gf friends birthday.

hi im writing this on sunday which i still havent seen my gf since friday when she left for her friends birthday.
on friday she went out for supper and clubbing with her friends the next day i recieved a txt from her saying that her voice has gone coz of all the shouting she did the night before plus the smoky atmosphere.
so i believed her played it cool and telling her to let me know when shes better.
the weekend is over and i havent seen her at all she just txt me again telling me that she was the same and if she couldnt talk there was no point on her coming over.
i recieved a txt from an unknown number and a slideshow of pictures on it,
the pictures are of my gf friends in a house with a few guys playing spin the bottle or sum sort of drinking game.
a couple of hours later i recieved an email named Guess who had a wild night?
and had an attachemnt, i opened the attachment and there was my gf with one of her friend that has a bf too in the 69 position and about 10 guys cheering around them and cuming on them.
there was sum more pictures of my gf getting fucked by 3 different guys just in her heels.
the shes eating her friend out and the guys doing her from behind and vice versa, she was very good at eating pussy from the face of her friend, so i might try and get her a bit on the bi side if im lucky.
then the last pic i saw was of her and her friend on their knees and the entire face, hair and tits full of cum.
so by those pics i guees she did have a wild night and been far too tired to come and see me.

i think i might let this one pass and not confront her about it and try to get her into pussy ...

let me know some comment what would be good to get my gf into?

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2 years ago
upload the pics !!!!