Second time of the day

As I walked into the bedroom from the bathroom I stopped in the door way to take in the beauty lying on the bed naked and satisfied from the first round of love making. The sun lighting up every curve on my big beautiful woman. I slide in the bed next to her and pull her to me. Kissing her passionately our tongues inter twine. I rub her face with the back of my hand as I look into her eyes. I then let my hand roam her big soft body.
She gently pushes me on to my back and kisses my neck. She works her way to my nipples taking one then the other into her mouth. I pull her head against my chest harder as she sucks my nipples as they grow harder. She kisses her way down my stomach.
She takes my semi hard cock in her hand and strokes it a few times then takes it into her warm mouth. My cock starts to grow in her mouth. She works it nice and she gets it hard for the second time this morning. This is a first time for me. With my cock hard again she starts to take it deep in her throat. It is hot to see the bulge in her throat my cock makes. It feels so damn good the softness of her throat. When she is pulling my cock out of her throat I feel her tongue working my cock and she linger on the head. The she licked her way down the shaft and takes one of my balls into her mouth and then the other. My cock is dripping like a hose left on and she is suck and licking it all up.
I pull her up to me and kiss her deep tasting my juice on her tongue. I reach down and finger her very hard clit. Her pussy is very wet soaking my hand. I slide my thumb into her wet pussy, working it in and out. She starts to moan, I apply a little more pressure to the skin between her pussy and ass and the moaning get louder. I work my thumb faster and faster, I feel her body stiffen and I know she is close to cumming. I keep working my thumb and she starts to tremble and her toes curl a dead giveaway, she is cumming and it is a very intense one too. After she is finished I push her body to a 45 degree on her back and me on my side. I put one leg between mine and one over me and I slide my very hard and wet cock into her still quivering pussy slowly at first and I hold on to her big soft thigh. Just the head going in first and let her pussy adjust then a little more she is moving her body so she can get more in to her wanting pussy. I push my cock all the way in to her wanting pussy, she lets out a soft moan as my cock touches the end of her pussy. I work my cock slowly in and out of her pussy brings her to a quick orgasm. I feel my own relief building, my balls boiling, and building up pressure. I know I will not last much longer as I quicken my tempo I reach out and grab her titty . I can tell she is nearing her third orgasm. I pound her pussy and I feel her starting to cum and I let out my first spurt and it hits the very end of her love tunnel and her pussy grabs my cock as she cums and I feel her warm pussy juice around my cock and I spurt my second time filling her love tunnel. Her body trembles and her little toes curl and she has a very hard cumming and grabs my cock even tighter and I fill her pussy with my cum. We lay there recovering and my cock going soft and slipping out of her pussy. With our cum leaking out down her ass and my balls. The aroma of sex fills the air. As my limp cock slips out of her sloppy pussy she has one last orgasm as her pussy grabs the head of my cock on its way out. We just lay this way.

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3 years ago
Nice... I love morning sex!!
3 years ago
So hot!