Private Game

****I hope you enjoy this story ,but not sure how to catagorize it. Please forgive any errors due to lack of writing skill. I would love some feed back.****

Victoria sat in her car parked in front of a motel room. She was early. Her hands were shaking and the fear of not knowing what awaited her on the other side of the door was driving her crazy. Her husband had told her that this dare will be the most risky one to date. Stepping out of her car all she brings with her is car keys, her cell phone and the room key. Victoria looks at her reflection in the car window and sees a beautiful Latina girl with an athletic body. Years of practice on the tennis courts has left her body in amazing shape. Her legs strong but still feminine and her ass was a work of art. It was full and firm. To go with her excellent posterior was a pair of 34D b**sts that looked huge on her 5’ 4” frame. Though her light completion is attributed to her mother’s f****y she shared her father’s dark brown hair. What draws you in more than anything is her large dark-brown eyes. Her every emotion is displayed on those beautiful brown eyes. Victoria decided to wear something she felt sexy in without getting too dolled up. She wore her favorite jeans that were a show stopper especially if you happen to be walking behind her. Her slinky, chocolate brown top hung off of her shoulders exposing her beautiful skin. The matching brown leather heels were high enough to look sexy but not too high that she has to look like she was struggling to walk. Victoria knocked on the motel room door. There was no answer so she tries the card key she was given and it opens. Closing the door behind her she surveys the room. She sees that the bed has been covered in new white sheets. Lamps have been placed strategically around the room to brighten it up. Two chairs are placed two feet from the foot of the bed facing it. Victoria pulls out her phone and rereads the text message. She had been instructed to enter the room, place the blind-fold over her eyes, and lay down on the bed. After placing the keys and cell phone on the nightstand she found the black blind-fold and securely placed it over her eyes. Lying back on the bed she tries to remember if she had ever been this nervous before. Within a few minutes her heart jumps as the motel room door opens. She hears several people walk in the room. Unbeknownst to her the two men that walked in the door are retrieving two HD camcorders mounted on tripods from the closet. They are setting them up at the foot of the bed between two chairs and one to the left of the bed. The final HD camcorder is placed on the night stand on the opposite side of the bed that will capture action on the on the bed and the chairs simultaneously. The last piece of equipment brought out is a DSLR camera that is placed on one of the chairs. As the two men began to disrobe one of them addresses Victoria.

“You will do exactly what you are told. Or you have your ass fucked for the next hour. Do you understand?”

Nearly trembling all Victoria could muster was a barely audible “Yes.”

She could hear one of the men taking photos of her as she lied there. The other man began to remove her shoes. Then he pulled her shirt up over her head exposing her bra. He paused for a moment as more photos were taken. Next he unbuttoned her jeans and slowly peeled them off of her. Now down to her bra and panties Victoria could feel the heat of embarrassment on her face as more photos were taken of her in her bra and panties.

“Sit up.” She was commanded.

She sat up and immediately felt warm hands slide down her back and unclasp her bra. These hands then slide up to her shoulders and grabbed her bra straps. As the bra straps were pull off her shoulders and down her arms the stranger made sure to slide his hands over her exposed breasts in the process. The photos continued as she sat there topless. As one of the men laid her back down she had the urge to get up and run but she f***ed herself to follow through with the dare. Before she knew it one of the men was straddling her chest. She felt his warm, hard cock lying between her breasts. He grabbed each breast with his hands and squeezed them together as he rubbed is cock with them. She could hear the camera right in front of her as photos were taken of her getting tit-fucked. As one guy got off of her the other one took his place and proceeded to have his picture taken while he squeezes her breasts together and rubs his hard cock between them. Next she was order on “all four”. After several photos were taken of her panty covered ass the panties were pulled down to her knees. Now photos were taken of her full, firm ass. The panties were then pulled down to her ankles before she knew it one of the men grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them open. She could feel her face flush with embarrassment as a total stranger was spreading her ass open for a series photos. The two men switched positions so both could have a chance to spread her ass. Victoria was then laid down on her back and told to lift her legs up in the air while her panties were still around her ankles. More photos were taken before the panties were completely removed. Now one of the men was straddling her waist but facing her feet. He proceeded to hook his elbows behind her knees and pull her legs up to him. This put her in a missionary position and then he used both hands to reach down and spread open her newly shaved pussy. As the camera clicked away she could feel the photographer’s breath between her legs as he took some up close shots. Again the two men switched positions letting the photographer now have his turn spreading open her pussy.

“Get on your knees.” was the next command.

Now on the edge of the bed her hand was placed on one of the stranger’s rock hard cocks.

“Stroke it.” a voice commanded.

Victoria regretfully complied not wanting to piss them off and suffer any retaliation. The camera clicked away at her stroking the stranger’s cock. Her hand was now moved to the other stranger’s cock and she continued her stroking. After several more photos her free hand was grabbed and placed on the first man’s cock. Victoria realized that he must be holding the camera in one hand getting shots of her on her knees stroking a cock in each hand. Her hand was taken off one of one of the cocks.

“Put my cock in front of your mouth and stick out your tongue.” He said.

The camera continued to snap away. Without warning the tip of the cock she was holding was shoved in her open mouth.

“Take this cock as far into your mouth as you can and keep it there until the photos are taken.” Came the next command.

The cock slide further into her open mouth to the point that her eyes began to water under the blindfold. The photos were taken and she knew she had to repeat the whole process of posing with an open mouth in front of the other stranger’s cock. He then proceeded to place his cock in her mouth and slowly until she could not take it any further. Having total strangers pose her in sexual positions was embarrassing enough but the photos that truly made her squirm were the ones taken in between every pose. After every pose she noticed that they have been taking up close photos of her pussy. She couldn’t see them but she could feel their heat and warm breath in between poses right between her legs. Victoria’s true embarrassment is that her body was betraying her. Her pussy has been reacting to being undressing and touched. Both men could clearly see that she is very turned on. She was desperately hoping that they would be done with her but to her disappointment they just took her embarrassment to the next level.

“Lay on your back.” She was commanded.

Two hands grabbed her ankles and pulled to the foot of the bed facing the two chairs.

“You will now masturbate for us. You are to stay on your back for a few minutes and then get in the “head down ass up” position so we can get a good look at your ass while you finger yourself. If you do not cum for us you will find out how deep our cocks could go in your ass. You try to fake it or are too nervous to make yourself come then you will be punished.” She was told.

Victoria nervously proceeded to rub her pussy with one hand and tease one of her nipples with the other. She could hear the camera clicking away as she continued to make her pussy more and more wet. After a few minutes she turned over and assumed the “head down ass up” position and continued to masturbate. With her pussy and ass on full display for these strangers she started to hear more than just the camera clicking. She could hear both men starting to stroke their cocks as they sat there and watched her masturbate. She needed to get this over with she thought to herself. So Victoria turned back over on to her back and spread her legs. With one hand she rammed two fingers in her wet pussy while she furiously rubbed her clit with the other. Within a few minutes her body could not hold back any longer and she was rocked by a powerful orgasm. After the tremors subsided she was ordered on her knees in front of the bed. She could hear both men jacking off.

“Tilt your head back, open your mouth, and stick out your tongue.” Came an order.

She was so nervous. Both men were jacking off right in front of her face. She could feel the tips of their cocks bumping into her face and lips repeatedly. Without a warning one of the strangers blew his load right on her face and several squirts into her mouth. Before she could react the other man’s sprayed her face and mouth with his load.

“Stay where you are. Do not move a muscle. “she was told.

Someone picked up the camera and began taking up close photos of her come covered face. She could hardly take it. Her tongue had been covered with come from both men and she was on the verge of spitting it out. She knew what would happen if she did not follow directions. One of the men spoke to her.

“How does it feel to have the come of two complete strangers all over your face and in your mouth? I bet you feel like a real slut. Do you want to spit or swallow? Before you answer each choice comes with its pros and cons. If you decide to swallow then you will have to live with the fact that you just swallowed come from two complete strangers, but we will be pretty much done with you for now. If you decide to spit then you will have to spend a little more time with us to see if you can get us hard again. Nod if you want to swallow our come or shake your head if you want to spit.” She shook her head quickly not wanting to have their come in her mouth any longer. “Okay since you decided to spit then you will need to do it like I say. You will tilt you head back and slowly let the come drip from your mouth. I want it to run down your chin and on to your breasts that you will be squeezing together. Do it as I said and we can get some nice photos of all that dripping come.”

Victoria followed the directions perfectly and deposited a large streak of come and spit stretching from her chin down between her breasts and running down her stomach and nearing her wet pussy. She could swear that they took 30 photos of her come covered body.

“I am a little disappointed in you. You have been following directions this whole time, but I was really hoping that you would have put up more of a fight when you were f***ed to having your pussy spread open or having a cock shoved in your mouth. You gave us no reason to punish you. I was really looking forward to putting my dick “balls deep” in your sweet ass. I’ll just have to settle for eating it.”

In a daze she really did not understand what he was saying but soon realized when she was ordered on the bed and on “all four”.
One of the men quickly spread her ass cheeks apart and buried his face in it. She nearly jumped as he licked and probed her asshole with his tongue. He continuously flicked her and pushed is tongue as deep in her ass as far as it could go. She felt the other stranger slide between her arms and grab her breasts licking and sucking each one at a time. Victoria was so embarrassed and all she could think of was why didn’t I just swallow their come and get it over with. As the stranger lick and teased her asshole his cock began to stiffen up. He reached down with one hand and started stroking it. Within minutes he was kneeling behind her jacking off. The other man slide out from under her, grabbed her ass cheeks, and spread them open as far as they could go. The grunting grew louder as he f***ed his cock to spew come all over her ass. When he was done he took a few photos of her come covered ass. She was left to lie on the bed while each of the strangers took turns cleaning up in the restroom. While she lay there blindfolded, naked, sweaty, and covered in come she could hear more photos being taken while they were getting dressed. Finally, she was walked over to restroom and told to take a long shower.
“We’ll be gone when you get out.” One of the strangers told her.


After arriving home she did not speak to her husband about her day and just went on like it did not happen. Secretly she was still in shock. A few days later she was home alone and found a DVD addressed to her on the dining room table. Not knowing what to expect she popped it in the DVD player. What was displayed on the 50” plasma was a slideshow of high resolution photos chronicling her afternoon motel visit. Humiliating photos from each stage of undress were included in the slideshow set to the music of Ian Moore’s bluesy rock-ballad “How does it feel?” At the end of the slideshow a variety HD video clips played showing her getting come shots all over her face and in her mouth, slow motion clip of her letting the come drip out of her mouth and down her body, her getting her asshole licked and breasts sucked by two men, and the final come shot on her ass. The video ended with her lying face down on the bed naked, sweaty, and covered in come. Thou thoroughly embarrassed by “re-living” her latest dare she felt a familiar tingling between her legs and realized how wet she was. She quickly walked to her bedroom and proceeded to fuck herself with a dildo for next 30 minutes.

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3 years ago
love your stories .. wish it were me getting fucked n blindfolded by strange men
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
You definitely have some talent and can't wait to read more of your work. I wouldn't worry about categorising your stories too much there are not that many posted her anyway and limited categories, I would think fetish, submission (BDSM) and Group would fit this one.

BTW jell* = gel
3 years ago
Very good story, well told and great scenario.. and the epilogue is a nice touch.

A few points, solely my opinion and I'm in no way claiming I'm better, had a few more but couldn't pm you:

The second HD in the intro is probably better left out, you have established that already and it steals attention where not needed.

About 2/3's of the way through
"tilt you head back and slowly let the come drip from your" - I would think tilting your head forward would allow this to take place more effectively.

4th paragraph "exposing her bra. He paused for a moment as more photos" - Could do with a line describing the view after this I think, kind of bra, how it look encasing her immaculate breasts etc

And something about this line just doesn't jell with me "Victoria looks at her reflection in the car window and sees a beautiful Latina girl with an athletic body..." I know its a setup to describe her, but it almost sounds as if she doesn't know what she looks like. Maybe 'Victoria looks at her beautiful latina reflection in the car window, her athletic body shimming as the shadow from the trees dance across the glass'
3 years ago
Wow more of Victoria please.
3 years ago
mmm my fantasy writen out, yumm