Balthazar (Mf, M solo, Exhib, Voyeur, Inc)

I had just moved to a new town and was out jogging a hot Saturday afternoon when, by pure chance, I saw him. I was wearing just shorts and trainers, running along the woods at the back of a nice looking neighbourhood and he was standing on his balcony about 50 yards of where I was. He was black, tall and heavy set without being fat.

And he was naked.

Not only was he naked but he was masturbating. Surprised, I stopped dead in my tracks looking at him while one hand flew up and down his thick, hard eight-plus inches, the other hefting his big balls. I could feel my own dick grow hard just from watching him, so I looked furtively around and as nobody were in sight, I flipped my twelve inches out of my shorts and started to masturbate while watching him.

This went on for a couple of minutes before he caught sight of me, turning to give me a full frontal, our eyes locking. Immediately after catching my eyes, he began spurting his thick, white sperm in huge gobs over the bannister in my direction and that sight took me over the edge too, spraying my hot juice high in the air. When we both had finished shooting our huge loads, he saluted me and went over to a tripod nearby where he pressed a button.

He had recorded his performance!


The following day I went to town to see what was going on on sl**py Sundays. There were quite a few shops open and a boot fair at one end of the High Street. I looked at the stalls, most with utter junk but a few with more interesting stuff. I had found one with a big selection of DVDs and old VHS videos. I rummaged through the DVDs and looked closer at a few soft-core flicks — I was living alone, after all, and needed some distractions.

"I've got a box with more action underneath," a deep voice like James Earl Jones's said.

I looked up and got a shock.

It was him.

The man from the balcony.

He broke out in a huge smile when he realised who I was and winked. "You! What did you think of the show?" he asked.

"It was great. I have never seen somebody do it in public, you know."

"Ah, yes," he laughed. "I love showing off. And I record it every time, I'm sure you saw." He looked at me with a sly smile. "Would you care to come over and watch some?"

"I ... Well, I don't really know," I stuttered. "It's, sort of, not something ... I mean, I've only just met you."

He laughed and squeezed my shoulder lightly. "It's not like you don't know what I look like, is it?"

"No, that's right," I conceded.

"And we could wank together, how about that?"

I had not been wanking with other guys since my late teens and had not realised until that point that I actually missed it a bit. I was turned on by watching other men masturbate and especially come.

"Well, I guess so," I hesitated.

"No guessing," he declared and gave my shoulder another squeeze. "I'm finished here just about noon. Come then and we'll go to my place together. How about that?"

I was still not quite sure but the thought was just too compelling for me to ignore. "OK."

"Great," he said with a big smile. He removed the box of DVDs I had been looking through and showed me the next one filled with hard-core porn. As I looked through it, finding all sorts of stuff from lesbian love making to missionary meddling, he put his mouth close to my ear and whispered, "For my special customers I also have a number of bootleg videos of barely legal, if even that, action in my car." He waved his hand in the direction of the car and said in a louder voice, "See you around noon time, then." He walked off to another customer who was holding up a mobile phone charger.

I looked through the DVDs and found a couple to my liking. One was with MMF action from a black and a white guy with and a young, Asian girl, the other of a gangbang with two girls and 20 men.

"How much are these?" I asked, showing them to the guy.

"They're yours," he said after looking at them. He produced a small bag from under the table with his stuff and put the DVDs into it. "See you soon."

"See you," I said and walked away, feeling hard from thinking about what the afternoon would bring.

The day was getting hotter as it progressed so I went home with the DVDs and changed into a comfy T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. I grabbed a quick bite and went back to the boot fair a few minutes after twelve.

When he saw me, he smiled broadly and put a hand out. "I'm Balthazar, by the way."

I grabbed his hand and shook it firmly. "Geoffrey," I said. "But everybody calls me G."

"Right, and I'm normally called Beebee. Balthazar Brown, you see."

I helped Beebee pack the car and soon everything was packed nicely away in the boot. He had folded the rear seats forward to make more room.

"Do you wanna go with me or do you have your own car?"

"I've actually walked to town. Parking's a bitch it seems."

"Wise move," he said. "Wise move. No problem, I'll give you a lift then. Pop into the passenger seat."

I did and after a five-minute drive we were in front of his house. He jumped out and opened the door to a neatly organized garage. Without a word I helped him empty the car and in no time everything was stacked nicely inside. Beebee locked the car and the garage and led me into his house. The house was tastefully furnished and exuded a comely warmth that immediately made me feel at home.

"Come on in," he said. "Wanna a beer or anything else?" I followed him into the kitchen.

"A beer would be nice."

"Good. I've got some Carlsberg export, actually brewed in Denmark and not in our country."

"Oh," I said. "Does it make a difference?"

"Not really," Beebee conceded with a warm laugh. "But I just wanna show off." He opened the refrigerator and grabbed to cans from inside. He gave me one and opened the other for himself. "What about something to eat? We could have some paninis or sandwiches."

"No thanks, I've just had some before meeting you."

"Suit yourself," he said. "But I need some sustenance." He rummaged a few moments and brought a couple of boxes out. He made two sandwiches with bacon, chicken, lettuce, tomato and a bit of mayonnaise. Back in the living room, he wolfed the sandwiches down while navigating a laptop. "Just bear with me for a mo while I decrypt my archive. Truecrypt is fabulous for storing sensitive information," he said. "Ah yes, here it is." He turned on the TV with a list of files from his laptop and opened one of them. "It's one of my earlier ones."

He was in the woods somewhere and we could hear some chattering of young people from somewhere. The camera was wobbly for a few moments before going steady. Beebee was in the picture now, wearing a green T-shirt and black shorts. It looked out through the trees and in the background, behind a wire fence, was a BMX track filled with young people talking, shouting and doing tricks on their bikes. Beebee pushed his shorts down and yanked a few times on his erection before pulling his T-shirt over his head. Completely naked he went closer to the tree line and began to masturbate in earnest more or less right in front of the unsuspecting young people less than a hundred feet away. He had been going like that for about seven minutes when suddenly one of the boys jumped off his bike and raced to the fence. "Fuck man," the boy shouted. "Look at this guy wanking in the woods." The young people all flocked to the fence and a small girl shouted to Beebee, "Maybe this'll help you." She lifted her top up and pressed her tiny, naked tits against the fence, stiff nipples poking through the mesh. Beebee kept masturbating. "Shit, Vikki, it's not fair that you can see all of him and he can only see your tiny tits," one of the boys shouted. "I guess," Vikki said and undressed completely. She fronted Beebee, arms akimbo and her head slightly to the side. Her pussy had pouty lips and was completely hairless. Beebee's eyes were bulging and his erection got even harder from seeing this young girl naked. "Bend over," a freckled boy said to Vikki as he pushed his shorts down behind her to reveal a thin, hairless five inch hard-on. Vikki bent forward and held on to the wire mesh of the fence for support as the boy mounted her from behind. "Look, Alfie is doing his s****r," somebody said. Alfie had hardly started pounding her before she squealed in an orgasm and he started to moan, "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck yeah! I'm coming!" His bum tensed as he started pumping his seed into his s****r. "Hey, don't come inside me," Vikki shouted. "I don't wanna hava a baby with you." He withdrew and a few feeble shot landed on her bumcheeks. "Sorry, s*s. I'm afraid that most of it went inside." She stood straight, looked down between her legs and began squeezing until gobs of her b*****r's sperm dripped on the ground. That was too much for Beebee and he came hard. Shot after thick shot splattered the ground in front of him and when at last he was finished, one of the boys exclaimed, "Shit, I counted at least twenty shots. Awesome!" Beebee quickly picked his clothes up and turned off the camera.

"What a show," I exclaimed. "I almost came in my shorts."

"Yeah, I know," Beebee said. "Let's get comfy." He quickly undressed and I followed his excellent example.

I could not help but stare at his thick erection. It was pitch black, straight, very thick and probably about nine inches upon closer inspection. My dick was a smidgen longer than twelve inches, note nearly as thick and curved gracefully downwards when hard, as it was then.

"Wasn't it scary?" I asked, referring to his exhibitionistic exposure we had just watched.

"I must say, I almost had a heart attack when the boy saw me." He chuckled nervously. "And I had not expected the show that the girl and her b*****r gave."

"Yeah," I mused. "That was fucking great. I wonder how old they were."

"Me too," Beebee said. "Me too. I've got another one here."

Beebee was sitting in his car, naked. The camera was on the passenger seat and had a nice view of his hard-on and out through the window. He was slowly masturbating as people passed by outside without giving him a second glance until a young looking girl passed, glanced sideways at him, stopped and went back to the open window. She leaned in through the window and Beebee said in a husky voice, "Why don't you touch it?" The girl tilted her head sideways as if pondering his words before stretching an arm through the window and grabbing his throbbing erection. "Umm, that feels nice," she said and began to masturbate him slowly. "And it looks good too." Beebee groaned and whispered, "Why don't you give it a kiss?" She leaned in through the window now and her top was partly pulled down, showing a big, black, hard-nippled breast. She kissed his dick head and let her tongue slide up the underside of it. Beebee exploded and hit her right between the eyes with the first shot. She quickly opened her mouth and swallowed the rest of his shots before letting him cautiously out. She swept the shot down her nose and licked her fingers clean. "Thanks," Beebee said and gave her a tissue to wipe her face and fingers. "No, thank you," she said and pushed her breast back into the top. "That was yummy!" She disappeared and Beebee quickly drove off.

"I'd never thought this possible," I said in wonder, masturbating slowly.

"Me either," Beebee said. "But it actually happens quite often." He laughed. "Sometimes I have to get going quickly when someone starts yelling blue murder!"

"I can imagine that."

"Let's see what else I've got."

He scrolled leisurely through the files on the computer when suddenly the door was opened. I stopped mid-stroke, and so did my heart. I slowly turned towards the door to see two tall, young teen girls standing in the doorway.

"Hi Dad, who's the handsome guy there?"

"Hi Sam, that's G. I'm showing him some of my vids."

"Hi G," Sam said. "Meet my twin s****r Tamara. Just call her Tam."

"Hiya, G," Tam said pleasantly and walked over to kiss her dad. "Let me," she said and grabbed the laptop from her dad. She scrolled through the files and opened one of them after a while.

The video opened with a shot of the twin girls a couple of years younger playing on the floor of the living room wearing nighties as they were tumbling around, their nighties kept creeping up until I could see their bare bums. The camera went lower and zoomed in on Tam's bum and then she spread her legs and I could see her pudgy, pussy. They kept tumbling around and before long their nighties had crept beyond their breasts. "I'm hot," Sam said and pulled her nightie off. "So am I," Tam said and followed her s****r's example. Completely naked with budding breasts and pudgy, hairless pussies, they kept playing and suddenly they had manoeuvered themselves into a 69 position. The camera zoomed in once again and I could clearly see two of Sam's fingers in her s****r's pink pussy and her tongue licking Tam's love button until they both exploded in noisy orgasms. They both turned on their backs with their legs spread and the camera zoomed out to show the little girls in all their naked beauty.

"That was a fucking great show," I exclaimed as the video finished and turned my head only to see the girls had undressed while I had watched the video. Suddenly I was confronted with two nubile, black girls with big-nippled, firm breasts and smooth, hairless pussies. They both had slightly Asian features and a somewhat lighter skin colour than their dad.

"Yeah," Tam agreed. "And I'm fucking wet and ready for some action." She spread her pussy and I could see her big clit and the pink entrance to the enchanted cave. "Lean back, Dad," she said and straddled Beebee as if fucking your dad was a natural thing to do. Well, maybe it was in this f****y. "Ah, yes. That's the feeling." Her tight, little pussy was obscenely stretched by Beebee's thick manhood. "Fuck Dad, I've always loved sitting on your dick. As far back as I can remember, it has been nice and hard for us."

Beebee moaned as his daugther engulfed his erection completely and sat on his pelvis.

"Mmmmm," Sam purred. "And the sweet taste of your cum." She stood right in front of me with her legs spread. "I remember how we lay on Mum's tummy and drank our milk while you were fucking her like mad until you filled her good. Then we'd lick you clean and sometimes get you hard again." She caressed my cheek with one hand and grabbed my hard-on with the other. She took one step forward and guided my erection into her tight, wet opening. She kissed me deeply and whispered, "Your cock isn't as thick as Dad's, but nicely hard and long. Mmmm!"

It felt slightly bizarre that I was fucking the daughter of this man I had only set eyes on the previous day and just met. But my dick did not complain, that's for sure. I started touching Sam's breasts and they were a nice handful each, supple and firm with the biggest, hardest nipples you could imagine. The girls leaned towards each other and started to kiss while Beebee and I were fondling their breasts and fucking them well. But the surprises were not over yet, Beebee leaned towards me and kissed me firmly on the mouth. I could feel his tongue playing along my lips and opened my mouth slightly, so suddenly I was kissing a big, black hunk ... and liking it.

"Damn, Dad, you're the best fuck ever, better than our boyfriends and even better than our math teacher," Tam moaned.

"I almost agree," Sam disagreed. "But G's fucking perfect. That long, hard dick just touches everything inside me. Ah! And I think ..." She rotated her pelvis slightly and I felt an almost impossible hard pressure on the tip of my cock. "Argh, fuck!" she screamed as I felt something give inside her and something like an extremely tight ring around the head of my cock. "Aw fuck! Ah yes! Fuck, it hurts!" I was trying to withdraw so as not toi hurt her, but her eyes focused sharply on mine. "Oh no, you don't! I want your fucking hot jizz inside my womb." She came with a shudder. "It hurts, but fuck it's hot. And I wanna be your slut baby girlfriend and have a trillion of your white babies in my black tummy."

"Yeah," Beebee piped in. "Fuck my whore daughter. Show her who's the white master. Fill her little girlie tummy with your white sperm and breed her like the slut she is, fucking a stranger on sight, huh!" Then he slapped Tam's cheek. "And I'll breed this daddy-fucking whore here and make her my cock slave, planting some i****tuous bastards in her womb, making the whole world know what a fucking slut daughter I've got."

The girls whined and moaned as they came hard and there was no way I could stop the floodgates from opening. With a deep growl, I started filling Sam's little womb with my hot juice and I could hear Beebee coming with me, filling Tam with his i****tuous sperm.

We were totally spent after this and just managed to collapse in a big heap.

It was my first time with Beebee and his girls, but definitely not the last.
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