Watching Mum Have Sex Chapter 2

To appreciate this story you will need to read chapter 1.
Well I could not believe what I had witnessed: I had seen my mum have sex with another man on our kitchen table. I had come home to study that day but there was no chance of that happening now! I could not believe how erotic I had found the whole experience. I have to confess I shot my load. It was not the only time I shot my load that day and mum’s screw on the kitchen able was not the only time she got fucked that day either!
I sneaked out of my bedroom to see what was going on as it seemed quiet downstairs. Mum and Alan were sat down talking at the kitchen table and they were drinking a cup of tea. I noticed mum had changed out of her jeans and into a mini skirt. Alan was running his hands up and down her long legs.
“Oh I do love your legs Jill!,” said Alan.
“I have noticed.”
“I bet you are glad we started having sex. You know I wanted you.”
“I know,” mum laughed. “Shagging Denise wasn’t enough for you; you wanted me as well.”
Denise was mum’s best friend and very fit. I had always had a bit of a thing for her and this lucky bastard Alan was fucking her as well.
“You know I want to fuck you both together. You and Denise naked on the bed both taking my cock.”
“Oh we can arrange that Alan but now I want you to myself.”
With that they both started kissing and I thought they were going to fuck again on the kitchen table. But they got up and started moving towards the stairs and I made a hasty retreat to my bedroom. The thought of Alan fucking both mum and Denise had got my cock raging hard. The fact that she was going to get fucked for a second time today had me on the verge of exploding for the second time.
They came up the stairs and I was praying that they would not come into my room.. I heard Alan slap mums arse and she giggled. Fortune favoured me as they went straight into her room. I don’t know what I would have done if they had come into my room. I desperately wanted to watch them fuck but I knew this was a risk too far as I surely would have been discovered. However, for the next hour I was treated to listening too a sex session.
I could hear Alan moan as mum was sucking his cock and he obviously did a good job with his tongue as mum was squealing and giving him encouragement as he went to work on her pussy.
“Oh that’s it baby, lick my clit. Put your tongue inside me Alan.”
Mum was clearly enjoying this but she wanted more.
“Come on Alan, I want your dick again. Put it inside me honey.”
Alan obviously did not need a second invitation as he began to fuck my mother. Some of the things they were saying to each other whilst they fucked were such a turn on:
“Come on Jill take my cock.”
“Oh yes baby give it to me.”
“You cannot get enough of me can you honey.”
“You have not had dick for ages until I came along and now you want it all the time.”
Alan was really pounding away at mum as I could hear her bed rattling. I was really pounding away at my cock as I imagined the scene in mum’s bedroom.
“Oh yes fuck me, fuck me,” mum panted.
“Bet you were dead jealous of Denise weren’t you Jill. When you knew she was getting my cock you wanted it as well.”
“Well now I am fucking you both and I am going to share you with my mates as well.”
“Oh yes baby!”
“You and Denise are going to take all are cocks!”
“Oh baby yes we want all your cocks.”
Just the thought of mum and Denise naked and surrounded by cocks did it for me and I shot my load. I think it must have done it for Alan as well as a moment later I heard him call mum a sexy bitch as he moaned and shot his load.
Alan went shortly after this but I heard him say that he was going to arrange a get together with both mum and Denise and he also wanted her to fuck other men. Mum sounded excited at this prospect. I never knew she was such a horny bitch! When Alan had gone mum went for a shower and I decided this was a good time to pretend to come home from college. Mum seemed surprised to see me but I told her that my last lesson had been cancelled and I came home early to study.
I have often thought about this whole incident over the years and wondered if mum ever did the things Alan was suggesting her to do. I never caught them in the act again. A few months later I went to university so mum had the place to herself and she could get up to all sorts of fun.
Well when I wrote the first chapter of this story a few weeks ago I thought I would bite the bullet and tell mum what I saw. She was quite shocked at first but then she began to lighten up about it. So much so that she told me some of the things she got up to. Moreover, she has given me permission to write about her fun. Get ready for some hot future stories guys!

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3 years ago
As dad worked away all week mum was horny as hell by weekend.I was around 9 when I noticed mum had sexy things on then. Dad soon had his hand up her skirt as soon as he came in.First time I noticed this I was hiding under table & saw them playing with each other.Then they ran upstairs it was weeks before I saw more
4 years ago
nice writting, nice story, lookingforwards to the next one. ;)
4 years ago
cant wait to her about her other exploits.
4 years ago
Looking forward to hearing of her funtimes.
4 years ago
Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures,
4 years ago
not only do we want to hear more of mums adventures but also hopeing that she fixed you up with Denise for fun times
4 years ago
very hot and naughty cant wait to hear the rest
4 years ago
excellent story & yes more maybe you can get it on with denice