Underwear drawer

How many of us have dreamed of being able to look inside of the underwear drawer of a lady that we have the hots for. even better if this lady is one who you have fancied since you were teenagers but never got anywhere with her. Well the lady in question is Barbara my fantasy for years. A petite lady with the most superb legs that a teenager would love to have. When I first met her so long ago I could just watch those legs as she sat and crossed and uncrossed those legs I could hear the sound of proper stockings brushing against each other. The proper stockings bought by shoe size that when you took them out of the packet and held them up they were the shape of a ladies legs, not the nasty modern stretch ones. They had a feel all of there own slightly rough yet so pleasing especially when worn and stretched by the movement of the leg and pulled taught by the suspender strap. How often have I imagined discovering that she still wears such divine undies and that I could see her in them and more. Well last week she needed some work doing in her house and I volunteered to do it. I had waited for this opportunity for ages. I worked for an hour or two plumbing under her sink, at one point she brought me a drink whilst I was laid on the floor and I caught a slight glimpse up her skirt. Her legs were superb but i did not get a good look just a glimpse just to the knee and a little higher. I had planned that at some point i would "need" for her to go and get me an urgent part from the DIY store, and that I needed to stay to ensure no water leaks. She got ready and set off, a journey of about 5 miles each way so I gave myself 30 minutes of time. I watched her drive well down the road and clearly on her way. I hurried up to her bedroom and caught my breath after all this time I had made it in to her bedroom though on my own. I looked in the first drawer but it was not it, then the second then the third and there they were. All laid out neatly mainly white brassierres, knickers, and tights all on top. Carefullly and remembering how they were, I lifted out the top ones to see what lay beneath. As I progressed I found a white suspender belt and then a cream one, realy good ones, deep panelled with broad long straps and metal suspender tabs. Then a roll on girdle in black and pink that looked like it was for special occasions. My heart was pounding at the thought of her wearing these superb items and wondering how gorgeaous she would look in them. What would she be like in between those lovely long suspender straps, would her bush be untouched and a fully grown dark hairy pussy. I had always wondered what size her bras would be, she was always petite with what looked like pert titties. I imagined her to be a 34b, I hoped she would wear her cups quite small so the titties flowed over the tops. They were quite conventional from the famous UK store, but were 36c so she wore her bras a little larger than I imagined, had her titties grown with age. How i would love to have removed it from her and seen the titties drop out of the constraining cups. I took the nicest looking pair of knickers, oh I have wanted to get in her knickers for all the years and now I was inside of them but alas she was not. I put them to my face and imagined the aroma of them having being just removed. I took out my now throbing cock and placed it right there where her pussy would normally be, the shear excitment of it. Carefuuly I put them all back in place. As I looked around i found her washing basket, could I be in luck. I opened it and there was a worn bra, a pair of knickers and by the side of the basket a pair of worn tights discarded. Taking them I lay on the floor to not disturb the bed and with them in my left hand took my prick in my right hand and slowly wanked myself off whilst holding those treasured undies that she had worn and would wear again. Then I heard her car returning in the drive, so hurredly closed the lid and raced down stairs as she came through the door. I will always now look at her as 36c and remember the aroma and feel of those undergarments close to me and the special pleasure of cummin in her bedroom surrounded by those delightfull garments.
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3 years ago
sweet,I just love go throught them.I can remsmber looking thought many.
4 years ago
very good but have to make a play for her
4 years ago
great story, please write more
4 years ago
i would have loved her to catch me spunking in them then fucking me stupid
4 years ago
Good story yuo have to make it sexier thanks