coming home from work

It had been a crap day, my job was mundane, even the once enjoyable 'me-time' commute had become boring and draining. It was raining hard by the time I got off the bus and while I was walking to my house it started to hail-stone... I thought this really can't much worse. I got in and let out a large sigh, I was cold and wet, my bones felt lethargic. I looked up down the hall I could see my partner Helen in the kitchen going about making the dinner. She hadn't noticed that I was back, I grabbed a towel off the radiator and begun to dry myself. Sex recently had also become mundane, it had become a monthly thing, you know the type when neither of you are really bothered and it fizzles out after half an hour. Sex between us had laways been fairly conservative, were not old! We are in our late-twenties

..... but drying myself down and looking into the kitchen watching my missus, something happened. Helen was bent over, and all of a sudden her jeans became tight and clung to her rear, I could see her panty lines, I felt myself licking and biting the bottom of my lips, the cold that had been coursing through my body was gone and a warmth came over me, and hardness appeared! Next thing I know I felt my hand rubbing my hard cock through my pants, not in a wanking kind of way but in the way that just the right amount of pressure is there that makes it worth while. Helen got back up and then caught me out of the corner of her eye," Hi love..." she saw my hand near rubbing my cock through my pants "What the fuck are you doing"...instinct said to myself 'move it away say that you are just scratching'...'make up some bullshit and move on with the mundane'....but not today....I simply replied "Turn off the oven and come here".

There was a silence, Helen stood there frozen in shock, I had never spoken to her that way..."I am not asking you,I'm telling you... turn it off and get that tight arse of yours here!"

Helen turned off the oven, and in doing never once lost eye contact with me, I could see a scared, apprehensive look on her face, yet the 4 feet she walked towards me was the sexiest hottest walk I'd ever seen. As she got within arms length I pulled her closer to me using the belt hooks on her jeans, with the other I reached up and moved her dark brown hair from her neck and began to kissing and sucking her warm skin, this was her favorite thing when we first started having sex. It was like everything had fizzled out over the years, marks I used to leave her always left her feeling socially uncomfortable the next day.

But I didn't care today, I was getting my own way, and she seemed to like it, a lot. I felt her knees buckle, I still had my fingers wrapped in her belt loop, it was enough to stop her dropping or killing the moment. As I carried on kissing, I could feel Helen breath get harder, her chest pushing up on to mine, I could feel her hips begin to slowly gyrate over my leg.

Helen was wearing a black vest I slowly moved my hand up from her jeans and till I was grabbing the bottom of her vest-top, I stopped kissing her neck and pulled the vest straight over her head, no messing about, and I turned her around, I moved the hair from the other side of her neck and began to kiss that side, stopping to suck her skin, she was getting very hot. I unhooked her bra, and went back to kissing her neck, I placed one of hands around the front of he body and slowly started to explore her body, careful not to touch her nipples, just glance closely to them. I moved my hand down towards her jean and slowly started to rub her vaginal area massaging it through the jeans, again he knees were buckling and soft moans were coming out of her mouth I undid her jeans buttons slowerly, still stood behind her, I began to lower myself down, kissing her spine as I went, I could feel a shiver run though her body I pulled her jeans down to her ankles, I didn't watch to spoil the moment by taking them off and fumbling around.

I kissed the back of her legs as I rose up, kissing her backside as I got higher, gradually kissing her spine back up to her neck, she blurted out "Fuck me now!". I didn't respond and just moved my way back around so that I was back to kissing the front of her neck, I moved down to her left nipple, it was hard, I ran my tongue over it and then sucked it hard, it to my mouth I lashed it with my tongue and Helen started to groan again. She groaned and said again "Fuck me, do it... now... I want you". I had never heard her speak this way, it really turned me on, but again I didn't respond I could feel the pre-cum in my pants was flowing, but I was in control, and I had other plans.

I took hold of Helen's hand and shoved it in my mouth till it was wet, then I pushed it around her back and and slowly made its way down her back sliding past her pants till it reached her backside. Then I guides Helen's wet finger and began to circle arsehole.

As her was going this I went back to suckling and nibble her nipples,I had seen them hard before but now they were huge. I moved my way down Helen's standing body kissing, sucking and licking till I made it her hot wet pants. My face was staring a her panties, clinging to her wet pussy.

I pulled Helen's panties down to her knees. placing one my hands on her hip and the other through her legs to her hand that was still rubbing her arsehole. I took her finger and pushed it slowly into her arsehole, and just held it there, then I went mouth-first into her clit. Sucking it hard and lashing it with my Tongue. I carried on till I ran out of breath,it felt like an eternity, but it tasted great, her juices were running down my chin, I swallowed as much as i could savoring her taste.

I took Helen's from her arse and spit on it to make more of her fingers wet. I went back to work on her clit, while taking Helen's wet fingers back to her arsehole and using three of her fingers to penetrate the tight hole.

As her fingers f***ed there way in I could again feel Helen's knees starting to buckle but I had no intention of letting her move till she had cum hard into my mouth.

I took my spare hand from her hip, and pushed two fingers inside, Helen was so wet they glided in with ease, I took them straight back out so that I could taste more of the juice from her hot pussy. It was amazing, every time my the juices hit my taste buds I could feel my cock pushing harder to get out of my pants.

I was feeling really greedy put them back in for more...but this time I stood up and put them into Helen's mouth...Helen's sucked my finger hard like she was giving a blow-job as she tasted the juices she groaned and once again her legs began to buckle. I knew I could keep her stood like this, she would collapse over with her panties round her knees, and her jeans around ankles, and that wouldn't be good!

I wanted, NO I need one more taste, I wanted still to feel her cum over my face, so I went back down to her clit, sucking and flicking it with my tongue. I took my two fingers and push them inside, Helen was still finger fucking her arse, I could feel her fingers using on the wall of her wet pussy. I arched my fingers upwards to find her gspot. I pushed on it hard, my mouth still sucking her clit, Helen's fingers still inside her arse.....and then it happened.......she came....I love the taste....I felt Helen's hips convulsive over and over for what feels like hours.

Helen could take it no more and collapsed toward the ground, I grabbed hold to slow her down and place her gently to the floor. Her fingers still in your arse! I took of my pants faster, than I ever have, got onto my knees and placed my dripping cock in Helen's mouth. I was so horny, Helen did her best to suck off my juices from it, I don't know why but I wanted to taste them. I took my cock back out, my chin was still covered in Helen's cum. I kissed her hard sticking my Tongue in her mouth so I could suck my juices off my Tongue, it was amazing, but I knew I didn't have long left in me, I was like a kettle ready to hit boiling point. I moved my cock back over her face, Helen began to suck onto my balls, I could feel my his beginning to shake, I stuck my cocks deep down her throat.

Helen moved her hand from her arse, to mine, she pushed her finger straight in, I felt a sharp pain for a second then pure pleasure. I couldn't take it any more I pulled of her mouth and instantly began shooting cum over and over and over again all over the place, it went everywhere and my cock violent had a mind of its own. After a short while I opened my eyes, I didn't even realize I had closed them I was a little disorientated from my orgasm, I looked down Helen face was covered, I could see her licking the cum off her lips with her tongue, she moved me back a little then grabbed my and began kissing me, we hadn't kissed liked this in years, I could taste my cum and eel it enter my mouth from Helen's lips. I then collapsed to the side of Helen and we just lay there for ages, not saying a word, we just looked at each other with smile.
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1 year ago
90% true. Thanks
1 year ago
Nice story, is it true?
1 year ago
my first story