyes.
A hard cock slides into each waiting hand, two hands hold my shaft, and two mouths fasten on my neck…

I am almost crushed as the two hard bodies grip me between them. One guy turns me towards him, kissing me and I feel his cock against mine as the other puts his arms around both of us, cock sliding between my buttocks. We writhe against each other, knowing we’re soon going to spasm into someone’s orifice, oral or anal.

Turning round inside the hold, I kiss the shoulders of the other, then his chest, belly, and find myself kneeling before his straining cock which is already glistening with precum. I stroke his thighs and buttocks, making him wait, teasing him. The guy behind me slides his erection up and down between my cheeks, nuzzling and probing. The waiting is unbearable, the anticipation exquisite, the need undeniable.

I start to lick and kiss the cock before me, gripping the base of the shaft with one hand while the other strokes the cock behind as it starts to push urgently.

He kneels ands grip my hips, the other kneels too, arching back, thrusting his drooling cock to my mouth. I tease at both ends until they can take no more.

A hand comes round my hips to wank me and I ready myself.

“On three..”, I say.

“One”, I push back a little onto the waiting cock, just the tip, and let saliva dribble onto the rigid shaft in front.

“Two”, I feel the grip on my hips tighten, and two hands hold my head.

“Three”, I start to say, but the word is lost as my mouth is filled with cock and the thrust behind me rams me further onto it, taking it into my throat.

Their deep gutteral throaty sounds excite me more, I push back and forward, revelling in the triple pleasure.

It’s too good to last, and I feel the tremors of the sucked cock. I pull back, looking into his eyes, squeezing the cock behind me as hard as I can until I feel his tremors too.
“Give it to me now!”, I manage to say, “fuck me till you cum!” as I fill my mouth again.
I moan deep in my throat, they respond with loss of control; they cum together, spunking into me at both ends. I suck, deepthroat, squeeze and writhe until they have finished pumping.
Their cocks slip out of me, as they kneel, catching their breath.
I stand, my cock unsatisfied, commanding their attention.

“Who wants this first…?”, I softly ask…..

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