Nudist Sunbathing in Suffolk

Being a nudist in the UK can be rather challenging as the weather is rarely warm enough to stay nude all day and there are very few places where you can feel comfortable naked. There are beaches were nudist sunbathing is allowed but I have never found them to be the best beaches. I travel around the country with my job and always try to find time to seek out any nudist beaches to try them out but often the best places are where you can just find a secluded spot rather than an organised nudist beach, but this can be risky.

A few years ago I was working in Suffolk during June and I had a free day between appointments for a spot of sightseeing and sunbathing. I had booked into an old seaside hotel and on the first night I went down to the bar to see if anyone could recommend a good beach. It is always difficult asking outright for directions to a nudist beach so I usually ask for a quiet, secluded beach. When I entered the bar it was full of jolly old people – most of them were at least 40 years older than me and there was a mixed odour of lavender and urine. I got chatting to the barman who was a young Australian bloke doing a gap year (as they do). After a while the coach party of old folk went into dinner. I decided to ask Glen, the barman, for direction to a nudist beach; he seemed pleased to be asked as he said he was also a nudist. He gave me directions to the local organised beach but said that the sand dunes further south down the coast were much better. He couldn’t give me very good directions but said that he would be going in the morning and he could take me there if I gave him a lift. I was a bit wary about going to a nudist beach with another bloke but he kept referring to all the Dutch girls he had met there so I took it that he was straight.

The next morning we drove for about 30 minutes down the coast and stopped down a tiny road on a grass verge and climbed over a wall and walked down for about a mile to the beach. It was an open featureless expanse of sand but he said that the dunes further down the beach were the best place to go. Although it was a hot day there was still a cool breeze running in off the North Sea so we sought out some shelter in the deep dunes. We had seen very few other people but came over the top of one dune to discover a nudist couple having sex. We didn’t want to disturb them so hid back behind the hill. There was a thin young woman straddling a well built older man; she was bouncing up and down on him for all she was worth. Although I am not usually a voyeur we did have a good look. Glen was wearing some tight cycling shorts and I was wearing some flimsy running shorts so it was obvious that both of us had become rather aroused watching the couple. I suggested that we should move on and find a less popular dune. We found a well sheltered spot a few minutes later and settled down, both stripping off quickly. It was clear that we were both still excited by what we had seen. At that time my penis was a bit smaller than it is now but it was still a good 8 inches and I found it quite difficult to control as I hadn’t had sex for over a week. Glen was not so big but also very erect. We joked about each others dicks but not in an overtly homosexual way, just ‘manly admiration’.

As we lay down in the sunshine to our surprise two other blokes appeared over the other side of the dune and ‘checked us out’. With hindsight the fact that we were two naked blokes with hard-ons may have given the other couple the wrong impression about us as they seemed to have thought that we were like them – an exhibitionist gay couple!

They set up about 10 metres away from us and stripped off. One was young and painfully thin, the other was older, fatter and bald with a large moustache. The young guy lay down on his front but the older guy stood over him and started massaging his cock. He then pulled out a cock-ring and put it on which made his large, erect cock stick-out like a flag-pole. At this point we should have probably looked away or even left but it was one of those situations when you brain tells you one thing but your body doesn’t obey.

I saw that Glen was as transfixed as I was but neither of us said anything. The older guy said something to his friend who sat up and without hesitation stuck the big guys cock in his mouth. He sucked away for a few minutes and then rolled onto his front and stuck his bum in the air. The older guy mounted him. I had never seen a gay couple having anal sex before and I was riveted – it wasn’t like real life, more like watching a video! The big guy came quickly and shot off over the other guys back. Then, to our surprise they both started walking toward us. I had not realised but both Glen and I both had huge erections – which could have given the wrong impression, I suppose. The big guy said “hello lads, did you enjoy the show? Your turn now”…….

I had that feeling of terror and excitement – like when you see a police car with its blue lights flashing in your rear mirror! I didn’t say anything and to add to my embarrassment my dick was still as hard as hell. I could see that Glen was equally surprised but he decided to take action….he learnt over and started sucking my cock! At first I was just stunned, then the physical sensation started to kick-in and I realised that whether it is a bloke or a woman, a blowjob is a blowjob, and its always fantastic! As he carried on sucking, Glen whispered up to me “for God’s sake, shoot your load and they will go away”. Although it is never easy to perform to order I closed my eyes and imagined that he was some gorgeous Dutch girl and popped my load. Some hit him in the face but the rest shot up into the air and clearly delighted the watching audience.

As the gay couple went back to there towels Glen and I packed up quickly and left. I didn’t say much to Glen on the way back, I think that he was as surprised as I that he had done that. The moral to this story is that organised nudist beaches are generally very safe as people know how to behave – as soon as you move away from this safety zone and want to go nude you must be prepared for more excitement which can sometimes get out of control. Since that time I have had other bisexual experiences and been less concerned about my sexuality but I try to ensure that I am always in control of my situation.

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5 months ago
hot scene.
2 years ago
Nicely written!
3 years ago
I would have sucked off all of those guys.
3 years ago
nonsense, no one made u. serious gay issues matie
3 years ago
Glen did what had to be done!