Further underwear shop experiences

Lynne's bussines had taken up after showing her specialist undies on the internet, and she now needed some assistance in the shop to do the packing and help in the shop with customers. She asked Barbara if she would mind helping at the interviews. A number of ladies attended some with tattoos and other things that did not fit with the clientel who came to the shop. One of the last to attend was a lady called Celia, and appeared to be the right choice, very well dressed and spoken. Lynne enquired if she had done any similar work and asked how she would feel about fitting ladies in their intimate apparel. Celia said that she had not, but said she was not uncomfortable with the female form. Barbara asked her if she would like to see the more specialist garments that the up market ladies who came to the shop for a personal service liked to wear. Lynne brought in some items and Celia ran her hands over them in some state of excitement, and asked if this was the regular wear of customers. Barbara replied that it was, and enquired as to whether they would appeal to her as the lady customers preffered to be served by a lady who had a similar choice in undies. Celia said she had not warn stockings and suspenders for some years now thinking that all ladies wore tights regularly. Barbara stated that she did not and considered that Lynne would not be wearing them at work either. Lynne stood and decided to go for it and lifted her skirt to show what she was wearing, and said she thought Celia should try something similar and make sure she was comfortable to wear similar in front of customers. Celia was blushed but said that if that was what was required then OK. Lynne said she would start by showing her how to measure a lady and asked Celia to remove her dress. It had not been apparent that Celia was well gifted up above, and had nice tits showing above her cream brassierre cups, with matching high leg knickers under her tan tights. Lynnes asked her to remove her brassierrre and as she did the garment slid down to reveal very large heavy tits with huge nipples. Lynne took her tape and instintivly Celia lifted her tits to allow Lynne to measure her chest size first. Lynne then measured over the fullest point of Celia's tits making sure she gave them a nice feel in the process. Well you are a lucky lady Lynne commented 38 H is one of our larger size bras that we stock. Celia commented but I am wearing a 36FF, Barbara grasped the still warm garment and checked it out. Well that is why we measure all our ladies and you will need to be comfortable in doing that. Why dont you measure Barbara nad see what size you make her. Barbara had her dress off so quick to show her tiny titties in her white brassierre along with matching deep suspender belt and knickers with tan FF nylons and high heels. Dont be shy Lynne said and handed Celia the tape, as Barbara unclasped her brassierre and handed it to Lynne. Celia fumbled but managed to lift Barbara's little titties and took the measurement as 34, then over the full bust, so that Lynne told her this made Barbara a 34B. As both ladies now wear down to their undies and had their tits out Lynne wanted to join the party and asked Celia to now measure her. Lynne was quickly down to her undies and wippped off her bra to reveal her 36EE tits swinging free. Celia was now more confident and handled Lynne with some ease as she handled Lynne's tits. Lynne had a light black girdle on and full knickers and black stockings and told Celia that she would now need to measure for a girdle or suspender belt. Lynne said that if she would like to remove her tights and knickers she would show her how to do that. By now Celia was getting excited and proceeded to lower her tights and then her knickers to reveal a very nice hairy bush which she proceeded to cover with her hands. Barbara told her not to be shy they were all ladies together and were all the same if a little different in size. Celia then revealed what was the fullest hairyest black bush that certainly Barbara had ever seen, even more so than Lynne's. By now Celia was realising that this was going to be an experience to remember as she then remarked it was not fair that she was showing everything why not the others. Barbar and Lynne needed no second telling and soon lowered and removed each others knickers which surely showed Celia this was going to be some party. Barbara told Celia you see why now that we like to wear our suspender belts and stockings and not tights and so do most of our customers.
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