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The ladies were soon rubbing their hands over every inch of each other bodies listening to the delightfull noises that each of them made as they were fondled with a new pair of enquisitive hands, then mouths, kissing then licking the areas of most pleasure. What bliss they were both having not ten minutes after first casting eye's on each other. Lynne wondered if this was the lady Elaine had referred to, or were there more than one, that was somnething only at this moment to look forward to, and not to deprive any single moment of the current pleasure on offer. Barbar clearly love the feel of Lynne's much larger titties that had large brown areas arounf the extremely protruding erect nipples. Lynne lifted one leg on to a stool and gave Barbara the chance of a much easier approach to her womanhood, Barbara did not need telling to go down there and lick away and listen to the moans of shear pleasure that came from Lynne as she licked and slid a finger in and out till Lynne came in a fit of paasion. Lynne immediately returned the favour on Barbara, her bush was much lighter in colour and amout of hair as befitted a blond. They both came in total pleasure as they got down on the floor and rubbed togther their wet pussies. What a perfect ending to a day for both ladies whop arranged that they would soon meet again to renew their relationaship.
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4 years ago
very good story lovely detail but should be just 1 story
4 years ago
very good but should be reup-loaded as 1 story