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The Party

I woke up this morning feeling really horny. Its been almost week I haven't had sex because it was the time of the month mother nature decided to deny sluts like me the opportunity to be pounded. I gently peaked into my panties and I saw no signs of bl**d just pussy juice I got from the thought of sex. I took my keys and opened my drawers and brought out my 9 inches dildo and then I gently slide into my wetness, I started moving it in out of my wet cunt, teasing my clit while at it then my 6 years old s****r walked in without knocking

Ashley what are you doing? my s****r asked

I smiled and said nothing, she said what is that huge blue toy you have in your hands? can I play with it too? she asked innocently. I said no and she asked why and I said it is for adults only. she then smiled and left, I hissed and took the dildo out, checked the time and I realized its time to prepare for my party later that night. Even if I had to stop my masturbating session, I was excited that my boyfriend Tyler will come in and give me some good fuck session later on.

I stepped into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and everyone screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY". I smiled and a cake was brought to my reach and I was asked to make a wish and blow the candles, I did that and everyone came forward to give me a hug. My daddy particularly kissed me on my forehead telling me how proud of me he is. I took my coffee, then a shower then head out for the last preparations needed. On my way out I caught up with my Uncle's friend Michael, I have had a crush oh him since I was like 14 and here he was looking more handsome and sexy.

Hi Ashley how are you? asked Michael, I got out of my day thoughts and extended a handshake and he said come here, he pulled me closer and gave me a hug telling me happy birthday. I noticed someone behind him, his friend I guessed but this dude was so cute and hot way more than Michael is. He smiled at me and said happy birthday and I said thank you then released myself from Michael's grip

Pardon my manners sweetheart says Michael. He said this is my friend Carter and his friend extended his hand and I moved forward to shake his hand then I noticed he was checking my big tits out and that just made me blush. I said to then I'm out to make the last preparations, and I said you guys are invited. Then Michael said oh we already invited ourselves and I walked past them, I turned around to steal one last glance and caught them starring at my round butt and I waved shyly and left their sight.

It is 9:30pm already, my parents has left the house with my six years old s****r and 12 years old b*****r, leaving me to privacy. The house was a big one, with lots of make up spots for spoilt teenagers, people were drinking, dancing, having conversation. I had my third outfit on for that day, the one I wanted my boyfriend to fuck me in. It was a red satin party dress, with net material design on both sides of the body to almost the waist line. The dress has hands but the back was the thrill of it, it was opened to almost my waist line, it was tight and gripped me in the right spots. My tight was not on exposed but the dress is tight and my tits big, so it popped through the dress and it gripped my bubble butt, it shows how big my ass really was. I tied my hair up and had huge make up on, all eyes were on me as I searched for my boyfriend, who I was with about an hour and half ago. I asked from his friends and no one seem to know where he is, I then saw my uncle's fiancée's s****r and she said she was on her way home and she had a wonderful time. I asked of my uncle and she said he has left with his fiancée that today was their anniversary and so have gone to spend it alone and I won't be seeing them till late tomorrow. I hugged her and she left.

I grabbed a glass of wine from a passer by who happens to be my school mate who hugged me wishing me a wonderful birthday. He asked why I was here and I told him I'm looking for Tyler and he told me that he was Tyler with Elena who happens to be another of my school mate going into the one room and he pointed. That was our visitor's room. Elena has been cheated on several times by Tyler's friend so I thought maybe she was reporting to Tyler like she normally does. I went upstairs, wanted to knock but decided to surprise them and I opened the door. Inside the room was Elena up against the wall half naked while Tyler was behind her with his cock deep in her ass-hole, he was pounding hard while she was there moaning how good it felt. I screamed and rushed out of the room not knowing where to run to, my head was on fire, I couldn't think straight. I'm beautiful with a hot body so why will he do this to me. He was screwing her up the ass and it made me more confused and it felt weird. So I ran into Uncle's room and there was Michael and Carter. They couldn't take their eyes off me, I was looking for where to calm my head down and cry but here I was with two men gazing at me with desire and lust causing my to get wet.

Hi Michael and Carter how are you guys? I asked closing the door behind me with the lock.

Carter finally broke the silence, we decided to come upstairs to watch the game which just came to an end. I smiled and asked if they had a good time and said not until I walked through that door, I blushed and walked past Michael as I went down to get a glass of water from the fridge in the room. Nice ass Carter exclaimed, I was shocked and I said excuse me?. Michael was like Carter don't and Carter walked up to me and looked at me, he said I'm not the first person saying this and won't be the last, you have a nice ass Ashley and tits also. I giggled hard and he placed one of his hand on my ass cheeks and pulled me closer, releasing his breath into my neck.I moaned and with this, he smacked my ass and squeezed them and started kissing me, he kissed me hard moving to my neck and he took his hand from my ass and placed on my tits and squeezed them hand, he pulled my nipples causing me to squeal, all I could do was moan as my cunt kept getting wetter.

Then all of a sudden, I felt another pair of hands grabbing my ass and pulling my dress upwards then I realized Michael was still in the room. They both helped me take off my dress, exposing my pink bra and pink thong. They wasted no time, Michael continue to squeeze my ass and kiss my neck from behind while Carter fold my tits, running the tip of his fingers through my sensitive and aroused nipples. He lowered his mouth and started sucking my tits, then Michael without warning shove two fingers into my wet dripping cunt. I screamed in pleasure, he continued finger fucking my wet inside had and rough hitting my g-spot, as Carter continue the assault in my tits, sucking, slapping, squeezing my tits and pulling my nipples. He released my tits all of a sudden and I saw his hard on, he sprang free his 8 inches thick cock and placed my hands on it, I held it and then Michael took his fingers out of my pussy releasing me. I was placed on the bed on all fours, as my face was positioned towards carter. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking it hard, I licked the shaft squeezing the balls while at it. He pushed me down, directing me to his balls, I started licking the balls then all of a sudden I felt Michael's tongue on my clit, he licked it in circles then he moved to my pussy hole, he licked inside of it while I Carter took over from he, he was moving his cock hard in and out of mouth, fucking it hard making me gag.

While I was focused on Tyler's assault on my mouth because he was now pounding my mouth like it was pussy. I was trying to take it like a champ when I felt Michael lick from ass crack to my ass-hole, my eyes widened in shock. He licked the rim of my ass-hole and it felt so good but weird at the same time. He started sticking his tongue into my ass as he plays with my clit, he stuck two fingers into my pussy as he continues to tongue my ass-hole, I started to climax as my toes curl up, I felt Carter's dick pulsating in my mouth the same time. Carter shot his load into my mouth, I swallowed as much as I can as mu orgasm shook me causing me to collapse on Carter's cock, Michael then stopped the assault on my holes and stood up. Carter asked me to suck on him to make him hard and I did for few seconds and he stood up.Michael took over Carter's position pushing my mouth into his 7 inches cock and I started blowing him off, giving him that slow and sloppy head then all of a sudden felt Carter's cock parting my pussy lips as he shoves his member balls deep into my pussy. Carter showed no mercy to my pussy, he pounded it so hard, slapping my fat ass while at it. he sometimes pull away like he wants to pull out then shove it in deep again causing me to squirm with a cock in my mouth. Carter then shoved a finger into my ass-hole as he kept on nailing my cunt hard and fast and I screamed telling him to take it out and he said what? how can you have such a nice big ass and not want to get fucked in it. I said No and he said I'll do anything to have my cock deep in this fat ass and I blushed and urged him to continue because the taught of a cock in my ass-hole started to turn me on. He stuck the second finger in my ass while Michael started to assault my he pounded it hard, making me take him down my throat as he dumped a huge load in my throat calling me a good whore.

Carter asked if he can cum in my pussy and I said yes I was on pills but he didn't I wondered why. He took his cock out and took his previous position, making me suck him off as Michael got behind and started licking my ass-hole again, he spat in my ass and then I felt the head of his cock at the entrance of my backdoor,I took Carter's cock off my mouth and turned around to watch Michael. He gently started to push the head inside till my hole popped open, taking the head of his cock, I screamed in pain and he pat my ass cheeks and kept on forcing his way till half of his shaft was deep shit-hole. He started moving it in and out at a slow and soft pace, Carter laughed and said Michael you need to go balls deep and show this slut what real ass fucking his all about. Michael said she is new to it and need all the time, Michael said if she is bold enough to let two men use her then she should be bold enough to take a dick in her shitter. Michael slowly but f***efully pushed the rest inches if his cock into my ass and I screamed in pain with this Carter shoved his cock into my mouth to silent me. Michael kept his dick in my ass to help me get used to the sensation before he slowly but deeply start to fuck my tender butt-hole, I all of a sudden started to feel weird and start to feel a bit of pleasure mixed with the pain,Michael reached around and started rubbing my clit while slowly fucking my anus and I started moaning in pleasure as Carter shot yet another load in my mouth and he said to Michael, the whore likes it in the ass. He told Michael to pull out so he can show me how it is really done. Carter positioned himself behind me and f***efully rammed his cock deep in my ass-hole and started to pound really hard, slapping my ass cheeks and pulling my hair while violating my backdoor. He called me a whore, asking me if I enjoyed getting my shithole plugged and I started to enjoy it, I stuck two fingers in my dripping wet cunt and started fucking it roughly.

Michael saw this and said this bitch loves it the hard-way and Carter said I told you didn't I? you wanted to go gently and all those crappy things which this slut obviously doesn't give a shit about. Michael was like "ATM" baby because we have something else on the menu for you and I was like a what? he was like suck my cock and I was like you just took it from my pooper and that is why I said ATM which means ass to mouth. Before I could protest, he shoved his cock down my throat and took it out. He laid down and Carter took his cock out of my now gaping ass-hole and Michael ordered me to sit on his hard cock and I did so, I started to riding him as fast as I can and he was like don't stress it honey. He then started to pound my cunt from under so hard, fast, rough and deep. He pounded the shit out of me and I just sat on his cock and took it, all of a sudden he pulled unto his chest and stopped the assault on my pussy and I felt something at the tip of my ass-hole, Carter started forcing his cock into my poop hole with another cock buried in my cunt and I screamed in pain mixed with pleasure, then he pushed further and his cock was buried to the hilt. Michael then pushed me up a bit, and grabbed my tits while Carter held unto my waist and both of them started pounding me so damn hard with all they got. Carter grabbed my waist going balls deep into my ass-hole, slapping my ass cheeks during intervals while Michael was thrusting so damn hard from under into my pussy, grabbing my tits so hard. I screamed and moaned as I feel both cocks moved past each other in my wet insides. My pussy and ass was on fire as I sandwiched between both hard cocks, I started to climax as I feel both cocks pulsating in me,I started to cum and they started to drive their cocks harder into me as I screamed in ecstasy. My orgasm was intense and I have never felt such a pleasure pain, the I felt Michael drive in two very powerful thrust into my cunt and he shot his load in it while Carter started to cum into my ass, slapping my ass cheeks calling me a butt fucking whore. They both released their cock and asked me to clean them off which I did. I knelt in the middle of them, sucking one stroking the other and I switched. I released their cocks and collapsed on the bed and starred at my cum dripping holes which will be sore by tomorrow, the thought of this made me use my finger to scoop the cum from my ass and lick it. They said to me babe, you have to go back to your party. I rushed into my Uncle's bathroom to clean up.

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6 months ago
I'm i the only can't read this? Spelling mistake, bad grammar, was it Tyler or Carter fucking her mouth at one stage? lol
1 year ago
Made me horny
1 year ago
1 year ago
very horny......
2 years ago
Nice story to make us hot n ready for fucking!
juhi n jay
2 years ago
Girls like you we're what my cock was made for !
2 years ago
2 years ago
That is a story that makes my cock Hard and Ready! Bring them on!
2 years ago
Oh, you naughty slutty girl!!! Yummy!!!

Spanks and kisses,

Master Padraig