A Dogging tale

Last month I went dogging. I don’t often go out to dogging sites as there is always a chance of police being around and you sometimes meet the oddest of characters. But I was feeling very horny and there was nobody around to play with so I got dressed and drove off.
I wore some black sexy lace panties and a matching bra, a black half slip and a blue mini skirt and blue top. Also I had on black holdups with a nice lacy top, shiny black court shoes. I was fully made up with lots of pink lipstick and my hair was brushed into a short but femme style. I lube dup my arsehole in anticipation of finding a nice cock.
It was not too far to the site I had chosen, a secluded car park for a disused hall surrounded by woods. It was as safe and secure as any of these places are. I parked up about 8.30 seeing there were a couple of other cars there. As is fairly usual I flashed my car lights, turned the engine off and the internal light on. For what seemed like an age there was nothing happening. Then another car pulled in at roughly the same time as a couple of guys emerged from the woods.
One of the guys came over to my car and I wound down the window. He said he had just sucked his mate off in the woods, but would love to do the same for me, especially if I would then bring him off. I opened the car door and turned round so my stockinged legs were out of the car. He knelt down and pulled my skirt up and pulled my cock out of my panties. But he did not immediately suck me. His first act on baring my cock was to stand up again, lean into the car and kiss me on the lips. There was the unmistakable taste of cum on his lips and tongue where he had sucked off his now departed friend. I loved it, getting a second hand thrill from tasting a stranger’s cum in the mouth of a new lover.
We kissed for a while, enough to smudge my lipstick a lot and then he did kneel down again and started to use his mouth on my penis. I was fairly hard by now, so a few wanks on my shaft and the feel of his mouth and tongue on my cock head was enough to give me a real firm hardon.
While all this had been happening, the occupants of the newly arrived car had strolled across to watch. They were a man and woman in their early 30s. The guy was slim with dark hair and about medium height. His partner was a short haired thin girl. Brown hair and eyes, very small tits under her top and wearing a skirt as short as mine. The guy said nothing, just watched/But his girlfriend was keen to talk to us and very interested in seeing a TV being sucked. I was asked all sorts of questions about why I dressed, what I liked to wear, was I gay, why I had chosen my name as Sheila and so on. It was a bit of a distraction from the pleasure I was getting from having my cock sucked. As Angie was talking to me, so she was fondling her boyfriend and starting to really get hot.
I asked my6 partner to stop for a while as I did not want to cum in his mouth if I could persuade Angie to suck me as well. He stood up and Angie took his place. To start with she just stroked my hard cock, then she leant over and kissed and licked it without taking it into her mouth. Her boyfriend and my previous partner both had their cocks out and were masturbating while they watched. I beckoned them closer and I took one cock in my hand and guided Angie’s hand to the other while she continued to pay attention to mine. At last she opened her mouth and popped the head of my prick inside. She used her tongue and her teeth very well to tease my cock. I tried to concentrate on other things so I could enjoy her lapping and sucking and nibbling my cock without cumming too soon.
But I could not and I felt the lovely feeling of my spunk travelling quickly up my shaft to squirt into Angie’s mouth. She sucked harder to get it all out and took her mouth off me to show the pool of cum on her tongue. My previous partner leant in past her to lick and suck the last drops from my cock into his mouth. Then Angie turned to her boyfriend and went down on him with her mouth still full of my sperm. He lasted no time at all. He had been wanking and then his cock had been rubbed by me. So all this wanking and watching had made him very close to cumming and he did just that into Angie’s mouth.
As before she accumulated his spunk in her mouth. Now she stood up and with all three of us watching she opened her mouth and swallowed both loads. Only afterwards did she say she hoped I was clean! It was so sexy seeing this girl take our cum and drink it.
My previous parter had not cum for a while and was feeling a bit left out as he had recovered from spunking earlier and was keen to have more. I said we needed to go into the woods if we wanted more, so the four of us went a little way into the trees to a clearing with a picnic table. I asked Angie if she was up for fucking and she nodded. So both of us took our panties off and bent across the table. The other two guys took up position behind us and took their cocks out again. In a moment or two I felt a nick warm cock between my cheeks pressing hard against my hole. Angie squealed with pleasure as her cunt was penetrated. My partner pushed easily all the way up me and started a nice rhythmic fucking just as Angie’s boyfriend got into his stride with fucking her.
Both guys were well into their action when they decided to change partners. Angie told her boyfriend to be careful to make sure his condom did not slip as he withdrew and I felt my friend come out of me. Then we were both being fucked again by different partners. There was alittle delay as my partner changed condoms as Angie insisted she did not want any shit pushed up her. I was bucking back onto the cock that was buggering me and holding hands with Angie as she enjoyed a different cock in her cunt.
It was not long before both men came, within moments of each other. They filled the tips of their condoms and pulled out. I kissed Angie long and deep for being such a good girl in all this. In fact we all kissed each other quite a lot and I licked the two other cocks clean and Angie allowed me to lick her pussy also. It was all coming to an end. A very satisfying experience. I had only cum once, but had enjoyed all the sex play. I had found for the first time for ages a girl who enjoyed sex when dogging and who was nicely attractive. What was even better when we got back to the cars was that while she was kissing me goodbye Angie whispered her phone number in my ear.
Since our dogging encounter she and I have met once. She is fascinated by my dressing and tales of bi and sub adventures and I anticipate a much longer involvement with her.

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6 months ago
superb story im so jealous
11 months ago
super hot
1 year ago
how lovely to find a nice girl into it too
3 years ago
so hot i know some woman like girls with cocks too. tara
3 years ago
mmm i love dogging :)
3 years ago
very good are you into s&m
3 years ago
shoud have read the tags to gay for me