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Lynne knew that when other ladies saw her black bush for the first time they were either enthralled or put off, so she hoped that as she had discovered that Elaine was not shaven she would enjoy her pussy and bush. She felt Elaine's tits brush against her tummy as Elaine bent down to remove her knickers, Elaine then looked up at her with a smile that indicated she was pleased with her findings. Lynne placed her hand behind Elaine's head and pulled it to her awaiting pussy, as she raised one leg knowing this would reveal herself better to the tongue that she hoped to feel any moment lick away at her jewel. Instintively ealine knew her task and burried her face as deep as she could in Lynne's pleasure area, knowing that the pleasure she hoped she was giving would soom be returned. After some time they moved to the couch and Lynne satElaine in front of her and went down on her this time. Elaine's girdle was hooked just to the siude, so Lynne unfasted three on the clasps and revealed more of Elaine's pussy. It was more ahiry than Barbnara's had been but no where near as thick a bush as her own. She netered a finger or two and placed her tongue just where Elaine hoped and listened to the noise only a lady in the throws of full pleasure can make. This made Lynne know she had hit the right spot first time. As she looked up Elaine had both hands rubbing hard on her magnificent tits, and tweaking the nipples hard, they looked evcen larger from where Lynne gazed. As Elaine made the loudest moan, she grasped Lynne behind her head and pulled her face even tighter to her by now streaming wet pussy and screamed out that she had never had her pussy licked so well before and for her not to stop. After an hour of shear bliss the ladies dressed and arranged to meet again, hoping that a threesome would be even more pleasureable.
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4 years ago
Loved your story but it could have been a one or two part story
4 years ago
very good