Girlfriends lift home.

Lately my gf has been very dominant like expecting me to go down on her every day even a couple of times a day.
She gets very horny and wet down there and even leaks when aroused so my job is to try and stop it.
Last fri she went out with her girlfriends and when i picked her up to give her a lift home she was tipsy, so i figured out i was gonna get to unload in her mouth whist driving.
When i hinted her to suck my cock she said that she would be very pleased if i went down on her and she would repay me the next day and grinning devilishly, so i did it.
i noticed she wasn't wearing any panties so when i asked her she just said i gave it to a friend as a trophy.
she just push my head into her pussy not letting me ask her anything else, it was very wet and had a different taste i thought to myself it mite be her drinking and dancing all night maybe had something to do with it.
When she came, she she said "hope you enjoyed it tonight especially the taste as your going to get used to it, and thank john for it".
i asked her who was john? and she just said the one whose spunk you've swallowed.
i froze and then she just laughed and said yes thats it john a black friend with a dick twice your size and he fucked me in the clubs toilet and he kept my sexy panties that you bought me.

HOPE you liked it comment and might post second part...

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