British Airlines

Hi Readers,

Recently, I took a trip to India for my company
recruiting. I left Portland and arrived at UK in the
early morning. My friend Susie came to pick me up. We
had a girl’s day out fun in London and I boarded the
British Airlines Flight the next day. I found my seat
and I put away my carry on bag and sat down with my
laptop. I sat waiting for the rest of the passengers
to board. The airline hostess Jennifer was looking
very hot, in her blue suit and her attractive long
legs. I was eyeing her the way she was helping
everyone get settled in. Few minutes passed, I saw a
lady, maybe in her 30’s coming towards me. I watched,
as she got closer trying not to be obvious that I was
enjoying the way her breast jiggled ever so slightly.
I smiled as she sat next to me and thought that maybe
just maybe this wouldn’t be such a god-awful flight
after all.

About 20 minutes into the flight she spoke to me for
the first time as I was working on my laptop.

She asked “Big report due when you land huh?”

Slightly startled, I smiled and pushed the screen down
on my laptop. I respond, “Yes, working on a new
proposal and reading resumes of potential candidates”

“Good for you,” she said, turning her body toward her

The flight was on the runaway and taking off. In few
minutes, the pilot came on the intercom and was
welcoming everybody. The flight reached the maximum
altitude and was cruising to Mumbai.

“I’m Purnima. You’re Uma, am I correct.”

“Yes,” I said, obviously puzzled. “How did you know my

“Oh, I’m sorry. I saw the airline bag tag on your
laptop bag. I assumed it was addressed to you.

It looks like you have read your proposal few times
and hope got the right candidate.

Only time will tell if it is good or bad, Purnima.

I feel bit uncomfortable she said, she pulled her legs
up under her, letting her skirt ride up a bit on her

“I don’t mind flying when I can sit in first class,”
she said. It gives me time for myself to think and
figure out where life is going. There isn’t enough
time for that on the ground is there Uma?” asked

No, you’re right. It always seems like I’m running
here to there. Sometimes I would just like to curl up
on my sofa, pull a blanket over my head and sl**p.

“Oh, Uma, I know what you mean.

Purnima smiled, idly letting her fingers glide up her
leg, stopping just under the hem of her skirt. “This
is another good place for private time, isn’t? Very,
very private time,” said Purnima.

I couldn’t help but look at Purnima’s legs, drawn
there by her own hand. There is something so
stimulating about a leg drawn up under a gorgeous
woman. The sparkling panty hose outlines and
highlights in her hair, curves and the taut muscles.
The legs pulled in, almost inviting you to follow them
on their path up, under the skirt. It’s hard not to
feel horny on a late night flight, seated next to a
pretty sexy lady.

The pilot signed off and the cabin lights were dimmed
leaving just Purnima’s reading light shining on her.
It was like a spotlight, the light traveled along the
lines of her body. Most of the passengers were already
dozing and I was ready to wind down for the day.

Its going to be long flight to Mumbai, I miss my
hubby. I was feeling very happy that Purnima was
sitting next to me and not some smelly 50-year-old man
telling me his sorry story or his golf score.

I was going thru few old emails and deleting them.

One of the emails subject was, I LOVE YOU SWEETIE, I

How desperate your friend is, Purnima said.

She startled me again.

What? I asked.

Sorry for being nosey, the letter with the subject I
LOVE U, I know, it’s none of my business, Want to talk
about it?”

I sighed a deep sigh and replied,

It’s a letter is from my husband’s friend Peter.
Trying to decide whether to open it or delete it.

I told her my story. (For all new comers, try to find
UMA LEARNS A LESSON in the couple section)

She was shocked to hear this, anyway enough about me,
tell me about you.

What brings you on this flight? Big conference or
meeting or something

Purnima looked at me and said

Yes, I work for a milk processing company in Lancaster
and I’m on my way to Delhi for a meeting with some
investors. It’s a sudden trip that spring up today.

She talked and talked, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her
stunning legs. My eyes were undressing her. Her cute
face and those lips so soft looking and full. I would
love to kiss those lips feel them pressed against
mine. I marvel what her naked skin would feel like
next to mine. I can almost feel her tongue twisting
around and dancing in my mouth or maybe licking my
clit till I have an amazing orgasm. I shuddered a
little and thought to myself. I need to get fucked
today. I’m fantasizing about a complete stranger on a
flight. I snapped back to attention when Purnima
touched my arm and called my name.

Uma, hey Uma, what happened, u day dreaming.

I shook my head, no just bit tired and must be the

I’m sorry, so what do you do, where do you live and
why the trip to Mumbai.

Girl, you were out cold. I told you everything about

I am so sorry, I was totally out. I guess. I am very

She said I feel very bad, what your hubby did?

Oh its okay, I was bit turned on by his friend and by
the way, I was bit tired with my husband, wanted a
little change.

You know Uma, you telling me the story about you and
peter is very erotic and is turning me on.

I wish I can get to know, what really happened.

I told her, I have it in word format, if you want to
read it and you can even read at ISS website.

I did a search for the file. Here, it is, I have found

I looked over to Purnima sitting there looking totally
excited, her eyes lit up and her grin got wider.

I turned my laptop and positioned it on her lap
allowing my hand to brush her thigh. I heard a quick
intake of breath from Purnima as she began reading my

Then she turned to me shock on her lovely face. WOW,
you are her.

Somewhat puzzled I asked ‘her’ who is that?

She giggled and said, you wrote this.

Oh my, this story is too much. I would have never
thought I would ever get to meet a person like u. I
absolutely love your story and you are getting me wet.

I blushed and watched as Purnima began to read my
story again.

Oh my, said Purnima as she started reading from my
computer screen.

This is good. I think I need to get really comfy to
get into this. Can you reach a blanket from the

I stood up and got the blanket and handed it to

Sitting in the last row of first class, almost dark
plane and almost like we’re all alone, isn’t it Uma.

I didn’t answer.

Just watched as she spread the blanket out over her
lap, pulled her knees up to her chest and slid her
pantyhose off, down from her hips, over her very sweet
ass, up to her knees and down off the end of her toes.
Pulling off her pantyhose, she pulled them out from
under the blanket, balled them up, and stuffed them
into her purse.

All done, Now, I can enjoy your story.

But you know what I’d really like?

I don’t want to read your story. I want you to read it
to me. I want to sit here in the dark, curled up under
this blanket and just listen to your sweet voice.

I had to admit that she was really making me horny.
This very beautiful and sexy knew all the right
buttons to push. Purnima reached down to her purse. As
she did, the blanket slipped off part of her lap. Her
legs, still with her knees up to her chest, had pushed
her skirt up. And as the blanket slid off I could see
the most delicate pair of cream silk panties that I
had ever seen before. They were so natural on Purnima
that it was hard to tell where her panty started and
her skin began. If it weren’t for the mesh lace that
trimmed the panties through her crotch and around the
waistband, I would swear that her panties and she were
one. I could feel my own wetness grow.

Purnima looked into my eyes and knew exactly what I
was thinking.

You like what you see Uma, she asked, but didn’t wait
for an answer.

Please do this favor for me, would read your story to

So we turned off all the lights, reading only by the
glow of the pc screen.

“I complained to Naveen many times and asked him not
to make me wear sexy clothes in front of Peter but he
does not listen to me. As a result, every time Peter
is in our house, he always tries to undress me with
his eyes. Many times I told Naveen that Peter looks at
me with lusty eyes and that I don’t like him. He
always replied that I should treat it like he is just
paying me a compliment and I should be grateful. He
would ask, “Besides, Peter is a single guy, so what’s
the harm in letting him enjoy looking at your hot sexy
body?” I am a sucker for flattery, and I generally get
excited hearing this from my husband, so I never
seriously objected to Peter’s lusting for my body.”

I read and from the corner of my eye, I could see
Purnima’s head tilted back, a soft smile on her face
and the actions under the blanket was clearly
identifiable, circles, slowly at first and then more
rapidly and a small stop.

The blanket between her legs rose and then fell as the
back of her hand push up against the blanket and then
her fingers into herself.

I read how Peter was bringing me to climax, I could
see Purnima’s ass come slowly off the seat, hold there
while I knew her leg muscles were stiff under the
blanket. I hear a slow whisper of breath from her
mouth and her ass slowly came down to the seat. I
could hardly take in air. It wasn’t just that I could
feel my own wetness. It was that every part of me
sought to touch her.

Oh Purnima, Oh Purnima

I let my hand slide under the blanket coming to a rest
on top of Purnima’s hand still inside her panties. All
that was between our hands was the silk cloth that was
around Purnima’s hand.

Oh God, I thought. She’s going to make me cum just
with this touch.

With that thought and her delicious scent of her very
wet pussy.

OOOOh it was making me so hot and horny.

I couldn’t believe I was actually sitting there in the
flight reading my story to a complete stranger while
she pleasuring herself. I was drawn to this woman like
a bee to a honey, my hand moved to her thigh; I had no
control over it anymore. When I touched her thigh I
knew I would be touching much more than her thigh
before the end of our flight. I turned to one side in
my seat and got a little closer to this mesmerizing
woman. My hand slid up and down her thigh. We were
staring into each other’s eyes and I could tell she
wanted me to touch her as much as I wanted to touch
her. I slid my hand down and to the inside of her
thigh and gently touched the crotch of her panties. I
felt her hand inside her and her panties were really
wet. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by this
complete outsider. But she had me under her spell as
surely as a fly trapped in a spider web. I slowly
leaned in towards her and gently kissed her soft lips.

She responded by opening her lips and sliding her
tongue into my mouth.
Her tongue was soft and firm and she licked the
insides of my mouth and caressed my tongue. The back
row in a BA flight first class provided the perfect
cover for our rendezvous. The curtain was drawn
between first and coach classes. No one was sitting
across from us. The cabin lights were low. All I could
see was the light from the emergency lights framing
her figure against the gloom of the window and the
glow in Purnima’s eyes.

As she pulled me in with her kiss, her arms reached
out to me, pulling my body to her. She raised the arm
bar between the chairs and pulled back her blanket. I
pushed her left leg behind me and pulled me into her
and wrapped her right leg around me. I was pressed up
to her, feeling her, smelling her, feeling as if this
sensation was what I had longed for all my life. Yet,
here we were on an airplane. If the lights come on,
imagine our humiliation.

And beyond her first name, I knew almost nothing about
this woman. What was this? Why was I so much taken by
this woman?

Purnima let her tongue slide out of my mouth, trailing
it along my lips, then gently nibbling my bottom lip,
holding our mouths together just for a moment, letting
me taste every bit of her mouth.

Uma, she said. “I want your hand to go now where mine
is. I want to feel you, to have you take me, to know
that you are moving me.”

Oh my goodness, Purnima, I will do whatever you want,
I said.

I moved onto my side, stretching my legs across the
seat, leaning against Purnima’s breasts and sitting in
between her legs, the blanket giving us a measure of
privacy. My hand slid down her stomach and then under
the elastic band of her panties and into her sweet hot
wet dripping pussy.
I was getting sooooooooooooo wet by moving my finger
around Purnima.

Oh my God, Uma. This is so good, she whispered into my

Before I could answer, Purnima’s tongue found my mouth
as her pelvis pushed up against my hand. Her tongue
worked its way around my mouth, over my teeth; licking
my lips, then back inside to connect with my tongue.
Her tongue was fucking me every bit as much as my
fingers were fucking her.

I could feel the back of my knees tingle and my ass
tucking in. Climax was nearing. I had an orgasm like a
waves at the beach. It was crashing against me over
and over on me.

Just then, the pilot came on the intercom and said, we
are having some turbulence, please fasten your seat

It must have been the turbulence added to our fun, I
climaxed like I have never have. I was dripping,
Purnima was cumming too. She held me tight. She
released for just a moment and then held on again.

Another orgasm, Purnima was climaxing again. Her whole
body was up off the seat, her arms encircling me, her
tongue fucking me in my mouth. Seeing all this, I had
an after shock and I exploded again.

After this Purnima, simply fell back and let out a
soft moan. Her fingernails scratched gently across my
shoulders as her hands let go of their grip on me.

Oh my, I thought to myself. What is this?

Did I do what I think I just did?

I looked over at Purnima who had a very vague look
upon her striking face and a small drop of sweat on
her upper lip.

We both fell asl**p looking at each other. Next
thing, I remember was, I in Mumbai and airline hostess
Jennifer was waking me up.

I woke up and Purnima was gone, I was feeling bit
dizzy, it must been the champagne, I had.

What happened to Purnima?

Was it a dream, was Purnima real.

I asked the Air Hostess, What happened to the person,
who was sitting next to me.

She said I am sorry miss. I do not remember anyone
sitting next to you,

Not sure, what happened during the night?

Was it real or was it just my imagination. I must be
losing my mind. I grabbed my stuffs and headed towards
the exit. I was the last passenger out. I was still in
a half baked mind. I did not even see my assistant,
who came to pick me up.

He was saying, Madam, Madam, Madam, Madam.

Finally, I snapped out and answered to my assistant.

He asked me, Madam are you okay? Did you have
comfortable journey. I reached my home and went to
freshen up. During my shower, I remembered, Purnima
left scratch marks on me. I could not find any. I was
disappointed again. The fun we had was so real.

It was night, my maid cooked something, and I powered
on my pc to check my emails and sat down for dinner.

And there it was a note saying, THANK YOU FOR THE
90% (20/2)
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4 months ago
1 year ago
mmm, what a dream
2 years ago
I have been fantasising about having sex in journey... Great story :)
2 years ago
great hot story
3 years ago
Loved the story. Very erotic and a nice twist at the end. Lovely fantasy all round. Thanks for posting - will have to read your othere ones now...........
4 years ago
mmm really like that hot story....
I always fantasies when I travel, like today... An amazing and sexy girl with amazing breasts, was sitting across me in my flight and my thoughts were going wild.
Wonder if my bulty pants was the reason that she gave me a nice hot smile???

Thanks for sharing / NSB
4 years ago
what a great story loved it
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Wonderful hot story! ;-)P
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Wow what a story, I loved it.