I Just Had to Know PART 3

Having just finished having my throat blasted with cum from Darlene's juicy white pussy, I was more than ready to soak my dick for a while in Brenda's puffy, white pussy. She lay in her back and opened her big creamy white thighs as wide as her legs would let her. Geraldine stopped fucking Cheryl long enough to give my dick a nice wet kiss and before guiding it into Brenda's throbbing pussy. OOOOOhhhh, it felt so soft and smooth. She was close built down there and her pussy felt like a small hand stroking my dick. I eased into her plump tight pussy slowly and deliberately, pausing every now and then to feel her muscles contract around my shaft. After what seemed like an eternity, my dick came to rest on the bottom of her pussy. "UUUUUummmmm, baby I like the way this black dick feels inside my pussy." she said. We lay motionless for a few minutes and we both took in the sight of Darlene, Cheryl and Geraldine entwined in a pussy licking daisy chain. The sight of Darlene's and Geraldines big monster clits made my dick jump to remind me of the task at hand. I looked down at Brenda's big lipped pussy, now swollen and full of my dick. The contrast of my dark meat against her supple white skin turned me on and made me a little devious. I gave her a few deep corkscrew strokes and pulled out almost to the opening of her fat pussy. I repeated this several times until she began to moan and started grabbing my ass trying to keep me inside her pussy. "OOhh fuck me baby!!!, OOOOhhh give me this dick baby!!!!", I looked over at the other three women thrashing and moaning and flipped Brenda over so that she was on top of me. After she got over the surprise of me being able to flip her big ass like that without my dick coming out, she started riding me like I was one of those coin operated horsey rides. Damn this woman had one of the tightest, wettest pussies I had ever been in and I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. I swung my long legs up and placed them on her shoulders. At first she was a little awkward in this position but after a few strokes she began to like it. Little did she know what was in store for her. As she got comfortable I began to plunge my dick deeper into her. I could feel the head of my dick bumping against her vaginal wall. "OOOhh fuck, OOOhhhh fuck!!!" "He got is dick in my fucking stomach!!" OOOohhh fuck, baby please, your dick is in me too far!" , she kept screaming. I began pounding her pussy and she kept trying to get away or at least back off it a little bit for relief but she discovered that the more she tried to raise up off it, she only impaled herself deeper. My legs had her pinned so she could not move forward to raise up and my arms were wrapped around the small of her back so she could not back up. Add the fact that I had both her 42DD titties in my mouth at the same time and it was clear that all she could do was take the dick. I felt the inside walls of her pussy begin to spasm. "Yea baby, take this dick, that's right you tight white pussy you. Sling that pussy!!!!" I commanded. Brenda was now cumming all over my dick. Her juices flowed down the length of my shaft and formed a sticky pool of female cum beneath my ass. I wanted to die in her pussy, it felt so fucking good. I looked at her face and I saw her eyes roll back into her head and then she fainted. Cheryl jumped up and crawled over to her and unclamped my legs from around Brenda's shoulders. "What did you do??!!" "Damn, you motherfucker, you done fucked this poor white girl to death or what???!!" Brenda began to stir around. She looked up at Cheryl and said,"Girl you got to get some of that dick." "He was so far up in my pussy, I felt him in my stomach." "You ok girl?", Cheryl asked. "Oh yea, only my pussy is so fuckin sore, I won't be able to fuck or have it licked or nothing for a while." Brenda turned to me and gave me a nice long sensual kiss and stroked my dick, feeling the creamy wetness her pussy had deposited on it. Cheryl looked at my dick and then at Brenda's still pulsating fat pussy. "I don't really care that much for dick but you done fucked these white girls minds up, so I got to see if you can fuck a sista like that."stay tuned for part 4

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3 years ago
great series very hot