My first time with a shemale (true story)

My girlfriend had been out of town for a couple of weeks and i was so horny and wanted to get upto something kinky.
I called a shemale site from la costa del sol called taiakshemales and arrange to meet one of the beauties.
I was very nervous as i drove to her house as i never touched a dick before.
Once i was in her room waiting for her to come out she was wearing this sexy lingerie very slutty and a bead panties that just went around her tool.
She asked me if i had any experience and what i liked most, i told her i had never touched a dick and was very passive and shy.
The next thing she told me was to get undressed and lie on my back, she then proceeded to kiss my cock tip and got on me.
She climbed higher till her massive balls were on my mouth and she said suck them.
Once i was there for about 5 mins licking and sucking her balls, she got up and put both her knees over my arms and i was lying there helplessly.
She then told me open wide and make sure you breath through your nose or else your going to suffocate.
She thrusted her hips forward til her cockhead hit my back of my throat and just left it there and said she wanted to feel my gag reflex on her.
She started fucking my face telling me how she was going to make me her cum slut and then i tasted her cum in my throat so i just swallowed thinking she had cum, but it was just some of her precum.
She then said she didn't want to cum before trying my virgin asshole, so i was a bit scared as it must hurt having such a big dick in my ass.
She then got off me and quickly went to the bathroom which i assumed she was going to get some lubricant but boy was i wrong.
"Here stuff these in your mouth it will quiet you down" and she tossed me her dirty panties with dried cum on them, i just put them in and instantly tasted her seed.
I was told to go my fours because she wanted to have control of how hard and deep i was going to get fucked, then she said you better be a man and take it without any lubricant as i like to feel every bump and tight asshole.
She penetrated me very violently and i screamed so much i thought she was ripping me in two.
After a good 10mins which it felt like hours she decided to cum in me and then she said she was gonna give me a mixed cum feet special.
I felt her fucking me very hard and then i felt a warm sensation, she told me to squat over her feet in heels and let her cum drip on them.
As that happened then she told me to wank and cum on her feets and heels, finally she told me clean my feet up cum slut and i had to lick and swallow our mixed cum from her feet.

80% (33/9)
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3 years ago
that made hungry need a load of cum in mymouththanks Candi
3 years ago
HOT story!!
3 years ago
That's sounded amazing
3 years ago
3 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmm very hot!