Kate’s Key Sexual Experience

I first went to Ibiza when I was 25 with my boyfriend Alan who I had been going out with for about 4 months but we were not living together. I knew he was not the one for me but he was good fun and he liked to splash his money around. He paid for the holiday so I was happy to go along. We were having sex but I didn’t find it great, he was not well endowed but was very useful with his tongue, although returning oral please to him was a bit unrewarding as he was not much of a mouthful and he took ages to cum. He was obsessed with porn magazines and I think he spent too much time wanking!

The hotel we stayed at was full-board so we were allocated seats in the restaurant for the week. On the second night a young black guy by himself called Len was allocated the seat next to us. As we got chatting it turned out that his girlfriend had broken up with him at the airport as they were leaving as she was seeing another bloke and he had insisted that she didn’t go away with him. Len decided that he would still come on the holiday as he had paid and wasn’t going to let her spoil it.

I felt sorry for him as they resort was geared for young, sun-seeking couples and there were very few single black men around. We took him under our wing and got him to sit with us around the pool and took him out to the bars in the evening. It turned out that Len was 19 and a soccer player for a lower league club so he was pretty fit but very inexperienced in life. Even when it was very hot he wore knee length shorts whilst everyone else was wearing skimpy swim wear. I went topless around the pool as did all the girls and Alan like most of the blokes wore tight speedos. After a few days in the sun Len noticed that he was going darker where his skin was exposed but lighter under his shorts with a ‘tide-mark’ around his knee. We thought that this might look odd when he wore his soccer shorts so that night I made him buy some tight white speedos to wear the next day.

Alan had hired a car to take the three of us out to some of the more remote beaches and we settled at one which turned out to be quiet and nudist. Alan seemed delighted as he was well used to nude sunbathing but Len and I were not so sure. We walked right along the beach until we were well away from everyone else at the back of the beach. Alan stripped off completely and showed us how aroused he was. I took my top off and decided to give it a try and slowly took my bikini bottom off with Len and Alan staring at my crotch. Len dropped his shorts to reveal his tight, white speedos. Well it was like squashing a cucumber and two apples into a silk bag – there was nothing left to the imagination! We all laughed as I pointed out that covering himself up in that way was pointless so after a few minutes he agreed to remove the speedos. He was standing in front of me and Alan suggested that I should pull Len’s speedos down for him. As I peeled them off his huge, circumcised cock popped out. Not only was it long but thick, although not yet fully hard. Alan looked on and asked how big it got when it was fully aroused – he didn’t seem to mind that his girlfriend was about to handle another man’s cock.

Len was still rather shy and somewhat embarrassed. Alan said “I bet if you had someone sucking it we would see how big it really was”. I think his porn magazines had given him ideas but I must admit that by this stage I was intrigued. I pulled him towards me and kissed the end then took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. To be honest I could only fit the circumcised head in and he soon became very hard. Alan had started to massage my boobs and slipped a finger inside my fanny which got me very wet. I was concerned that other people might come along but after a while the wave of pleasure that came over me shut out all those concerns and I felt as though nothing else mattered.

Alan ordered me to lie down and he went to work on my cunt with his tongue – in this respect I have to say he was the best I have ever had. He then spread my legs apart and told Len to get his big cock into me. At first it was quite painful as it stretched me wider than I had ever been before especially as he had no foreskin to ease it in but as my muscles got used to it and my cunt got very moist I could feel it hitting places inside me that had never been reached before; the feeling was glorious. As he was banging away I noticed that Alan was stood over my head wanking himself towards Len’s face. As Len’s rhythm increased he leant forward and to my surprise started sucking Alan. Although I was shocked it was very arousing and I had my first orgasm. Len did not stop and carried on pounding away varying his stroke and rhythm such that I came a second and then a third time before I saw Alan shooting off into Len’s mouth. I couldn’t take any more so I asked Len to stop. He rolled off and I could see that he was now as stiff as a flag-pole and very, very large. I sat back exhausted, Len’s was certainly fit; all that soccer training was clearly good for the pelvic muscles. Alan sat beside Len and asked him if he wanted to cum; it was a stupid question but his remedy was a surprise. Alan started to suck him off with a technique which looked very well practised. Len did not object and at this point I felt rather redundant. I decided not to let Alan have all the fun so I joined in and within a few minutes Len shot a fat load over both of us.

I was stunned. Alan and Len were both bisexual – I think Alan knew he was but by the look on his face it had come as a surprise to young Len. After 10 minutes with nobody saying very much Len walked out to the sea to wash himself. He was still hung like a horse and I think he had forgotten by then that he was naked. I saw a couple walking along the shoreline and by the time they reached Len they were transfixed upon him. They slowly walked past but kept looking back. Len eventually came back to were we were sitting. “Well I have learnt something today; sex can be fun with both men and women – and I am pretty good at it”. He smiled a wide grin and sat down between the two of us.

From then on I knew that Alan was not for me and that I would need to find a boyfriend who was large. After the holiday I did not keep in contact with Len although I saw that he carried on playing soccer and reached the higher division teams and married a classic footballer’s wife. Alan and I split up although we still see each other – he is living with another man now. My passion for larger men has been satisfied on many occasions since then and I have had pleasure with other women as well but none have really matched up to the ‘performance’ of that day on the beach.

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