My first lesbian experience

My first lesbian experience
I am a bisexual TV. A man who dresses as a girl. I cannot therefore, however much I want to, have a lesbian relationship with a a real girl. I can dress with other men and we can fuck each other, but that is pretend. I can dress up as a girl and suck and fuck a real girl, but that again is pretend lesbian.
I keep most of my clothes at a friend’s house. A girl friend. Sophie knows that i need somewhere to store my dresses and skirts, my uniforms and my undies, all my makeup and my collection of nighties. So once she knew I loved to dress and could not keep my wardrobe of girl’s clothes at home, she said I could use her spare room to keep them. More than that, I could use her spare room as a bedroom for myself and to meet partners for sex.
I was spending the night at Sophie’s as my wife was away with our daughter. I had hoped to ask a fellow TV round and have an evening of satisfying sex, but she had not been able to get away. So I had spent the evening dressing, trying on some new satin underwear and a couple of new dresses. I was well equipped in my part of the house and had been relaxing on the bed and watching some very exciting porn of a remarkable young shemale who combined a lovely slim body, sexy breasts and a gorgeous suckable cock. I had watched and wanked as she sucked and was sucked in turn and then she was rimmed before her male partner fucked her very roughly.
So I was coming down from my excitement and need to pee. I opened my door and padded along the landing dressed in a long satin nightie that was wet at the front where I had spunked twice. Sophie’s bedroom door was ajar and the light spilled out onto the landing. I did not want to disturb her though she had seen me in nighties lots of times before so I was extra quiet going past her room. I glanced in as I passed and saw she was on her bed with her s****r Zoe. That was no surprise, what did surprise me was that the two girls were kissing each other deeply and Sophie’s hand was under her s****r’s dress and obviously fingering her cunt.
I stepped back very quietly not wanting to alert the girls to the fact I was there and as I watched so they both toppled back onto the bed still kissing deeply and now with Zoe’s hand fondling Sophie’s tits as she had her cunt felt. It was so sexy, made sexier by the fact they were s****rs. Zoe kissed down her siter’s throat and pulled her dress off her shoulder to bare one small tit. It was the first time I had seen Sophie’s breasts and they were sweet and small and firm with an aroused nipple that I only saw briefly as Zoe’s mouth engulfed it in a strong suck.
Sophie buried her face in her s****r’s long auburn hair as she had her tit sucked. She caressed and kissed her hair, before lifting Zoe’s face from her suckling to kiss mouth to mouth again. They kissed so sweetly and obviously loved each other. Then Sophie broke apart and pushed Zoe down on her back. She pulled her skirt up round her waist and quickly disposed of her s****r’s panties. She lifted her own dress up and pulled her white panties to one side and knelt across Zoe’s hips so her cunt and her s****r’s were grinding together. She then simply but very effectively rode her s****r pushing her cunt down on Zoe’s hard until both girls came to a shuddering climax.

Neither girl had removed her dress or skirt. Sophie’s skirt had partly obscured my view of the lovely cunts rubbing so well together. But it was the immediacy of their lovemaking that was so exciting to see. Both girls enjoying their sexuality so much. Only then did they undress, each undressing the other, one lifting her s****r’s dress over her head while the other freed the zip on her lover’s skirt and allowed it to drop. Off came bras and the one remaining pair of panties and the two s****r lovers embraced now naked and slowly collapsed onto the bed. They lay there, kissing and stroking each other. Each feeling the other’s hair, caressing her body and murmuring love to each other. It was so sweet to see them.

I could not stay longer. I continued my quiet way to the toilet for my long overdue piss. Once I got back to my room, I replayed the whole scene in my head over and over, helping my feeling of arousal by driving a large vibrator up my bum as I masturbated yet more loads of cum into the satin of my nightie.

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2 years ago
incest just doesn't do it for me...
3 years ago
It would be interesting if Zoe & Sophie knew you had seen them and if they would have invited you to join them.