Fun in the shower

As a happily married man of more than 20 years I was bored sexually. I had a few affairs which were fine in the chase and the initial sexual encounters but that got as boring as having sex with my wife so I thought I should explore other excitement. I had experienced a few bisexual experiences with couples on nudist beaches but never a male-male encounter. I was rather out of shape after too many business lunches so whenever I was working away from home I tried to stay at a hotel with a gym so that I could have a short work-out after eating a hotel meal.

I was staying at a nice hotel in the south of England and got down to the gym at about 9pm. At that time of night the gym and leisure facilities were unmanned and usually deserted. I changed into my kit and started off in the gym on the exercise machines. There was already a man of about 40 working out; he was quite short but slim with specky glasses and very quiet. I tried to strike up a conversation but with little response from the shy man. I soon gave up on the exercising and moved to the sauna – for about 2 minutes – then to the Jacuzzi. The shy man finished his exercising and went to get showed and changed. As I was now alone in the leisure centre I dropped my shorts and enjoyed being naked in the hot Jacuzzi; so much so, I soon developed a raging hard-on. I stayed there for about 5 minutes and noticed that the shy man had not yet left the changing room so I put my shorts on over a semi-hard cock and went into the changing rooms. I could hear that the shy man was still in the showers which consisted of 3 shower heads in a small wet room no more than 3m by 3m. I dropped my shorts and made sure I had a respectable but not fully erect cock and went into the showers. The shy man had his back to me and was covered in soapy foam. I said hello to warn him that I was coming in and switched the shower on next to him. As I did so he turned away from me and by the position of his hands was clearly ‘washing’ his groin – excessively. I got wet and lathered myself up too and made sure I washed my cock – repeatedly. The man looked over his shoulder at me and starred at my cock then slowly turned around to reveal a surprisingly large penis. Although he was probably only about 5’5” tall his cock was a good 8” long and very hard. I turned to him to show my slightly smaller erection. He slowly moved his hand onto my cock and began to massage it gently pulling my foreskin back and forth over the head. He was cut so I used some soap to rub my hand over the head of his cock; slowly at first but gradually getting faster as he wanked me more vigorously. I was ready to pop but he said quietly – could we carry on in his room. I would have preferred to cum then but agreed and we got dry and dressed and quickly went up to his hotel room. I then stripped off again whilst he got his laptop out and started showing me some porn. He stayed dressed to start with but wanked me slowly whilst watching the porn show. First it was a boring but short clip of a man shagging a woman. Then it grew more interesting with two, well endowed blokes shagging a small Japanese woman. As the third film started he stripped off and massaged his cock until it grew hard again. The next film was of two twinks meeting in a shower almost as we had done ten minutes earlier. They wanked and massaged each other then moved onto oral sex. I took my cue and knelt down to suck his cock which he seemed to like very much. As I slurped away he began to moan with pleasure. He swapped and began to suck on me. I realised that his mouth was smaller than mine as my bell-end hardly fitted between his lips but it was good, very good. His tongue darted away while he watched the gay porn from the corner of his eye, mimicking the action of the experienced porn stars. The gay porn then moved on to anal action and I knew I was not up for him bumming me but he bent over the bed and grabbed some cream out of a bag and rubbed it into his arse. We did not say anything but he posed there watching the twinks on screen reaming each other’s arses mercilessly. I told him that I was not up for taking it but would give it if he was sure. He just nodded. I eased my thick cock towards his arse-hole and tried to push it in. It seemed far too large to ever go in but as I continued to ease forward he slowly opened up and I pushed into his arsehole. It was incredibly tight and quite painful for me, never mind him. I had shagged women in the arse before after much lubrication but this was much tighter. After a while it became less tight and I rocked away. As the porn stars shot their loads I could feel my cock ready to explode. “Go on – shoot your lovely thick, creamy spunk into me” whispered the man underneath me – the first time he had uttered more than a few words to me.

I decided it was time and I fired all my juice into his tight arse – laughing with relief. As I relaxed my cock was squeezed out followed by a thick stream of spunk. I sunk down to my knees exhausted – I knew I should not have exercised so long in the gym! The shy man turned to me and positioned his cock next to my face and started to wank his semi-hard erection back to full size. The forth clip came on the laptop; this time it was a fat woman with huge tits sucking off a horse! As she sucked the 18” monster, the shy man pushed his hard cock into my mouth holding my head tightly then began to face-fuck me. I could not see the laptop but I could tell that he was mimicking the rhythm of the video. I could hear the woman choking as the horse pumped a bucket of spunk into her mouth just as the man came too – not quite a bucket load but more than a mouthful. The spunk dribbled down my chin and I spat the rest out onto his legs and feet – I was not up to swallowing just yet. I got him to play back the hilarious horse video which I found amusing rather than erotic. He quietly thanked me for fulfilling his fantasy which he had harboured for over 10 years and I thanked him for widening my sexual experience. I never met him again at that hotel but I do smile every time I see a horse.

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4 months ago
You can always do my ass pussy has many times has you want
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing - I enjoy these unusual adventures
2 years ago
love the nervous sexual tension of sex with a stranger.
3 years ago
nice story...