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As Lynne had, had no resistance to assisting Barbara with fitting the undies she started to adjust the straps, and again with no resistance kept running her hands more and more over Barbara's delightfull body. She was reminded of what Elaine had told her about such encounters. Barbara then asked if this was what Lynne would normally wear, seeing that she appeared comfortable with the garments. Lynne said that she preferred to wear stockings, though some days she wore tights, and ventured to ask if Barbara would like to see fro herself. Barbara wasted no time in responding that she would love to see what Lynne wore underneath. Lynne unfastened the back of her dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. Barbara immediately noticed that Lynne was larger up top, and had an interesting waist cincher typee suspender belt that made the straps appear much longer. The legs of her knickers were cut away again lengthening the look of her legs. Lynne had jet black hair, and Barbara had often noticed in changing rooms how ladies with black hair always appeared to have a much thicker bush around there pussy. She wondered if Lynne would like her have her bush rather than be shaven and could not wait to discover for herself. Barbara knelt before Lynne and slid her hands up Lynnes stocking clad legs, up her suspenders and into her knickers without any resistence, then removed her hands and slid them into the waist band of her knickers and slowly lowered them downwards will the waist just revealed that Lynne was in fact in favour of keeping her bush untouched, and as the knickers came lower that it was as Baraba had hoped a thick black bush framed by the whiteness of the broad suspender straps just biting into her legs and pulling so gloriously taughtly on her brown FF nylons. what a devine picture the two of them looked. Barbnar then unclasped Lynne's bra and allowed the globes to fall into her hands.
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