At the Beach (Voyeur, IR, Anal, Exhib)

"Hey dude, you wanna go to the beach today?" Balthazar Brown, better known as Beebee, asked on the phone.

It was a hot day and I was just sitting on my own, stark naked, wanking to a DVD Beebee gave me the other day. It was from his special selection with some hot, young teen action in HD quality. Beautiful, lithe, nimble boys and girls without a pubic hair in sight. I wondered how they had found so many young people for one movie. But then again, money is very persuasive. Probably more so for young people.

"Yeah, OK," I said without missing a stroke or any detail on the telly where one of the boys' cute boner alternated between another boy's tight, little bum and a girl's mouth.

"You don't sound too ... oh, fuck, you're beating your meat again, aren't you?" He laughed loudly. "You'd better save that for later," he continued. "It's always fun at the beach."

"Yeah, OK," I said again.

"Don't tell me, it's After School Orgy, isn't it?"


"But still, you'd better save yourself for later," he insisted. "I'll be over in five."


I just dropped the phone and watched one of the boys cum inside one of the girls while another boy came in the first boy's arse. Hot action, that.

Reluctantly, I let go of my cock and sauntered into the bedroom to get myself a pair of swimming trunks and a T-shirt. When I came back into the living room a few minutes later, a young, dark skinned guy in just a pair of diminutive swimming trunks showing a nice bulge was watching the DVD, mesmerised by the action.

"Oy!" I said as I had not seen him before.

He startled and turned round to face me, going from staring at the TV to staring at my half-hard cock instead.

"Oh, er, hi. You Geoffrey?"

"Indeed. And who the hell are you?"

"Oh, er, I'm Chokri, one of Tam's and Sam's boyfriends." He waved vaguely in the direction of the door. "Here to get you off to the beach in the car, and such."

A boyfriend of Beebee's daughters, Tamara and Samantha. "Right. Hi Chokri. Pleased to meet you." I pulled the T-shirt over my head and donned my swimming trunks. "Just give me a mo to find some sandals."

"OK," he said. "But you don't really need footwear at the beach." And sure enough, he didn't wear any footwear, just his slightly undersized, very tight swimming trunks.

"I guess you're right." I grabbed my man bag, tossed my mobile into it before dumping the whole thing into a canvas rucksack. I went into the bathroom to get a beach towel and some sun screen just to make sure I didn't get an overdose of UV rays later on — me being white and all.

In no time I had turned off the TV, locked up the house and followed Chokri to Beebee's car. It was brim full of people. The back seat was filled with three boys looking exactly like Chokri. Tam and Sam sat in the lap of two of them and Beebee was the one commanding the vehicle. Sam and Tam wore (if you could call it that) sheer, thin summer dresses they had pulled up to just under their armpits, revealing their hairless pussies and their firm breas1s — only, the breas1s were covered by the boys' hands. The boys wore skimpy, bulging swimming trunks, just like Chokri ... and Beebee, for that matter.

"Sit in," Beebee said and indicated towards the free front seat. "I hope you're OK with Chokri in the lap, it's only a short trip, you know."

"Yeah OK," I said and sat in next to him. "We'll probably survive."

Beebee lit up in a huge smile. "I'm sure you will."

I belted in and Chokri manoeuvred himself in on top, screwing his well-shaped bottom firmly down in my lap, so I could feel the heat of his bum through the thin layers of our trunks making my cock firm a bit, but not uncomfortably much. Seeing us seated, Beebee quickly pulled out and drove in the general direction of the beach. Shortly after we could hear some bustling in the back seat and the girls giggling.

Chokri turned his head to look back. "B1oody hell!" he exclaimed.

I turned my head too to see what he saw. "What the ...?" The girls had pulled their dresses completely off and were naked as day — and so were the boys. Tam and Sam were riding the boys they were sitting on and took turns in sucking the third boy off.

Beebee sneaked a peek at the backseat in the rear view mirror. "Fucking hell," he exclaimed. "You people better not soil my seat or you'll have to lick it clean!"

I got hard in an instant, and so did Chokri, if the expanding bulge in his trunks were to be believed.

"Hot, innit?" he said and slid his trunks down, letting his hard six inches out.

"Sure is," I replied. "But how in hell am I going to have any fun with you on top?"

"Is that sun screen?" Chokri asked seemingly completely unrelated as he pointed to the bottle at the top of my rucksack.

"Er, yes it is. Why?"

He managed to lift himself up a bit by holding on to the handle over the door. "Just lift your bum a bit."

I did and quite clumsily, he started to pull my swimming trunks down with one hand. When I realised what he was doing, I quickly gave him a hand and between us we managed to get them around my ankles.

"Oh shit!" Chokri said in a trembling voice when he saw my cock. "That's fucking big, man! Huge, it is."

He had no more than finished saying that when his free hand pulled the sun screen from the rucksack. He opened the tube with his teeth and swung his arm round his back and squirted a big dollop on top of my erection. He dropped the tube to the floor and started to rub the sun screen into my hard-on.

"Here goes," he whispered and slowly lowered himself on top of me again. He guided my erection to his bum and I could feel his tight sphincter slowly giving way. "Aaaah," he moaned as he slowly skewered himself on my erection. "Aw!" he groaned when my cock-head popped inside. "Fuckin' a!" he exclaimed when at last he was fully seated in my lap again, every single of my twelve-plus inches lodged inside him.

"That's the tightest arse ever," I moaned at the feeling of the warm and moist enclosure of his intestines.

"Hell's bells," Beebee cried when he heard me. "The little fuckers never let me do that!" He gave us a quick glance. "That'll have to change," he mumbled.

Then Chokri began to slowly ride my cock.

Beebee bent forward and reached towards the glove compartment while trying to keep his attention on the road at the same time. "Where the hell is it?" he muttered as he had opened the glove compartment and rummaged through it. "Ah yes, here." He pulled a digital camera out and managed to turn it on without quite coming off the road. He pointed it in our direction and snapped a few shots of Chokri and me. Chokri grabbed the camera from him and held it out towards the wind screen, lens pointing at us and clicked off a couple of selfies of him and me comfortably joined at my pelvis. He twisted round and shot a quick series of Sam riding one of his siblings.

Just as things were starting to get interesting, we arrived at the beach. A bit to my surprise (why I don't really understand now), they all just more or less stumbled out of the car, donning their scanty amount of clothes in public view of everyone in the parking lot. Not I, though. I had to don my swimming trunks before debarking, otherwise I would most certainly have fallen with them round my ankles.

"Just follow me, guys," Beebee said after locking the car. He was followed by the girls, each with two handsome guys on their arms and I made up the rear guard. Talking about rears, I quite enjoyed the view of six tight bums, one of which I had so recently buggered. (I couldn't quite watch Beebee's as he was in front of the young ones.)

Beebee led us up the beach about a quarter of a mile, until we reached a rocky outcrop that went out in the water and seemed to mark the end of the beach.

"End of the line," I said as we were almost at the outcrop.

"No, no," Beebee insisted. "Just you follow me."

Then I saw it: A young boy was climbing round the outcrop on a narrow ledge leading round the rock.

"Er, that seems a bit precarious," I said, seeing how the agile, little boy negotiated the rock.

"Well, if you fall off, I hope you can swim. It's quite deep right here, you see, but the rock goes down almost vertically right to the bottom, so even if you fall off there is little risk of hitting it."

"Oh, OK," I said, lacking a bit of enthusiasm. I had never had a head for heights.

One by one we followed Beebee, with me at the rear once again. I had put my rucksack on my back and kept my eyes glued to the ledge for fear of falling off. When we were about halfway round, I heard a loud scream: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" And like in slow motion, I watched Sam fall off the ledge and plunge down into the water. My mind was reeling: Sam had just plunged to her death. Shivering, I watched the spot where she had met her destiny. How the other people could be so calm, I simply couldn't understand.

"Keep going," Beebee said calmly. "The rest is a bit easier."

I was wondering why we kept going and were not going back to call for help but followed them all the same. In what seemed like an eternity, we reached the other side and climbed down one by one. Just as my foot touched the sand, somebody shouted "Boo!" and I almost had a heart attack.

It was Sam.

Her flimsy dress was drenched, which made it totally transparent and if only my heart had been beating, I could probably have enjoyed her beautiful, young assets.

"Hey, you look like shit, G." My name was Geoffrey, as you may remember, but my friends just called me G. "What's wrong?"

"Fuck," I said, quite relieved at realising she was actually very much alive. "I thought you were dead."

"Oh, poor you," she said and gave me a hug. "That tiny drop is nothing and it's in fact quite easy to swim around this outcrop." She held her drenched beach bag up. "But as you can see, it's not very practical to swim round it." She grabbed my hand. "Come, let's join the others."

I shook the gloomy feeling off and enjoyed being dragged by this young lady towards the others. They had put their towels down behind a small rock that more or less hid us from the few other people on this stretch of beach. Mostly very young people and all completely naked. When we had reached the bit behind the rock, we were out of sight of almost everyone else on the beach except for the young boy I had seen crawl round the outcrop earlier lying next to a girl about the same age as him. They were both on their backs, sunbathing with their eyes closed. The boys little pecker was twitching, not quite hard but not entirely soft either.

"Last one to get undressed is a loser," Tam teased as she pulled her thin dress over her head.

"Where? What? Er ..." I stuttered, not feeling quite in the loop.

Sam, the br*thers and Beebee had immediately pulled down their swimming costumes, which was a bit quicker than my undressing as I was the only one wearing a T-shirt as well as the swimming costume.

"G's a loser," Sam taunted while I was pulling my T-shirt off. She went in front of me and unceremoniously pulled my trunks down.

While this happened, I saw the boy and the girl from before were strolling in our general direction. They were almost identical except he had the cutest, little boner where she had a plump pair of labia. Beebee waved them closer and said, "Do you know how to use a video camera?"

"Yeah. Why?" the boy replied, giving his little hard-on a friendly tug while looking at Beebee's thick cock.

"Wanna earn a tenner?"

"Of course."

"That's the spirit." Beebee grabbed a compact, digital video recorder from a bag on the sand. "Here take this and start recording us. Please try to stay on the action."

"Yeah, OK." The boy looked into the bag. "You've got a digital camera too. My sis1er is a really good photographer. Do you want her to take some pics?"

"That'd be great," Beebee said and gave the camera to the girl. "I'm Beebee. What's your name."

"I'm Simon and that's Meg."

"Pleased to meet you."

In the meantime, one of the quadruplets whistled when he saw my half-hard cock. "Wow, that's the longest cock I've ever seen in real life."

"Fuck yes, Bash," his br*ther said. "It can actually touch his knee." He put a soft hand on my cock that quickly rose to full mast.

"How does it feel, Dan," another br*ther asked.

"Soft, hard and burning hot, Ame," Danish said while he kneeled in front of me. "I can't wait ..." I moaned from pleasure as he opened his mouth and slowly slid his warm tongue from my balls to my cock-head. "Mmmm, lovely pre-cum." He smacked his lips. "Yummy!" His br*thers and the girls started to surround me.

Simon had started recording and knelt next to us, legs slightly spread for stability and his cute, little boner prominently sticking out, curving nicely downwards.

Danish surprised me by kissing his way up my body until he reached my mouth and his hard cock was plying against mine. He grabbed my cock and slid the foreskin back, put his cut cockhead right up against mine, slid my foreskin over both our heads and started masturbating us while kissing me deeply. I had never tried docking before and loved the feeling.

"Oh fuck," Danish moaned. "I think I'm cumming soon!"

Sam had stuffed herself with a very long, thick, soft silicone dildo, half of which was buried in her pussy and the other half she held up with her hand as she positioned herself behind Danish.

Simon was recording everything just as Meg was clicking away from less than a yard away. I realised she was not quite as flat as her br*ther with her slightly budding breas1s and big, hard nipples.

"B1oody hell," Danish exclaimed when Sam pressed half the dildo up his tight arse. "Shit, I'm gonna cum right now." He shuddered and I could feel my foreskin ballooning with his hot sperm.

That felt really good.

When Danish pulled back, Ahmed was ready to lick us clean, all recorded in its colourful, vivid splendour by Simon. Megan was taking some seriously close close-ups of our cum-covered cocks and Ahmed's busy tongue.

So far I had buggered Chokri, docked Danish and had half a blowjob from Ahmed — what would be next?

I didn't have to wait long for that.

Bashaar gently pushed me down on one of the beach towels and straddled my legs, his erection sliding up along mine. He had a bottle of lube in his hand and squirted it generously on our hard cocks.

"You've got the most lovely cock," he moaned. "I just want to look at it and feel it on mine." He folded both his hands around our cocks to hold them together before he started to move his pelvis back and forth, using my cock and his hands as a substitute pussy.

Suddenly my face was in shadow. "I need some pictures of this," Megan said as she straddled my face. She did not quite sit on my face so I had a brilliant view of her hairless pussy with its plump labia and beautiful, moist pink opening. The way she squatted made it possible for me to see some way up her pussy and I was surprised to see that she did not have a hymen. "He's much bigger than Dad's," she whispered.

"Yeah, I know," Simon said from just behind her. "Longer and thicker."

She leaned forward and I could feel her little, firm breas1slets against my tummy. "This is good!" she exclaimed and clicked away. "You'll have to record it."

"I will," he said and suddenly I could feel his weight too as he was lying on top of his sis1er's back. He lowered his pelvis and his beautiful, hard cocklet came to rest right at her back entrance. His foreskin was slightly pulled back and the tip of his cockhead nestled dead centre at her tight anus.

"Shit, I think he's coming," Megan said as she suddenly moved back.

"Aw, you're breaking my cock," Simon cried when his cock started to bend because of her move. He immediately began to move back to but due to the inevitable reaction time, his cockhead managed to dilate her sphincter just enough that the cockhead disappeared from sight before he stood straight.

I could only feel the Bashaar's pulsating cock against mine and the hot sperm splashing all over my pelvis and lower tummy. I couldn't see it because of Megan, but I could see her little, dripping wet pussy and got to taste some sweet drops that fell on my lips.

Then she stood too. "Oh, great," she said. "I've got cum on my arm." She held it out and quickly licked it clean.

"Fuck, I love your cock," Bashaar said and started to lick me clean. "And I love the taste of my own sweet juice," he said with a wicked grin.

"Hah! As if your fucking sperm tastes different from ours," Danish said.

"But it..." Bashaar started.

"Fuck it does!"

Bashaar just laughed and quickly cleaned me up proper.

"Move away Bash," Tam said as she gave him a friendly push. "I'm on a mission to give this gentleman a well deserved release of his pent up supply of babymakers."

"Hey, I want some action too," Sam cried as she squatted above my head, slowly lowering her pussy to my mouth.

I couldn't see it but I could hear Megan clicking away with the camera.

"That seem to leave me no choice but taking action myself," Beebee said in his deep voice and just as Sam's wet pussy touched my nose, I could see Beebee's thick rod slowly dilating his daughter's puckered hole.

"Fuck, Dad, your bull-cock seems to pop my suffering arsehole. You're so fucking big, Stud!"

I traced my tongue across Beebee's cock on the outstroke and across Sam's pussy to her distended clit while I could feel Tam riding my love stick hard, not quite able to get all the way down on me due to my size. I could hear the girls kissing and Megan clicking away, otherwise my whole world consisted of Tam's hot pussy working my cock, Beebee's thick cock in Sam's bum and my tongue working Sam and Beebee.

"Come closer," Beebee called. "I wanna see your hands work those beautiful cocks ... Fuck yes, that's the way: Six guys and two girls ... You look great guys, in the hands of my little girls."

Tam had stopped her hard ride and sat down with my cock as far in as it could go. She slowly twisted back and forth, drilling her cervix against my cock-head. Slowly, really slowly, her cervix seemed to give way until suddenly she screamed as her bum hit my pelvis, my cock literally buried in her womb.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" Tam cried as she slowly started to move up and down again, cautiously keeping my cock inside her womb all the time. "I just keep cumming! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!"

"I can't take it any more," Beebee moaned. "I'm going to dump my load in my darling daughter's shithole." I could see his balls contract and the muscles of his perineum contract in powerful spasms. "Aaaaannnnnnnngggggg!" he cried as he unloaded his sperm inside his daughter. "Those fucking girls are built to take my sperm." His sperm started frothing around his cock as it worked Sam's hole furiously and I had a hard time licking it up and keeping up with the gushing from Sam's pussy.

"Oh Dad, you're the best!" Sam cried as she came hard. "Your fucking thick dick in my arse makes me wet all over."

'Amen to that!' I thought, trying to lick her juices and Beebee's sperm up quickly enough to stop myself from drowning.

Then I felt splashes all over my body. The quadruplets had come as one, moaning and groaning while covering all of us in their hot boy-sperm. I was absolutely overwhelmed: Sam gushing her juices, Beebee flushing her with sperm, the boys spraying and the little ones recording it.

I came.

With a guttural groan my cock started pulsating, sending huge jets of hot sperm spraying Tam's fallopian tubes and filling her womb to overflow.

Next thing I remember is Beebee smacking my cheeks hard. I lay on my back staring up into the blue sky.

"Shit, I almost thought I had lost you there," Beebee said.

I shook my head groggily. "Why?"

"You went fucking limp," Tam cried in a shrill voice. "I could feel your cock pumping into me when you suddenly stopped and went totally limp."

"We almost thought you had died," Danish said.

"Uh-huh," Sam confirmed and wiped her eyes.

"Hell no," I said with a weak smile. "I'm not that easy to get rid of." I managed to sit up and felt the cracking of the dried sperm covering my body. "It was probably just a combination of the excitement earlier, a slight lack of oxygen from Sam's beautiful pussy in my face, the heat, the action and the fucking best cum of my life."

"Yeah," Tam said. "I'm still dripping like mad, so much sperm did you leave inside me."

Simon and his sis1er moved their stuff nearer to us and the rest of the day was not quite as vigorous as it had started but I still managed to fuck pussy, arse and/or mouth of each and everyone, including myself. Yup, I can quite easily suck myself off and love doing it, especially while watching so many beautiful people having uninhibited sex in front of me.

We were a tired lot when we said bye to the little ones and Meg and Simon made us promise to meet them again the following weekend.
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@sxstory: Naughty you! ;-)
8 months ago
Over time I have enjoyed all the pleasures you write about - but never all at one time. In that respect it was a bit confusing. And a 12inch cock - simultaneously a delicious and shocking thought, what a beast!!!