Lunch Break (Mff, Voyeur, IR)

After some seriously hot action, I left Beebee (Balthazar Brown for those of you that do not know him) and his twin daughters Sam (Samantha) and Tam (Tamara). Beebee gave me a lift home and we agreed to see more of each other before he left for home. It was still early evening so I prepared a quick salad and a crisp, French baguette for dinner, which I ate in front of the TV before going early to bed. You can only take so much action in a day.

On the following Wednesday, just before one in the afternoon, my doorbell went. I was working on a contract for a major public tender but managed to tear myself away from it and open the front door.

"Hi G," Sam said with a huge smile. "We saw you car in the drive and just wanted to say hello during our lunch break from school."

"What a pleasant surprise," I said and looked from her to her s****r, both dressed in school uniform: pleated skirts; tight (very tight!) fitting, white shirts; short, white socks nicely contrasting their black skin and shiny, black shoes. The shirts bulged across their breasts and the buttons strained to keep the front closed, providing a sneak view of the side of their breasts. No bras in sight.

"You know our school is just round the corner, right?" Tam asked as Sam gave me a full kiss on the mouth.

"I do," I said. "There's always a nice flow of scantily clad women around here." I grinned lecherously at the two.

Tam kissed me and hugged me tight, pressing her firm breasts against my chest. "Mmm," she said. "I can imagine you ogling them from in here."

"Yeah, dirty old man, you," her s****r said.

I just laughed and shook my head. "I'm forgetting my manners. Do come in and make yourselves comfortable."

"Thanks," they said as one.

I guided them into the living room and pointed at the sofa. "Can I get you anything to eat or drink?"

"A beer would be great," Tam said.

"And some salted peanuts," Sam added.

"Girls," I said in my sternest voice. "Do you think that is proper lunch?"

"Who cares, Father?" Tam said in a mocking voice.

"Oh, give him a break," Sam said. "I'm sure he means well."

"Alright, some diet coke and a sandwich then?" Tam asked.

"As your ladyships wish," I said and went into the kitchen to prepare lunch.

I heard one of them plunk down in my sofa and felt a slender arm around my waist. I turned my head and kissed Sam on the top of her head.

"You know, G, that it feels really nice to have a place to come to for lunch and some pleasant company." She gave me a loving squeeze. "Can I help in any way?"

"If you could get the butter, ham, salami and cheese from the fridge, that'd be great."

She did that while I took the bread out of the bread maker. "How many slices of bread each?"

"We'll have two each, I think. Thick, please."

"Me too." I cut six thick slices and put them in a bread basket.

Sam brought her stash from the fridge over to the counter, next to me. "Do you mind if we have some Brussels pate too? We love it, you know."

"No problem. You can have anything you fancy."

"Not the pickled herring, though. Yuck, raw fish." Sam made a face.

"So no sushi either or smoked salmon?"

"Smoked salmon? No, that's different, it's not raw, it's smoked, you know."

"Yeah, and pickled herring is pickled, you know."

She stuck her tongue out at me. "Fucking adults, they always know better!"

I grabbed the bar of soap next to the sink. "Watch your language little girl or I'll have to apply this to the inside of your mouth."

She stuck her tongue out. "Right, let me rephrase it then: Adults having sexual intercourse, they actually know shit." She ducked adroitly when I tried to swat her cheek. "But I take your point." She shook her head. "Still no pickled herring, thanks."

"OK with me. Do you want this on the table or just on a plate to eat in the sofa?"

"I'll do Tam's and mine while you do yours, no reason to make a big thing of it. We have to go back to school soon, you know."

"OK, fine."

I quickly buttered my slices, added ham and a slice of cheese to one and salami to the other. I garnished the ham sandwich with slices of green pepper and some lettuce, and crushed some pepper on the salami. I looked over at Sam's work. She had finished before me, but then again, her creation was two slices buttered with ham on them and two slices with Brussels pate spread unevenly on top. No finesse, no garnish, no subtlety. But fully functional.

When I got into the living room, I got a rather pleasant surprise. Tam sat in the sofa, legs spread and shirt buttons undone. She did not wear any underwear and I had a magnificent view of her girlie pussy and firm breasts.

"It's warm in here," Tam noted. "Thank you s*s," she said as Sam handed her the plate with her sandwiches.

"I'll go and get the drinks," I said as I placed my plate on the coffee table. I had to peel my eyes away from Tam to get the bottle of diet coke and the glasses. Returning back, I asked, "Do you always go to school like that?"

"What?" Tam looked down at herself. "Oh you mean without underwear?" I nodded. "Yeah, we've never worn bras in anger. Actually I think we can count the number of times we've worn bras on two hands. And no knickers. We went from nappies to nothing and have left it at that."

Sam laughed. "It's much more fun that way."

"What do your classmates and teachers say?"

"Nothing. The classmates are a bit envious and the teachers are fine as long as they get an occasional romp. We've got all male teachers apart from Mrs Ansellman, but she loves a quick fist-fuck."

"Pussy and arse," Tam added.

"At the same time," Sam chipped in.

"Really?" It sounded quite incredulous.

"Yeah, really." Sam looked steadily at me.


Sam sat down next to her s****r and spread her legs sending a wicked smile in my direction.

"That's dangerous," I said. "I just feel like fucking both of you but you have to go back to school."

"Hey, I'm sure there's time for a quickie," Tam said. "The next lesson is just astrophysics, nothing serious."

"Astrophysics???" I said incredulously. "And you're not even near university age."

They both shook with laughter. "Just k**ding. It's RE and I'm sure we'll survive being a little late."

Tam had finished her lunch and quickly undressed. Standing naked in front of me, she began to unbutton my shirt. Normally I would wear T-shirt and track bottoms when working from home, but I had put a shirt on that day as I was expecting one a new customer to come around for a meeting, sometime later in the afternoon ...

"Oops, sorry," a new voice said as someone entered the room. "I tried the door bell and knocking but nobody heard me and the front door was unlocked, so ..."

All three of us turned around in shock. I had expected someone, as I said, but not that early. I thought I was ready for the slammer, being partly undressed around two more or less naked girls.

"We DID have an appointment for this afternoon, you know." It sounded like he had a bit of a Scandinavian accent and I didn't know why I focussed on that, considering the bizarre situation I was in.

"I know, I know," I said, slightly embarrassed. "It's just that I got slightly sidetracked."

"That's understandable, everything taken into account," the guy said seemingly unperturbed by what he saw. "I'm Jason, by the way. And don't mind me, continue what you started, I'll just wait until you're finished."

"Kinky," Tam whispered. I did not quite figure out whether she meant the man or the situation. She undid the last button of my shirt and pushed it away from my chest before attacking my chinos. "There you go," she said as she dragged my erection out in free air barely avoiding the zip.

As Tam started to suck my cock, I realised that Sam was starkers too. She went over to Jason and bent over him, but he quickly stopped her. "Please," he said. "Let me just watch you having fun." He pulled out his mobile phone and I suspected he was recording the whole scenery. Pervert. But hey, aren’t we all?!?

"OK," Sam said, shaking her head slightly as she walked over to me. "Gee, G, you're much more of a hunk than our boyfriends." She slid her hands around my chest unto the back and gave me an awkward hug, trying not to interfere with Tam's blowjob.

"Boyfriends?" I said. "I didn't know you had boyfriends." It felt a bit strange holding a casual conversation while being given a blowjob and recorded on a phone.

"Oh, but we do," Sam said while Tam's nodding sent strange signals through my erection. "It's Ahmed, Bashaar, Chokri and Danish." She pronounced the last name da-neesh and not like the language or the pastry, day-nish.

"But that's four," I exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's only fair, isn't it. They're quadruplets and starting in Sixth Form after the summer holidays, then they'll come to our school."

"So they're what, two years older than you?"

"Almost," she said.

She moaned instead of explaining more as I had started to kiss her big nipples. I bit her nipples lightly while bending a couple of fingers into her wet pussy. She shuddered in response.

"Those names, they sound Muslim," I said.

"Oh, they are," Sam moaned. "Ah!" She squeezed a nipple while I bit the other. "They're not really practising, but their parents ... Oh my God! Eeeeeh! Their mum wears a burqa whenever outside, the whole shebang, you know. Fuck, that's nice. Circle my clit, please. And their mum is really beautiful, you know. She's got dark olive skin and really huge breasts."

"How do you know?"

"We've visited them quite often. She doesn't wear the burqa at home and she only wears the thinnest of underwear underneath. Oh yeah, that's nice! She's all shaved, you know. No hairs, just like us ... only we don't need to shave yet."

"You've visited them without getting anybody killed?"

"Oh stop stereotyping, G. Shit, keep doing that! They're not happy that we're black infidels, but they're pragmatic and say that until their sons start university they can see a bit of the world. Fuck! I need another finger up my bum." She groaned with pleasure. "Fuck, yeah, that feels nice." I had four fingers in her bum now and my thumb inside her wet pussy. "And they've lined up a nice selection of cousins for the boys to marry when they get older."

"So you're not going to marry them than?"

"Who cares," Sam said. "As long as we can fuck them when we want to."

Tam suddenly let go of my cock and pushed me back on the sofa. "I need some serious cock now," she declared and plunked herself down on my erection.

Sam took advantage of my new position and plunked her dripping pussy on top of my face. "Let's get some cunnilingus," she said with a pleasant sigh.

Unable to speak any more, I concentrated on the feeling of Tam's tight pussy around my cock and on Sam's sweet port of pleasure. The girls were kissing frantically, I could hear and quickly approached an orgasm, I could feel.

Suddenly I couldn't keep it back anymore and with a muffled scream I started to fill Tam's pussy. The girls were thoroughly primed too and came immediately in sympathy, moaning and groaning like there was no tomorrow.

"Fuck, we're late," Sam suddenly exclaimed.

"Shit, we're going to miss half of our RE lesson," Tam seconded. "I think Mr Jones will need a quickie after class as compensation."

Sam giggled.

They both started dressing and as Tam pulled her skirt on, she said, "What the hell G, did you squirt a couple of pints up my pussy? I've never seen so much cum from one person. Fuck, it's more than what the boys can produce. All four of them together."

"Yeah," I replied. "It's because of my big balls."

"Of your big balls?" Sam asked incredulously.

"Yeah, my big balls. Scientists have proven that the amount of sperm relates to the size of the testicles."

"Really?" Tam said as she scooped some runaway sperm up from the inside of her leg. She quickly licked it off her fingers.

"Yes, really!"

"Good on you," she said and gave me a deep kiss with a taste of sperm to it. "See you soon."

Sam came over and kissed me too. "We miss you already," she said. "See ya!"

"See you later," I said as they departed for school again.

I looked toward Jason. "Give me five minutes for a quick shower."

"No problems," he said with a smile.

It took seven minutes, but then I was squeaky clean and more or less wrapped up in my silk kimono.

"That was hot," Jason said. "They are beautiful, aren't they?"

"Yeah, they definitely are."

"How old are they?"

"I don't really know ... and thinking about it, I’m not sure I want to know. I think it is safer to be ignorant in this case."

He gave me an understanding smile. "I understand."

"Sorry to keep you waiting," I said. "We'd better get started."

"No probs," he said. "And maybe I should just give you a short laydown of the job."

"Yes, please."

"Right." He took a few seconds to compose his thoughts. "I have inherited a company from my dad, who died about a month ago."

"My condolences."

"Thank you. Dad was one of the first people in the porn industry and was the largest producer of porn in Scandinavia for a long while. In the world, actually. I have a huge collection of vintage porn that I would like to get on a website. A paysite, of course. I want you to do a proper requirement specification for me so we can get a quote or two. There's a bit of a snag, though, as he produced a rather large quantity of magazines in the early years ... magazines that are not entirely legal in most of the world these days. I want them stored in the system too, but I obviously does not want them to be accessible to just anybody and I want them to be secure on the server."

I understood and started to explain how that could be solved and after a couple of hours, we had punched out a fairly good plan for the process and I would soon start to write the requirement specification for him.

"Thanks for coming round," I said as I shook his hand in the doorway.

"Thank you for listening to me," he responded. Then he winked. "And thanks for the show."

"My pleasure," I said.

"Yeah, I could see that."

With those words, Jason left and I walked back to the sofa contemplating the day so far. "Not bad," I told myself. "Not bad at all."
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