A Time Together

A Time Together
I open the door and we embrace in a passionate kiss, tongues tangling together. I reach over and push the door closed without breaking our kiss. I reach up and hold you head and kiss you harder, I hear a moan escape your mouth and I know your panties just got wetter as you cum. I drop my hands down brushing your big beautiful breast (BBB’s) and I reach around you and hold you lovely ass and pull you closer.
I feel the heat between us. I lead you to the bed and lay you down and lay beside you and we start kissing again. I work my way down your neck and kiss the exposed skin of the top of your BBB’s. I unbutton the top button and kiss, lick and suck on the newly exposed skin, doing this until your blouse is off of you. I return to kissing you and reach around you and undue your bra one handed, removing and exposing those big nipples of yours.
I lower my mouth to your nipple and let my tongue run around it never licking it yet I do the other one the same and see how hard they are getting. I then suck one of your hard nipples in to my mouth and let my tongue lick it as I’m sucking I do the other nipple and start to lick my way down your body.
I lick my way down your stomach as I lower your pants to take off I can smell the sweet aroma of your pussy, it get stronger the closer I lick to it. I slide you pants off and look at the very big wet spot on you panties. I lower my head between your legs and take in you aroma as I start to suck on one of your soft inner thighs. I hear a soft moan escape your lips. I keep sucking and licking one thigh then the other getting closer to the ever growing wet spot on your panties. I can take it no more I remove the wet panties and take a deep smell of then enjoying your essence.
I then toss them over to the other bed and lower my head to your waiting pussy, I lick all around your clit never lick it yet, a louder moan slips from your lips. I suck your hard clit between my lips and let it slip out I do this until you moan and moan. Then I suck it deep into my mouth and run my tongue over it slow at first but as your moans get louder and louder I run it faster and faster.
I put your feet on my shoulders and expose the hard clit more and I suck it deeper and lick it faster and faster, you are calling out oh my god and I see your body tremble and then go stiff and I see your little toes curl. You are having a hard orgasm; I feel the love juice running down my chin.
I release your clit and stick my tongue deep into your pussy licking up all the sweet love juice. I curl my tongue up to hit your G spot and keep this up enjoy all the juice your pussy has to offer. After a couple of minutes of this you shudder hard be for going stiff and reaching down and hold my head hard against your pussy as you cum and cum. I am lapping up as much as I can but some trickles down your ass.
As you relax I come up and kiss you passionately, sharing your love juice with you. And you suck my chin clean. We lay there kissing as I rub your face with the back of my hand looking into your beautiful eyes.
You then push me onto my back and undo my shirt and take off throwing to the floor. You then work your way down to my nipple and suck on them making them very hard under your tongue. You reach down while sucking to undo my pants. I raise my ass up to help you take off my pants tossing them to the floor.
You squeeze my hard wet cock in your hand, stroking lightly as you are kissing and licking down my body. When you reach my cock you stroke a couple more times then you lick the pre cum off of my wet cock then you take it into your mouth.
It feels so damn good your soft moist mouth around my hard cock. You take it deep into your soft throat over and over. You go faster and faster bring me closer to cumming. Then you stop and say I need your hard cock in my pussy now.
So you straddle me and slide down on my cock. Your pussy is very moist and my cock goes in easy and all the way in. I hold you there for a minute to savor the feeling of your pussy holding my cock deep in you. Then you start to ride me with very big strokes your ass going up and down on me. I reach up and grab your big beautiful breast and play with.
Then I feel your pussy grabbing my cock as it starts to convulse so I reach around you and grab your ass and help you go up and down. I feel you’re cum gushing on my cock and I can’t take it any longer and me cum deep in to your pussy over and over.
I hold you there savoring the moment and I feel our love mixture running down my balls and my cock going soft in you. And then my cock slips out of your used pussy and the flood gates open and our cum runs down my balls and the crack of my ass. I lay your down beside me and we kiss very passionately and our aroma fills the room.

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3 years ago
Arousing story. Wet and scented.
We like it!
3 years ago