The days of my youth 2

The days of my youth 2
By now I was beginning to feel well knackered, we all realised that opportunities of the house completely to ourselves was to be a rarity, and that we had best use the gift wisely, we also knew we were becoming tired big-time.
The dog was our answer he had energy to spare, had missed out last night and had the will. So Judy slid to the floor, and began to suck on her favourite cock, we sat jealously watching, as the huge thing slowly enlarged like a tortoise head from its shell, we both knew we could not compare Pete`s six and my seven inches, his thick and mine thinner, we had crossed the bi line in the first scenario, now we went further. Pete slumped across the leather footstool his plump arse beckoning it`s obvious invite, Judy looked up from her doggy friend and seeing me hesitate, said I should take the offer while it lasted, no inhibitions we had agreed and we would try every scenario we could dream up. On the basis don’t knock it till you have tried it I applied some KY, and began to slowly enter my friend to the applause of his wife. The feeling was of a tight grip on my tool as the head slowly slid into his ring, a groan passed his lips, as my tool slowly penetrated him, regardless of any pain I was causing him. I was soon in his orifice to my balls, slowly moving in rhythm to his gentle movements, as he squirmed under me, his tool squashed between his belly and the stool. I soon felt each small spurt of my climax as I injected my seed deep into him, he groaned again, though he had not as yet climaxed himself. Judy had watched the performance with interest, her hand on the dog`s prick, gently stroking him. She motioned me out of the way and led the great hound to her husband still d****d over the stool. The dog took no second bidding and was up in a trice, his huge prick slipping into the now well used ring–piece as if made for the job.
Pete, groaned as the much larger prick pushed unceremoniously into his rectum, his eyes opening like saucers with the sheer size of the invasion, a small scream from the pain. The dog began its rapid movement`s attempting to beat some imagined world record, Judy slid her hand between them for some reason that his hair prevented me from seeing, and the dog let out a deep throaty grunt as he began to spend. Into Pete who was now gasping for breath and cursing the hot juice being fucked into his already filled gut. After a short pause the dog slid backwards and went to lick himself clean, as Pete started to get his breath back though still slumped across the stool. Judy explained with a smile, that she had seized the dogs prick to save Pete from becoming knotted as she said he would have been split, Pete`s arse, it not being as flexible as her pussy and could you imagine explaining that to a unit doctor!
After a snack we all trooped of for a revitalising shower, the tiled bathroom reminding me of the golden shower sex Judy and I had had that morning, was it only that morning, it seemed a life time ago. As if reading my mind Judy asked if I could “do the trick again “saying she had enjoyed the experience, Pete of course didn’t know what we were speaking about he having slept through it, so he begged us for a repeat performance as he said, he was unable to release his bladder when coupled to Judy and wanted to see it done.
I lay down again on the cold marble tiles, Judy lay on me and we coupled as we had that morning and with a lot of will power, I slowly began to release my bladders contents into my willing partner, much to Pete`s great joy, he now climbed onto his wife`s back and we became a classic sandwich, as he slid his tool into her back passage.
The feeling of our two pricks rubbing together through the thin membrane that separates the bowel from the pussy was out of this world, that feeling will never be forgotten, so much were we enjoying our feeling that Judy was nearly forgotten sandwiched in between us, till she began to moan and groan, her climax gripping both of us with a powerful muscle contractions. The feeling was sublime and I found the energy for another small climax, as Pete did the same and I could feel his spurts alongside my now very sensitive prick deep in his wife`s body.
Judy her bladder still full, began to piss, her hot water running over my still embedded prick, and trickling down past my sac in a hot stream, Pete meanwhile climbing from his lady, to my relief being under the heavy pile, and then began his own stream onto her back, which too joined itself to her trickle becoming a veritable waterfall down my thighs.
We took another shower, us two men were now blowing steam rather than coming, we were both in need of sl**p to restore our flagging energy levels, we like most people had overestimated our sexual strength, expecting to keep things going all weekend but it obviously was not to be.
Pete collapsed on the marital bed and was soon snoring.
I on the sofa dozing my mind a whirl, a kaleidoscope of sexual imagery, Judy was more determined to make the most of her time in the vacant house, she called the great dog to her and d****d herself over the stool for him, like a shot his nose was into her sex, within minutes he was mounted again and she, now his bitch, was impaled on his huge dick, I being behind him could see his balls dancing and hear her grunts as he thrust at her, till all became still as his knot sealed and he filled her with just another fill of seed, as I drifted off to sl**p.
I woke cold stiff and naked still on the sofa, the room had been tidied, the dog in his kennel, the sun up, it was morning, I had slept for about 12 hours. I was ravenous so dragged on some trousers, and began to fry bacon, eggs, and toast, washed down with tea, a huge mug of the stuff. The smell must have raised Judy and she greeted me with good morning my lover, is that for me, my lover what a fine compliment, virgin to lover in just a fortnight! I started again on more bacon!

We all three sat in the living room, at the table that had been our rack, our bondage form, our crucifix call it what you will, and over the inevitable tea we discussed the weekend , the army call would have it a debrief!. They both were interested to find out what I felt about what I had experienced. They seemed relived they had not frightened me off, and asked what were the highs and the lows, for each of us so if we ever did anything again we could avoid whatever it was the other party wanted to avoid.
The highlight for me was the multi orgasm with Judy, though she said she wouldn`t want to do it again on that scale, she said she next wanted to be whipped till she could no longer stand instead, to see if that would induce the same effect! I had enjoyed the BDMS side of the weekend, and was interested enough to do more, so that fitted in well enough; though I felt I could take the piss thing or leave it, though I didn’t like it in my mouth in fact I was not keen on what I still regarded as to homo practises such as swallowing, on which I wasn`t so keen, Pete though said he didn’t mind it in his backside and despite the pain involved had enjoyed the dog. Would I still visit to k**-sit, of course I agreed, but only if I could be paid in kind, which suited all of us.

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