Geraldine was right. Darlene had a big meaty clit nestled between two very fat pussy lips. Just looking at it was making my dick hurt but her clit, which was pulsating and getting more erect with each pulsation made my mouth water. Geraldine suggested that I start with Darlene first and she got no argument from me or Darlene. I laid the big woman down on her back and began with light wet kisses from her earlobe, down her neck and then on to her breasts. I took my time and savored the taste and texture of her breasts and nipples. I took both of them into my mouth at once stretching my jaws almost to the point of dislocating them. I applied strong suction while flicking my tongue rapidly around each nipple. While this was going on, I felt someone licking the length of my dick shaft and a pair of hands massaging my lower back. I looked out the corner of my eye and I could see Geraldine and Cheryl in the scissors position. Geraldines big mini dick was clearly inside Cheryl's pussy and they were engaged in a deep french kiss.
I turned my attention back to Darlene and I eased down her big body to her fat pussy mound. I could see her clit now up close. It was extended out a good two inches past her outer lips. I used just the tip of my tongue to barely lick her clit head. She let out a sexy moan as I continued to tease her with just the tip of my tongue. Suddenly I just sucked her entire fully erect clit into my mouth and swirled my tongue around and around her clithead. By now Brenda was sucking my dick like it was an all day lollipop and Geraldine was eating her pussy while she was deep clit fucking Cheryl. I eased up on the suction on Darlene's clit and began tracing the outline of her pussy lips with my tongue. Round and round, up and down my tongue explored every fold of her meaty pussy lips, occasionally stopping to lap at her big minidick. Darlene grabbed the back of my head and began to grind her pussy into my face. "OOohhh yyyooouuu mmmooottthhherrrfucker!!! OOhhh you sweet tongue motherfucker!!!! Eat this pussy dammit you motherfucker!!!", she screamed. I could tell by the way she was thrusting her pussy into my face that she was about to cum. "OOOOhhh Damn Geraldine, this motherfucker gonnnaa mmmaakkkeee meeeeeeee,,,,,OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, shit ya'll I'm cummin all in his fuckin mouth!!!", she screamed in exctasy. Darlene squirted her pussy cum down my throat and I tried to swallow it all but it came out with so much f***e and quantity, it streamed all over my face and neck. Meanwhile Brenda had stopped sucking my dick and was now lying beside me. She said, "Ok now Darlene, he done gave you a nut with his mouth, now I want him to give me one with this fuckin chocolate sausage I been suckin on while you was cummin all over everything."
stay tuned for part 3

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