The days of my youth pt 1

The days of my youth pt 1
I have been asked to repost this the only true story of mine[there is another but the characters were not me and were changed to protect the guilty]my style has changed over the last couple of years so I cleaned it up and I hope you enjoy it.

So I was about 17 and a bit, a young soldier, a driver in what was then known as an RASC transport column, at his first real posting in mid Germany, and as green as they come. Off time out of barracks was rare in 1964 for us youngsters The British Army at that time knew what a duty of care was to its young men, though as soon as that 18th birthday arrived a “man” you would be on your own!
For entertainment we youths had the Naffi bar and little else, TV was non -existent but fortunately drink was cheap so we were young alcoholics in the making.... Female company was as rare as time off camp and even the elderly frau in the chief clerk’s office began to have a certain look to those of us youngsters with rampaging hormones.
Once a month our Naffi had a games night with a lot of the married soldiers and wives in attendance. We youngsters, beer in hand timidly sat ogling the wives, some attractive, some fair, some frumpy, knowing they were all beyond reach, few wives even spoke to us lesser mortals and none of us had the bottle to request the pleasure, as usually hubby was on hand...things were different then I was a painfully shy youth, I had no skill or interest in dancing and there were few other opportunities to break ice.
One or two of the shall we say more active ladies would use this as a selection evening picking out a likely lad for hubby to bring home either for a c***d sitter or as a sexual partner, nothing of course would be said at the social evening thus preserving their f****y respectability.
This is exactly what happened as during the following week, I was approached by one of the older drivers, a stumpy little soul named Pete, who had been my instructor during conversion from the UK left to the German right of the road, He asked if I wanted to make a few marks babysitting, while he and his wife went out, his k**s were a couple of boys about 7 and they were too young to leave alone. Gullibly Glad of something to do outside barracks I readily agreed, so an over-night pass was swiftly arranged (they did that if someone would be responsible for our youthful safety) and come the Saturday evening I was collected at the guard- room at 1900hrs and whisked through the traffic in one of those luxury merc -taxi`s that in the 1960`s we only dreamed of in the UK, that were common in this defeated country! The wife a good looking tall blonde of about 25 named Judy, no drink on a stick beauty in fact a bit mumsy but nice in a non tarty way, was introduced, along with the k**s and a large dog, -one had mentioned a dog and I was surprised to see it as It was unusual in military circles to have a dog as there was then, problem of expensive quarantine to be taken into account on posting.
A quick explanation of the boys bedtime, along with an address for the nearest sensible English Wife in case of an emergency, the location of the tea pot and something to eat , the location of the sofa where I was to sl**p and they swept out dressed to the nines. That evening passed in a flash, I played the k**s at ludo, then, as they well behaved little lads, off to bed when told, I and the dog named “Caspar” a Newfoundland crossed with I should think a brown bear, becoming instant friends much to my relief and I was soon dozing on the large and soft couch the dog sharing the couch at my feet, I didn`t feel inclined to argue at his choice of bed as he weighed as much if not more than me.
Mine host and his good lady giggled their way in, somewhat the worse for wear, in the early hours He worse than she, they asked me if all was well and proceeded to explain they had been to a nightclub in town that had a sex show, I noted the address as it was to be my 18th birthday soon and I hoped I might need it. The show had apparently had had the desired effect on the pair of them, and they were soon off to bed The dog going into the bedroom, so silly me took it that it normally slept with them, the lady making noises that left a young soldier in no doubt as to what they were doing or that she was enjoying it.
After a while silence reigned and I drifted off to sl**p but all too soon the k**s bounced in and woke me, saying they were off out on a trip this morning, they then roused their parents in the next room.
Pete appeared nursing a hangover, and looking rough, Judy, bright as a button dressed in a shear, low cut cream nightgown, matching slippers, and a housecoat that just covered her shoulders, She was soon busy in the kitchen from where she soon produced a couple of packed lunches for the two boys. Within half an hour the boys were collected by another of Pete`s mates and his wife who with their own boys as well, set off for the local zoo for the day. My charges now gone, I expected to be packed off back to the barracks, but Judy first made a fine fried breakfast, before, sitting opposite us at the breakfast table, and showing just enough rather nice cleavage to interest a lad of my age, she began to talk to me about life in barracks.
I explained having been in camp for the past 10 weeks what a nice change it had been to be out. She subtly slid the conversation round to my lack of female company over the last few weeks. That my sex-life consisting of a lot of magazines, wish-full thinking, and a lot of self manhandling I Like most lads of my age group I was not going to admit!
Pete still with the remains of a hangover downed his aspirins and a huge mug of tea and said little, just sat head in hands quietly contemplating suicide and muttering “never again”. At this point Judy lost her temper with him and the situation changed big-time, she snapped that he was a cuck- wimp (a term I had never heard before) and that the dog had more go than he ever had! This got a grunt from Pete, and she now began to berate him about his performance the evening before, how he couldn`t get it up even after going to a sex show and how she had had to use the dog...again....a point that quickly registered, even in the naive brain of this young dimwit. Pete reacting strangely, at the increasing torrent of angry comments, he smiled and perking up no end. I though, was cringing at the onslaught on the supposed man of the house. Casper however sat eagerly beside his mistress, the tip of his huge cock just showing from its hairy sheath, expectantly waiting as she fondled his great woolly head. Judy then started to ask me, had I ever seen a cuckold-wimp like Pete?
She explained that he loved to be humiliated and that the thought of other men having her, turned him on big time She went on that the thought of the dog having her “turned him on” even more....
But that they had never found anyone who she wanted to share with. My brain went into instant overdrive, was she hinting that she may accept me as a sex partner? A real gentleman would have quietly set off on foot back to the barracks, leaving them to their domestic disharmony, but this is me we are talking about, common soldiery and I wanted to see where this would lead. The drawback was if I did get lucky was that I would have to reveal my lack of previous experience and no one wants to be found out do they? So to cover my embarrassment I made out that like Pete, I too wanted to watch her with the dog. .....
That lady didn`t turn a hair, she just lifting her gown to her waist and allowing the dog access to her body with his eager tongue. My eyes must have hopped out like organ stop`s, that great pink tongue lapping at that slit between her thighs, an area of anatomy I had never been lucky enough to even see before, except of course on paper !
The dog was making sloppy noises as she leaned back and began to gasp, her breath becoming deeper and more laboured as her doggy lover received the first of her lubrication.
Pete by now was on the sofa with his prick in his hand, gazing lovingly at the action and slowly stroking his now turgid member, so in the circumstances it was no surprise that I quickly had my own now stiff member in my hand under the table and It didn’t take me long before with an huge ejaculation I was wetting the carpet, my trousers and the underside of the table. Judy, bless her said nothing, though she must have known.
Casper`s mouth slapped and slathered, Judy`s hands holding herself open now, Rapidly approaching her orgasm, the better for him to reach into her body with his long pink tongue, her eyes closed in ecstasy and with a groan she began her cum, the first I had ever witnessed, a wonderful long gasping groan, her legs twitching involuntarily.
A pregnant silence descended for a moment, all bar Caspar sated for the immediate second, but we all wanted more, no space for pretence now, I was a virgin and the lady and her man both knew by the way I had cum so quickly, without comment as if by telepathy we moved to their bedroom, the dog keen to have the orgasm he had promised himself and not going to be put off by any other distraction. Judy was quickly on her hands and knees on the bed, still in her night clothing so the great dog was not able to scratch her body with its fore-paws, the giant b**st up in a flash, humping at her naked backside in the attempt to mount his bitch. Pete grabbed at the alarmingly huge prick and guided it into his lady, who reacted with a shudder. I couldn`t believe such a large thing would go into what I imagined was a small inflexible orifice, I expected her to scream but no she absorbed the stiff red pole as if it was the most satisfying thing in the world. Again to my embarrassment, my seed splashed the flooring. Judy by now was on her elbows. the giant dog speeding his strokes as he got well into his stride, Pete warned his wife of the imminent arrival of the knot, which I doubt she needed telling about, this time she did give out a bit of a scream as Casper locked himself in place. For the next quarter of an hour they were locked together, Judy in some enjoyable discomfort, Pete his prick in his hand and a grin on his face, spraying seed on his wife on the one side and me on the other in slack jawed amazement having my third orgasm of the day. The dog slowly retrieved his now limp tool, then moved away to clean himself his doggy cum trickling out of Judy as she slumped onto her bed, exhausted.
In a sort of stunned silence at what had just occurred. Pete and I quietly retreated to the living room. Pete began to explain; he had always had a cuckold tendency, and had mentioned his fantasy to Judy long before the dog came into the household. They had had the dog passed on from a member of an infantry regiment that had lived nearby and had gone on to Hong- Kong and couldn`t take the b**st. The k**s had fallen in love with big soft Casper and the infantryman’s wife had had tears in her eyes when she was parted with her pet, It was some time before they discovered why, but when they did with his blessing the dog had become his wife’s lover in lieu of the “other man” and the problems that could create. Judy he said had seen me at the games night and had bet him I was a virgin! She had been “impressed with my shyness” he said, (flatteringly not my good looks or virility you will note shyness!)
Then he asked me to respect their privacy and not mention what had gone on this morning and Not wishing my mates to find out I was still a virgin, I was not about to blow the whistle, assuring him that I wouldn`t mention a word, which until now 40 plus years on I never have.
Pete and I were about to leave for the local taxi rank my German being non-existent at that time, when Judy appeared, a little dishevelled, but with a smile on her lips she gently kissed me and asked me to babysit again the following weekend..... A posting to the other end of the world or the start of World War 3 or would not have stopped me from returning that following weekend.
So: I could hardly believe my luck, I had had a grandstand view of a sexual happening, had three climaxes, a night out of barracks, a home cooked breakfast and been paid a little for doing it to boot!
Lucky old me was listed for a guard duty on the Monday at a sub unit so I was out of camp all day and night, so pretty tired and slept on the Tuesday thus the first days of the week passed easily. Pete had a word on the Tuesday afternoon and asked if I would be available on the Saturday as last week, as he needed to book a pass, needless to say I didn’t need to check my dairy, though I didn’t want to seem too eager but I suspect me drooling and my tongue hanging out rather gave the game away. Another pass was asked for and granted, so the rest of the week dragged past oh so very slowly, my mind running riot as you would expect and my wrist becoming exhausted.
Again the taxi met me this time at 6pm and dropped me outside the private hiring that passed as a home (for those that don’t know, that`s a private local house hired by the army to cover shortfalls in the available married quarters) I was greeted by the two boys and Casper the huge Newfoundland who bounced up to me like a long lost friend. I disentangled myself and the boys dragged me into the house, shouting that “Eddy was here” at the top of their voices. Judy met me with a smile telling me that Pete was in the bath, but to “sling my bag in the corner” and “did I eat salad as we are having a pick-nick out back?” This was a relief to me as I had expected meeting Judy would have been a bit awkward, in view of the things that had happened the weekend before, but the lady had no apparent difficulties and acted as if nothing untoward had happened.
The whole f****y had tea on the little lawn at the back of the house, it being a dry warm evening, the lads played happily with the dog till it was nearly dark, the three of us meanwhile chatting, over a beer or two, about every-thing under the sun, bar sex! Judy called time for the boy`s bed and after only a short argument, the boys reluctantly went indoors and away to their rooms upstairs in what we would refer to as an attic in the UK but here it was a dormer! Pete and Judy left then, “popping out locally” to a friend`s house” for “an hour”. I listened to the radio, and then got into my sofa bed; Caspar flopped onto my feet in a huge heavy immoveable lump and I lay feeling somewhat confused, after last week`s show of affection as I left, I had hoped for more this weekend but so far nothing had happened, though I made the excuse to myself the night was still young. I fitfully dozed till about 1 am when the now tipsy pair staggered in, blundered about for a few minutes then to my intense disappointment, went off to their bed taking the dog, all then went quiet and more frustrated than ever, I tried to sl**p.

Come the dawn and I was awake, I made a brew of tea and sat pondering the mixed messages I perceived I was getting, even wondering if it had all been a dream.
At 9am first Pete then Judy appeared, both fully dressed her I couldn`t help noticing in a dark blouse and skirt that seemed too good for housework, and enhanced her figure beautifully. They joined me settling down with a pot of tea until the boys then bounced in, as only 7 year olds can on a quiet Sunday morning. Judy now prepared a fine breakfast which we all ate ravenously. The meal over and Pete suggested a game of football in the park with the dog and the k**s clamoured for that, so it was shoes, on dog on lead and find a ball. I naturally got ready to go with them when Pete stopped me, “time for father and son bonding mate” he said, “You stay and help Judy”.
I can’t say I was disappointed, I have always thought ball games a waste of the energy that I never had in the first place and my tall gangling frame was more attuned to basket ball at best, anyway the prospect of time with Judy was something I was keen on if only to straighten my thoughts. Saying they would be a couple of hours, off they all trooped, peace returned and after Judy and I had washed up, we sat with a brew at the big table, Judy surveyed me with her cool grey eyes. She quietly asked me straight out if I was a virgin, which blushing heavily I admitted, but explained that I had not wanted to admit because of my embarrassment.
The news was accepted easily, “I knew it “she said gently with a knowing nod and went on to explain that she was sorry not to have spoken before, but when the k**s were in the house and awake, Pete and her, didn`t “do or speak of anything sexual“.
I pointed out that last week the k**s were in and what she had done with Casper was hardly upholding that rule, but she excused that by saying that they had been in bed. She then said she supposed I had been hoping for a continuation of where we had left off last weekend and I confessed that had been my hope, which brought a wide smile to her face. So I went on to say how she had been on my mind all week and she asked if I had “taken myself in hand thinking of her?”, she was well pleased by my admitting red faced that that was exactly what had happened and she then wanted to know how many times? Now I must admit I hadn`t been keeping score so I suggested something in the order of twice a night, though I am sure it had been a lot more. “That is one of the greatest compliments I have ever had” she said, she went on to say “Pete knew and was excited by what she had in mind for me today” they would not be back till way after dinnertime so “we had a few hours together, time enough to overcome your shyness” she said. By now I was in no doubt what was about to happen and becoming eager to say the least. Never had my prick been so rigid, in fact it I felt that to stand would have been a three legged job and her eyes had a sparkle that told of her joy at having a young virgin to deflower.
I had no idea how to make the first move, sitting as we were at each side of the dining table a kiss would have been out of the question and we couldn`t have reached to hold hands except at arm`s length, she sensed that so suggested we moved to the sofa.
This we did, though I moved with some discomfort, trying my best not to show the erection I was now sporting, which she found humorous, telling me not to worry it was the best reaction a young man could have and a great compliment. She then kissed me, no butterfly kiss from a maiden aunt, but a full bodied on the lips snog, her hands began to undo the buttons on my shirt as she did and I soon found myself bare-chested. That kiss went on for a long time, in fact the waste-band buttons and the length of losing the trousers long. She drew breath, and stopped me from opening her shirt, saying she wanted me undressed first “for her” and that she would then let me “un-wrap my own treat later”. [That phrase still gets to me] The underpants and socks hit the floor in a second and she leant down and kissed my stiff rod, muttering that it was a “cute dick” which I dearly hoped would be a compliment and which in my aroused state, was the last straw as she being rewarded with an involuntary spray of hot jism across her face and blouse at her first touch. This took her by surprise, and had a red faced me all apologetic, she assured me I would “last longer next time” and in fact it seemed to spur her to new heights.
She took my hand leading me to the bedroom next door, where she stood in front of her full length mirror, her blouse a pattern of damp stains that gave me a twinge of conscience. In a voice barely more than a whisper in a dream I heard her say; “It`s time for you to un-wrap your very own treat.” That phrase was to haunt me forever, as to this day, I still prefer to undress the lady of the moment, finding women that take off their own clothes, somewhat less erotic. The details of the next few minutes will be etched into my mind forever!
I stood behind Judy with her facing the mirror, my arms round her lovely body Kissing her neck and nibbling her ears while watching over her shoulder, as a button at a time I opened her blouse, revealed her wonderful poppy red lacy bra encasing a pair of soft pliable breasts, the first I even had been close to holding, in my now over exited hands. She helped me remove the loosened blouse, so I could undo that wispy bra, she slipping the shoulder straps off before leaning back onto my shoulder and allowing it to slip from her wonderful breasts, the nipples raised stiff from the rosy areolas, I became so engrossed staring at this my first live pair of these soft pillows that I momentarily became as mesmerised as a rabbit in headlights. her voice whispered that “I could touch if I wanted to”, and I tentatively took advantage of her offer, hardly believing this was happening to a lad like me that had been so long a non dancing, non sporty outcast.. That first feel of those wonderful breasts will go with me to my grave. Judy, enjoying my reaction, entreated me to be gentle and take my time.
I slowly woke from my fondling trance, her nipples as stiff as my prick now.
I suddenly realised there was still more to unwrap, her skirt quickly dropping away to reveal panties and a garter belt matching the, already shed, bra, perhaps a little impatient now she undid the garter belt and began unrolling her stockings.
I turned her to face me, knelt down and began slithering the nylons down her long shapely legs, my face now was at the height of her damp panties, the scent of her wet sex and her perfume a stimulation of their own, so I soon began to gently ease those tiny red wisps from her hips, to reveal her neatly trimmed pubic hair pointing the way to the damp lips of her womanhood.
Gently I swung her down on her back on her bed, she kicking off the remains of the stockings and panties from her feet as she went, her legs splayed apart revealing her wet, open slit.
It was all too much for me, as urgently now she pulled me onto her body with a suddenness that showed she could read the needs of my body and with the urgency of youth I could contain myself no longer, our coupling was short lived, my seed spraying into her almost as soon as my rigid cock entered her body.
Again she instantly became as patient as a teacher with an infant on his first day which in reality I was. Cuddling me to her, despite her own needs not having been satisfied, she gently told me the recovery time of youth would soon restore things and to slow myself down, gently allowing me to use my hands to explore the contours of her body, the soft folds of her sex both fascinating, and stimulating very quickly restoring my libido if indeed it had ever gone away! Her hands I suddenly noted were clawing at the bedclothes in an attempt to keep them from me in the full knowledge that it was my first and most memorable time of my young life and that she was making this about me rather than her. My stiffness having returned and with her gentle instruction`s whispered in my ear I was soon back in the saddle, my prick feeling as if it was gripped by the softest of damp silk cloths, something that I had not noticed in my first most urgent charge, a slow regular instinctive movement began, the pace began to quicken gently, she began to lift her hips thrusting herself forward at every stroke, urging me onward, begging me to give her more, her quiet voice beseeching me not to stop until she told me to cease. Her head now bobbing from side to side, her sex gripping me strongly, her legs about mine, her hands on my shoulders I was aware of her nails digging into my flesh, I hardly cared, “do whatever you need my lover “ she whispered as I emptied another load deep into her body. With a great heave she came, screaming, gasping, and moaning, an automaton taken by the moment, then suddenly to my consternation, collapsing as if in a faint.
Stillness returned, that gentle quiet stillness of exhaustion, our breathing returning to a more usual pace, my prick fast shrivelling flopping from its beautiful holder, we lay together for a long time my head on one of those luxurious pillow soft breasts, our bodies returning slowly and reluctantly to the real world.
We had just re-dressed when we heard the Pete and the boys returning, it having come on to rain that we hadn`t noticed. The boys were sent off for a bath. Judy back to motherly normality beginning to sort out a meal,
Pete with a smile like a cat with the cream asked if we had “had a good time while he had been out?” Judy answered that that she was very tired but we had had a “stimulating long chat” and “that I had a very enquiring mind” and that she was now looking forward to our “next subject”, at which my mind went into overdrive again.
To my intense frustration the rest of the day went by in f****y pursuits, both boys were being up and my pass expiring before bedtime there being no further windows of opportunity so to speak.
It was a full 2 weeks before we could pick up again, it was a bl**dy long 2 weeks.

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6 months ago
Fabulous story, what a way to lose your cherry. Thank you.
6 months ago
Such a hot story. Thanks mate, really got me going