The taking of Nadia Craig 4

The taking of Nadia Craig 4
beware those who dont enjoy gore this is not for you!

The light of another morning hit Nadia`s eyes, and she awoke to face another day in van-dams whore house, it had been 2 months now since her a*****ion, her heart ached for her husband, her friends, and her contacts on the web.
She had turned tricks since that second day, as she was what van dam called a bit mumsy and as she had entertained his nephew so well and so patiently on the first night, she had been allotted the virgins ever since.
Not that she didn’t get her share of punters, good, bad and indifferent at a rate of two or three a night, but she had been f***ed to specialise in virgins and some were really young.
She had kept a score, she had had 150 men in all 40 of them first timers, there had been a handful she fancied and were good lovers, and a few that had returned and asked for her, but there had been a dozen absolute terrors that had either been too big or too sadistic which she did not want to ever see again, though she knew that would be a forlorn hope. One had had her so f***efully she had bled badly, and another had had her analy to the point of her not being able to sit well for an unproductive three days to Van-dam`s displeasure.
Monica had fared worse as the girl was black and round the area they were in (and they still didn’t know where they were) black women were termed “fair game” being used in the most brutal fashion, she had had 10 days off in all, recovering from one beating or another, though van dam did not care in her case as he charged more to offset the beatings he knew she would receive.
Also in this house was a staff doctor known for his sadism, a d***k, nicknamed ‘Joseph’ by the girls after the notorious Auswitz doctor Joseph Mengalay. Van-dam fed, clothed and kept him in drink and occasional sex in return for his services to the women This worthy had taken a shine to Monica, loving the way she screamed as he inserted stitches in her torn anus the first time she had been f***ed to visit him. He had asked for her a few times since, each time in room seven, the underground room all the girls hated at the end of the corridor, kept for the “special clients”, or as we would call them... sadists.
Nadia had not been into that yet, she hoped she never would, in favour as the “virgin queen” van dam was saving her for her specialist subject, a role she secretly enjoyed in a perverse sort of way.
He was trying to get more of that sort of work but it was a slow job advertising the service, and there was an apparently large lack of virgins in that area the cat house being a well established place for some years.
One young lady, Oonah by name a mouthy blond and for some reason never popular with Van-dam, had been used so badly in room seven with a bull whip that she could only be repaired by Joseph`s stitches, and now like an unattractive rag doll was being chosen by only the worse types of client and she had been told she “could expect to be sold at the next auction.”
The girls had no doubt she was a candidate for sk** row.
They all knew escape was impossible from the remote location Van-dam had chosen for this very reason, so most had abandoned the idea early on, the local sheriff was a ‘valued client’ so there would be no help from that quarter, and a lift on the highway would be a remote hope that would be scuppered by the sheriffs men or the helicopter van dam employed. Oonah however decided to try escaping believing she had little to lose she slipped away in a storm that grounded the chopper one evening, she had lasted 15 long hours free, before being returned exhausted by a black and white sheriff`s car.
Van-dam had interviewed her and she had said that “She would rather die than turn tricks for him in this evil place.”
His reply had shocked her as he had said “so be it then though you have an hour to change your mind!”
He had then walked away.
She had not changed her view.
She was now awaiting another session in room seven, van dam told her with relish a session was scheduled for the coming weekend and she should expect it would be her last.
The girls all knew the score and were avoiding both the eyes of the poor girl and the subject, in deference to Oonah`s feelings, which made the atmosphere in the place, strained to say the least.
The CCTV used for security in every room could be connected to the flat and they all knew Van-dam made films, also whenever a ‘special night’ was going on it was patched through to every TV in the place van dam knowing the effect of demonstrating his power.
Life went on; the punters still appeared daily, usually about midday in a battered bus from the next township 20 miles away, the bus disgorged its normally white male clients, from the canning factories though there were days set aside for what was termed “other folk”, Chinese, and east European worker`s and the coloured men with their huge members.
It was all hands to the pumps, the men choosing their women in the reception area. Then one after another the girls dealt with the men in their rooms like a queue at a hamburger stand The rush dealt with after a couple of hours, off would go the bus.
Life would fall back to the normal boredom of a bunch of eight girls in a cathouse in the desert, TV, cards, sl**ping and smoking.
Occasionally a client would stay over, or even pay extra by asking for room seven, being returned after either on the next day`s bus or with Pedro who would fetch stores with the station wagon at the same time.
Other staff in this disjointed place all lived in rooms behind the single story building, they were Pedro, who did the cleaning and repairs, his wife, Maria, who glad to be still alive cooked their wonderful meals, and a couple of thugs, Tony and George “the security”.
Of course there was Van-dam and his repulsive son, who lived in an apartment over room seven at the far end of the building, were they could enjoy the screams of pain emanating from below
No one ever mentioned his wife, who it was rumoured was no doubt silly enough to try leaving him at some time and was buried out in the desert.
At quiet times a girl would be called to Van-dam`s apartment to “watch videos” and this is what happened to Nadia on the Thursday before what had been appointed in a euphemistic way as Oonah`s “big weekend.”
The Dutchman, opened the door to her and motioned her in, the boy was sitting on the sofa, feet up watching one of the many home made blue films from the rack beside him, this one featuring one of the girls, Tina, that had arrived with Nadia, and who had been moved away after a day or two to one of van dams other “homes” she having refused to service a client.
Nadia stood transfixed by the film as the naked young man watched with some obvious excitement while the girl was slowly whipped between the legs she was hung by, no gentle soft thronged whip either the skin of the screaming girl being removed by the lash, bl**d running freely down her upturned body, her sex slowly taking on the appearance of minced steak.
The Dutchman had sat in an armchair, absorbed by the film his son had chosen. The film came to an end the screams having died and the young woman`s apparently lifeless body now hung by its ankles, beyond help.
The boy`s orgasm powerful and copious, stimulated by the visual perversion he had just witnessed. The Dutchman laughed at her shocked face and said ”you did a good job of teaching him hey!” called the lad a real man, then addressed her again, asking did she realise what would be happening to Oonah this weekend?
She picked her words carefully and replied that the woman “had few expectations”,
The Dutchman laughed sardonically, glad he had instilled terror in the poor girl, he went on to ask if Oonah was scared, Nadia said the k** was terrified, and she expects to be at least hurt badly.
His reply ran her bl**d to ice as he said “She may be right at that, as her grave is already dug.”
He said she was to play mother to the silly bitch: and that she would replace her if she vanished before Saturday evening, and she would be assisting in the event. Did she understand?
She asked that it not be her as she liked little Oonah, but his face darkened and he swore at her that it was to be her as she was older than the rest, did she understand.
She reluctantly nodded; he said she would be presenting Oonah in wristlets, and ankle straps to him at the door to room 7 at eight on Saturday, the victim would be dressed in a nightdress, and knickers that the guest will supply.
Nadia would be fully dressed as the girl`s mother; for the film she would beg the guest to spare her daughter but would be told to secure the girl. She would do as asked, then she would offer her body if the guest would spare the girl. The guest would accept first stripping her, then having full sex with her, he would then secure her and probably use his whip on her a little, he would then do whatever he wished to Punish Oonah while she watches and protest`s, before he has sex with the girl to finish.
Had she got all that? She said she had, it was etched on her mind, She Nadia Craig was to be whipped, that was the most important thing now, it had never happened before.
Oonah was a lost cause; they all knew that, but...He gave her a moment to let the news sink in then she was dismissed.
Friday the bus was late, and it was crammed, and they only just finished the day’s quota before the evening meal was served, exhausted they all sat at the table each girl in varying amounts of undress, each one showing signs of the heavy day they had had.
The meal over big tony, the head bruiser stood and got their attention, “tomorrow you ladies can have a day off,” he said “there will be no Johns, and you broads will assemble here at 8 .15 in the evening to watch a punishment, all eyes swivelled to Oonah, in silence the girl quietly began to weep. He went on that “Nadia will be accompanying the victim,” without exception the silent eyes all moved to Nadia, faces shocked and white. “ The reception area will be out of bounds between 7 and 8 so the guest may arrive and dress, and again after the entertainment is over”. “Do you all understand?” nods all round. The women retired tiredly to bed, tomorrow they could sl**p.
It was a very long hot day, Oonah, spending most of it in a deep d**g induced sl**p.
They offered her food when she awoke, but she refused, only having water and the tranquilisers Van –dam had sent down with this selection of clothes. Nadia was dressed by seven, then she did the shaking Oonah`s hair dressed her in the thin white nightdress and matching knickers fitted leather wristlets to both wrists and ankles and waited, herself as nervy as the girl.
They heard the client arrive ushered down to the dreaded room by Tony, the clock showed eight, as they knocked at the door. George let them into the large cool room. The client wearing a gold robe and a bizarre hood, stood under a spotlight at the far end of the room. Dimly they were aware of the presence of a number of shadowy figures in the darkness to either sides of the silent chamber.
Nadia felt the girl at her side quaking, as she attached the anklets and the wristlets to the four ropes hanging in front of her. She turned to the gold clad finger and announced in the best voice she could muster; that “she was the c***d`s mother and though she had delivered her as she had been told, she was begging for her girl to be spared, at that moment she meant every word.
He silently tightened the ropes lifting the girl`s hands high above her head, she whimpered a little as the ropes tightened, till she was on her tiptoes.
Nadia in her role as mother threw herself at his feet, begging him to take her instead of her companion. His voice deep and vibrant in the empty chamber boomed that he would see and that she was to remove her clothes so he could see her.
Her hand went to the front of her two piece blue suit, one at a time her shaking fingerers opened the row of silver buttons, discarding first the jacket then the blouse. That revealed her frumpy looking deep bra.
She stood a second as his glittering eyes ran over her restrained breast`s, he motioned her to remove her skirt, which soon fell to the floor around her ankles. The half slip followed a frothy white on the dark floor.
She stood her tummy held by a girdle, stockings, sheer and smooth, pink knickers, and the deep armoured bra, no doubt in Nadia`s mind that these clothes were significant to this evil hard eyed figure now circling her body.
The younger woman was forgotten now in her own terror of this evil being, to whom she had submitted to so very easily.

The close inspection went on for a long time, then the hood spoke again, the single word “WRISTS”.
His booming voice echoed round the room Nadia put forward her wrists with an effort of willpower she didn`t know she possessed and from somewhere she could not see he produced wristlets clamping them tightly round her wrists. And attaching ropes to each. Her fingers began to tingle as the bl**d flow ceased to them.
She felt rather than saw the rope tighten the pain in her wrists became severe as the ropes lifted her to her tip toes. The court shoes just now in contact with the floor and taking a little but not all her weight now.
She hung for long painful moments as he secured the ropes then stood his eyes locked on hers, and she knew instantly this was about her and her mother image.
Oonah was just for him the icing on the sexual cake, it was she Nadia who was about to suffer.
His voice quiet now and full of menace, whispered that he had hated his mother and that these were her clothes.
That he was going to cut them to pieces with his whip and that if she was unlucky enough to be wearing them, then so be it.
He walked away, out of her line of vision, her mind doing cartwheels as she waited for the first stroke of the whip she knew would soon come, conscious of the bare skin twix her bra and that girdle, hopeful that the girdle and the big bra would protect her tender skin, remembering the graphic video of Tina the boy had watched, the bl**d and the gore.
She waited expectant her muscles tense, hardly daring to breath. She heard the whip crack, there was a scream, it was not from her she opened her eyes, Oonah had been the target, the whip struck her breasts again, bl**d spurted, from the soft meaty orb. She swore later she heard him chuckle as he hit the girl again, and again the nightdress in ribbons at the bust, red with fresh bl**d, the girl screaming. Nadia knew she would be next. Tears coursed down her face, her jaw hung open, as she watched her friend being systematically cut to pieces.
There was a pause while he lowered Oonah`s body to the floor, he then lifted her by her ankles till her long hair dragged in the pool of her own bl**d, her breasts now hung towards her head exposing their tender underside, the tattered nightdress falling to hide her contorted face, the dainty knickers still white against the pale skin, stretched tight over her backside and her sex. The awful lash began again, yet more cuts appeared across her breasts, her smooth arse became a ploughed field, and finally her sex, the dainty sex that her morals had refused to let her share, slowly cut by cut became a battlefield of bl**d, and gore. Each cut inflicting more damage to her tender sex.
Her life stream splashed the floor in a constant rain now and Nadia knew nothing short of a transfusion could save that girl.
He lowered her to lie in the widening pool of her own bl**d, uncaringly mounted the mutilated carcass and was soon climaxing into the remains of what had once been a proud and pretty woman, leaving his deposit like a letter in a post-box, and as instantly forgotten. It meant nothing to him he stood and left the draining dyeing girl without as much as a backwards glance.
It was the ugliest and most repulsive thing Nadia had ever witnessed, her eyes not leaving the bl**dy remains as the whip began to fall on her own body, she hardly felt the first few cuts, so stunned was she at the demise of poor Oonah. The big old fashioned bra saving her initially from too bad damage on her breasts though each cut stung badly, he soon transferred his aim to her rump, the pink knickers soon shredded as did the stockings, blows rained on her and she knew she was bleeding from her backside.
The other two garments protected her through the long rain of blows, in a daze she felt her arms loosened, she was thrown to the floor and her anus violated by this bl**d-soaked bull, with no feeling, no finesse, and no care, his seed filled her numb body, as she passed out.
She came too face down on the table in the Josephs “surgery” her arse felt as though it had been bored out with a drain rod and her butt and the small of her back felt raw, she still wore the bra but the girdle had gone Joseph was working on the cuts with some sort of ointment, she could small the stink of cigars and knew Van-dam was there as well.
She did not have the energy to look up, Van–dam`s voice cut into her consciousness, he grunted she had done well and had a week to recover, he had made enough from the film to cover that.
She heard the door close; Joseph undid her bra, peeling the massive thing from her upper body lifting her shoulders so he could check her breasts, which he did mauling her about to his satisfaction and her indifference.
Two of the girls Margarita and May came in to help her to her bed pouring neat spirit into her mouth to ease the pain, she asked about Oonah, they just shook their heads, hoisted her to her feet and dragged the limp body to its new room, the front one Oonah would no more need.
Joseph gave her something and the image of the girl imprinting itself on her brain as she promised herself that she would never forget the whole incident she drifted gently off to a d**g induced sl**p.

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6 months ago
Oh my, an excellent emotional and physical torture, my heart was racing while reading and my sex was dripping wet.