Watching Mum Have Sex Chapter 1

This is a true story: I really did watch my mum have sex. This happened over 10 years ago now and it is the one thing that turns me on more than anything. Mum and dad had separated and I was spending time at their different homes. It was April and I was studying for exams. I expected mum to be at work so I went to her place to study in peace. However, about an hour later she came home and I heard her talking and giggling with a man.
“I want you on that table Jill.”, the man said.
“Oh do you now! My bed is not good enough for you is it?”, mum giggled.
I knew instantly I was somewhere where I should not have been. I started trembling and felt sick but very aroused. I knew I had to try and see what was going on and who this man was.
I crept to the top of the stairs and saw mum kissing this man. I recognised him: it was Alan the joiner. Ever since dad had left he would come around and do jobs for mum. He clearly saw an attractive woman on her own and fancied his chances. Mum was attractive: she was tall, blonde, slim and had long legs. Alan obviously liked what he saw and his hands were all over mum.
Alan pick mum up and put her on the kitchen table. He was as good as his word as he was going to fuck her on the kitchen table. Mum took off her t-shirt to reveal a white bra. Alan pulled off her jeans and she was wearing pink knickers. These were quickly removed by Alan.
“Go on Jill, get those tits out!”
Mum obeyed Alan’s instructions and she removed her bra. I couldn’t believe it, I was looking at my naked mum. She looked good for a woman of 39 She liked to work out and the results were excellent. Alan went to work on her tits. I suppose some of you think it is a bit sick watching your mum having sex. But sexual instincts take over and my cock was hard. I was shaking with excitement. We all like watching porn on this website and for me this was a real live shag.
Alan was pleasuring mum now with his tongue but mum seemed impatient.
“Come on Alan get your cock out, I want you to fuck me!”
Alan pulled his erect dick out and went round to mum’s face. He slapped it on her a couple of times and then he offered it to her mouth. Mum licked his bell end and then she put it in her mouth. Goodness me my mum loved cock. She really went after him and I could see the pleasure on his face.
Alan was ready to fuck mum. She was still lying down on the table and her long legs were in the air. Alan entered her and mum let out a groan.
“Oh fuck me Alan!”, she moaned.
“You fucking love it don’t you Jill?”
Alan stared banging her hard and I could tell he was close to cumming. He was too aroused to last for long and he pulled his cock out of mum and shot his load on her belly. Mum started giggling again and Alan kissed her. I had to rush back into my bedroom so not to be caught ass they both came upstairs to clean themselves up. Luckily mum did not come into my room. When they went downstairs again I had to relieve my self and I shot one of the biggest loads in my life.
Gosh just thinking about that again has made me horny. The day did not end there with mum and Alan but I will write that in chapter 2. I’m to horny to complete it now!! Need to relieve myself!!! Please ell me what you think of chapter 1. Would the rest of you have watched your mother have sex?
85% (35/6)
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2 years ago
Of course, and did many times.
3 years ago
I watched my parents fuck many times when young.It started when I was around 10. & fell asleep on floor .I woke up after hearing sound of grunting.My mum was sitting astride my dad with her back to me.I could see her cunt as she had went up & down on Dads cock.She was grunting a lot as well
4 years ago
very good!! yes i would have watched my mom have sex.
4 years ago
Great experience for you, hope you get the chance to fuck her too.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Please finish the story!
4 years ago
i would have stayed and seen what happend too
4 years ago
i would have
4 years ago
not sure nice story tho
4 years ago
very hot and naughty I wouldn't do my mother but my cousins oh yes
4 years ago
nice story , would of passed on watching my mother but had it been my mother in law not only would I of watched but would of wanted to either jion in or get with her later