The woman I found

I found the woman who I loved the most and understood me better than any one I had met before...tha woman is me....what a relief to be the person I was meant to be and not have to cry myself to sl**p and wonder why I loved silk, satin, velvet, high heels, make up and men who were attracted to me when I had the need to show off my inner Allison....the women with red hair and green eyes and the stuffed bra and the tucked cock....I hated body hair and having to shave,,,,and wanted Allison 24/7 no Roger to see in the mirror.
I worked on my voice and my smile and then a great friend who was a classmate in Grad School told me about HRT and how I was a canidate and could get the dormones and a T blocker thru a program at the University...
What a outward maleness began to disappear and facial and body hair became soft, my breasts began to grow and I had real women’s nipples..and curves lovely curves and my clothes fit like they were supposed confidence grew and my studies became easier and I no longer had that angst
I fell in love with a man and he gave his love to me...I plesure him daily in one way or another..usually Orally and often Analy...
I have found happiness and peace and after I had an Oriectomy my urges for sex became stronger....I am practiced in Oral Pleasure and m tongue is a gft to my partner...
He strokes me and plays with my lady cock and loves my breasts and nipples...we stroke and use all kinds of toys for internal and external use, and enjoy water sports and vowing when the shades go down and the lights are on we never wear street clothes, and sometimes he will wear my clothes and we become lesbian lovers....
Check out my Profile Page and find out who I am....and if you want to know more....send me a message....
Love to hear from you....
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3 years ago
Who are you? Have we met in the distant past?
3 years ago
would love to read more thanks
3 years ago
I think this is wonderful. Beautiful inside and out.
3 years ago
Fascinating I must say . What obstacles you have overcome . So glad you are where you wish to be and WHOM you wish to be .

As for the sex.....hmmmm...squirm

Thanks Allison Best wishes sent to you