The taking of Nadia Craig 3

The taking of Nadia Craig 3
The dawn found the five women clinging together for warmth, the occupants of the second cage doing the same though in their case fear was the reason for the need to stick together
Tat face and a burley chap with a scar arrived and fitted his women neck collars, and wristlets clipped to their collars and with a chain from collar to collar it was like the days pre William pit the women reluctantly were led from the cage and with tearful goodbyes they were herded through the doorway, Nadia never saw then again.
All too soon it was their turn, Van dam and his men opened the cage, herded them out and loaded them into a cargo container, there was no light, little ventilation and only a little straw and a bucket as creature comforts, they felt the truck start, and the first motion so they lay in the straw, holding tight to one another, the hours passed, their stomachs rumbled, having had nothing since the stew.
The smelly bucket had to be found by groping about in the darkness, the air became fetid, the motion sickening, the huge box rumbling and drumming, the noise unbearable,
The hours passed, they had no idea of time anyway, finally the truck clattered to a halt. They were at what was to be called home, for the foreseeable future, time passed slowly till the doors opened; harsh lights greeted their eyes used now to darkness, it was night-time the air clean after the stinking container Nadia and her companions took great gulps, the men took them by the arms and marched them to a shower block where they were told to bathe and return presentable, and that there would be food as soon as they had done as bid.
They did not need telling twice, showers were shared, backs washed by willing hands, they were soon clean. Warm dry towels rough to touch soon had them ready for any inspection and they were ushered into the cabin that passed as a diner, with van-dam and a few men watching their nakedness and their every move.
There was coffee by the gallon, rolls, and stew, a rich meaty stew, the men`s eyes forgotten they fed and the meal quickly vanished. Pedro appeared and collected his wife helping her from the room, taking her to her new quarters,
The women were glad; at least one woman had been saved from the horrors of sk** row.
Their new owner crashed his hand on the table, he said that his men would be taking each woman to their new rooms, the men would enjoy the women in turn, and the report coming back would be the deciding factor as to which of his places they would work in and he added don’t dream of escape we are in the middle of a desert here and there is no escape.
Each of the men collected one of the woman, Nadia found herself with a big chunk who called himself Jeff, he led her to a nearby hut threw open the door and stood aside for her to enter. The room was pink, the walls mirrors, there was a bed, an open door to a toilet and small bathroom, and a chest of drawers.
The one shelf held a box of sex toys, there was little else. Jeff silently pointed to the bed resigned to her fate now she sank back on the soft mattress, opening his fly he was on her in a trice, till then he had been a perfect gent, now he was an a****l, as he threw himself into his job. No foreplay, no finesse, no kisses, just thrusting penetration before she was even wet, his large penis slamming into her body, dry- painful, the big man knocking the wind from her with every stroke, oblivious of her needs, She felt his balls contracting the stroke getting faster: with a final triumphal groan she felt his seed fill her body.
It was over as fast as it began,
He withdrew, stood for a moment surveying her with his cold eye`s then went, not a word spoken, tears ran down her face, her first trick turned, was it all to be this way, she thought.
She lay awaiting the next turn of events; she had not a long wait.
Crash, the door flew open, a man entered, a small man wiry.
Clothes came off in a rush and he was on her as fast as he predecessor, his light body so much lighter but he made up the bulk by his speed and agility, his buttocks moving with the speed of a whippet, wetter, now lubricated by Jeff`s spend there was less pain, but she lay passively accepting his thrusts, her hands at her sides the business done the little man rose, smiled, dressed, touched his forelock and was gone. Two men in 10 minutes, two lots of cum and no reaction from her body save one of disappointment.
Tears ran from her eyes as she thought of the last time at home, her husband gentle, loving, thoughtful, this was so brutal, her sobs became loud now as she lay un-caringly crying her heart into her pillow, the door slowly opened, an older man appeared in her misty vision, tidy cap in hand nervously clutching his cap by the peak, he approached her bed, he said quietly he had been sent to try the goods could he join her.
He slowly folded himself onto the soft bed, she knew not how he had stripped but he was now naked, his fingers grazed her skin as he slid his hand sensuously over her body, she was instantly alive again, back in her marital bed in her little home all those miles away.
She reached out to the man took him to her, caressed him kissed him her body reacting to his touch, he slid himself into her, together they began the old game, gently building towards the bliss she knew her body would not be able to resist, together they began to speed up their play, she began her climax, as he filled her with his seed, they climaxed together her with a scream of ecstasy, he with a grunt of deep joy. They lay together and she kissed him gently, she felt somehow she had betrayed her husband by enjoying this gentle lover, tears again coursing her face as he hastily dressed thanked her and left.
She lay motionless, the evidence of her coupling`s slowly draining from her soaking the bedding, as she awaited her next man, she was cooling now, her body unused to these changes it was encountering.
The door opened and a lad of perhaps 16 stood his mouth open, in the doorway, his eyes roaming over her body like a hungry man at a feast with no knife and fork.
She realised he was a novice, some sort of virgin , sent to see if she would oblige him, she took pity on the lad, feeling that her life was such now that she may as well go with the flow, motioning him to her with a gentle hand motion.
Hesitantly he approached the bed: she took his hand gently placing it to her breast, setting him to her body as a puppy to the teat of its mother, the boy gently stroking her nipple in a way that spoke volumes, he asked if he was allowed to touch her sex, she told him he was the boss, his clumsy fingers traced the outline of her soft lips, trickled into her cleft then up to the tiny bud poking its head from her hood. She suggested he took of his clothes He stepped back suddenly throwing clothes about like confetti till naked he returned to her, his young prick stood like a steel rod, she waited expectantly, his eyes begging her permission, she took pity on him, “come on then” she said quietly, he was up in a second
Feeding his member deep in her body, her eyes closed, as she accepted him, his crude unpolished movements having their own erotic feel, though they were uncomfortable bordering on painful, she allowed him to run his course.
His hot seed filling her, as he collapsed onto her body, mumbling in a language she thought was Flemish or Dutch
He kissed her roughly, then got off both Nadia and the bed, dressed, and backing away his eyes on hers the whole time as he closed the door still muttering to him-self. All very strange she thought as she used the toilet, washing herself as she did before returning to the bed, there were no further visits so she drifted off to sl**p, her first time in a bed to sl**p for over a week.

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5 months ago
Mmmmm, great job of making the encounters largely clinical and without dialog, my visitors knowing what i am there for, and me knowing as well. Accepting that i am there to sheath cocks and accept cum into my body, and that i am there for their pleasure, my pleasure is, for the most part, irrelevant.
5 months ago
Great story, Nadia has been well and truly had...even enjoying it with the old man....perhaps she will enjoy what is to cum.....even more