Greeting her after Black Massage.

hi as i wrote in my last story my gf was annoyed at me for coming home d***k and decided to go to the spa and have a special massage given to her.

well i was waiting on my knees how she requested she just added to handcuff myself with my hands behind my back.
it seemed forever for her to come home but once she came home she had a grin that i could tell she had gone through it.
she commanded me to lick her red stilettos she then asked me to remove them and clean her feet and toes for a while.
as i was into it she quickly told me to lie on my back on the cold floor as i did she told me to remove her panties with my mouth, every time i tried she would move up and make it more difficult for me to remove them.
i saw how her panties were soaking wet, they clung to her pussy once i started pulling them down a very thick and white amount of cum just leaked straight into my mouth.
she didnt let me swallow it just yet as she wanted me to lick her clean whilst having cum in my mouth.
once she was satisfied with my oral servicing she noticed how i was leaking precum.
she then told me you been thinking about my getting fucked by the black guy havent you? and i just came over my chest.
she scooped up all my cum and fed it to me.
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3 years ago
what is her phone number?