The taking of Nadia Craig 2

The dawn broke they had slept well, the straw having improved the night sl**p considerably, they had hardly opened their eyes when the little Mexican appeared, he seemed to be agitated and was gabbling in his native tongue.
Monica quietened him and asked what was wrong, his answer she translated to the others as the auctioneer was coming to “mark the women” whatever that meant, and they were to remove all their clothes before he came to look them over. She began to remove her top clothes, ‘Nadia’ reluctantly began to do as she was bid but the youngster wide eyed and panicking, shrank into the corner of her cage and began to cry and the hoity-toity Petra, stood resolutely refusing to remove anything at all.
Monica looked at Nadia and shrugged, by now she was with the speed of a professional now removing her last items of clothing, the look said it all; she knew what lay ahead and was not going to be making her situation worse.
Nadia removed her clothes and had just finished when the auctioneer slammed the door open, with him was a second man , a giant that filled the doorway, and a third slightly smaller man with a rather ominous black box and a camera both of which he placed by the wall.
The giant snapped his fingers at the Mexican and the first cage, Monica`s, was opened and the woman taken out to stand beside the box.
Meanwhile the auctioneer snapped at the two still dressed women that “they would be undressed before he fetched them or they would find themselves in pain.” His voice brooked no argument, Petra was the slower of the two in reacting, her sobs pitiful, but they both began to disrobe their eyes fixed on the black girl who by now was having her measurements taken by the enthusiastic smaller man who`s hands roamed ever-where as he ran the tape over her smooth skin.
It was fortunate that Monica was used to being mauled about in her appointed trade and she patiently stood as the roaming handed assistant checked she had not hidden anything inside herself.
He sprayed her sex with a clear liquid, waited a moment then said “clear” he chuckled as he explained that if the liquid had turned colour it meant she had an infection and would be worth a lot less.
Satisfied, he then took her picture from front and back before he had the giant take a grip of her in his great paws while he tattooed a number onto her shoulder with as much pain as he could manage.
The auctioneer meanwhile stood impassively watching and making entries into a small book.
The Mexican collected the woman`s clothing and bundled it into a sack he had fetched, he believed she would never need them again.
The woman was now bundled back into the cage
“Nadia” was dragged out, she stood proudly as the little man went through the measuring process, her breasts felt his ever eager fingers slither over her nipples checking, squeezing, slithering through her pubic hair rough fingers probing her sex, the sex she reserved for her husband, the sex that had had few invasive fingers, and fewer cocks over the years, the spray was applied, the inevitable exclamation of the word 2clear”
It took all her power to remain stiffly stood as if it was not concerning her. The giant moved her to the wall, click, she was spun around, another click, her image now captured forever on the camera; she knew what was to come.
The giant took her wrist, his other paw on her shoulder holding her roughly but firmly, as the little mans needle stabbed at her smooth skin, pain lanced through her arm. As soon as it started it was over and she was thrown onto the straw of her cage.
Petra was next, the giant dragging her by her hair to the box, she protested loudly, but to no avail the giant held her hair while the smaller man measured her the auctioneer taking down the details, as before, the spray, a number issued and the un-cleaned needle did its foul work, as it had on numerous occasions before, a screaming Petra was returned to her cage feeling like a side of beef or some registered a****l.
It was Jan`s turn, she had seen the other three processed, she knew what to expect, she stood and walked from the cage with all the dignity she could muster, she stood as the measurements were taken, her nubile breasts felt his slithering hands, then her pubic hair knew the passing of his fingers on the way to her sex, it was more than she could stand , her voice near to a scream she cried out that she was a virgin and please not to touch her... there was a silence that a dropped pin could have been heard, the auctioneer smiled, shook his head, and the little man stepped back as though he had been stung. The women aghast at what the girl had said knew what the consequences would be for her, she would be prized by some rich playboy as a virgin toy, as a plaything in the worse possible way and she was now worth a king`s ransom.
She was sprayed, then the dreaded tattoo was given with more care, a neat job; tidy lettering, gently scribed with much care in contrast to the painful scribbled number of the other women.
She was returned to the cage ushered there by the Mexican, shaking his head as he did.
The auctioneer now stood and faced the women.
“You will be sold tomorrow night”, he said “we have a number of buyers coming and you will do just as you are told. You will be allowed to shower tomorrow and I advise you to do your hair and look at your best for your own sake.
There will be a number of pimps looking for brothel workers and a few well healed men after playthings, as well as a couple of film maker`s who we call ‘the knacker men’ specialise in BDMS movies that mostly end up with a disposable carcass. We have supplied numerous women to them over the years usually after the women have been discarded by our other buyers and returned to this auction for resale.
You will not be alone in the saleroom we have some other guests, and there will be a viewing tomorrow afternoon.”
With that they were gone and the door closed behind the little Mexican. so now they knew, there was a stunned heavy, shocked silence, Jan again began to cry., it was the catalyst silent tears ran down each woman`s cheek, only Monica street hardened hooker that she was, had expected something like this. Talk came in bursts, each woman worrying about her impeding fate
The night passed in a sl**pless way that left each woman exhausted and in need of rest.
One at a time they were led by the auctioneers assistants, to a real toilet, then to a shower, blessed hot water, soap, a comb soon returned the women to a semblance of humanity, it was not to last, as each were fitted with handcuffs securing their hands behind their backs and a collar attached to a light but strong chain.
They were moved to a large room marked ‘viewing hall’, the walls had rings at intervals at head height around three sides of the huge room, each woman was attached to a separate ring, and a podium occupied the remaining wall.
They found themselves first in the hall though they were soon joined by a number of other women, Nadia, Petra and Monica together opposite the podium, with some women very like themselves, middle aged at worse, tidy obvious brothel fodder, some looking haggard, one or two so exhausted they were indifferent to whatever was happening to them, then there were a few wrecks, they were dragged to the right hand wall, amongst them they saw Maria the woman who had brought them their food pass by, she did not look up.
Jan was attached to the third wall, along with two other girls of her age or younger. Nadia realised it was virgin row, survival instinct kicked in as with some relief she mentally dubbed the third wall ‘sk** row’, which meant she was relieved in a way to be classified in the group on the middle wall even if it meant serving in a brothel she would survive.
The clock struck 12 and the first of the viewers arrived; A Dutchman smoking a large cigar prodded Petra with a nicotine stained finger, she objected as a lady would, and he laughed at her, remarking to his friend that “he would enjoy watching her in his dungeon, though her tits were a bit flabby!” they laughed took her number down on the program along with some notes then moved on to the coloured hooker, he grunted that she looked as though she was useful took her number made a note, then came to Nadia, his stained finger found its way into her body, and he watched her eyes as he did it.
She remained with a steady glazed look, saying nothing, he wriggled his digit, and still no reaction, still the steady gaze. He smiled withdrew his hand licked his grubby finger, took her number and then moved on, she shuddered, another hand another groping finger found its way to her sex.
By three pm there had been numerous hands, squeezed breasts, pinched nipples and smacks on the butt, one even fingered her arse, something even her husband had not done often.
The afternoon wore on, during which they saw Jan crying loudly, and the girl next to her kicking at her assailant, it was to no avail they all knew it was better to save their strength. Tired legs now, arms stiff from their secure position, hunger knowing at the guts, bladders full, they were each removed from their places and taken on stiff legs to the toilet, though it was too late for a few on sk** row, the little Mexican mopping up round the women and especially Maria Nadia noticed he had tears in his eyes near this poor shattered wreck of a woman.
It was six pm by the time all the men and the victims were assembled. The auction was about to begin.
The gavel clattered on the block and the first woman was led forward by the usher by her chain. She was the youngest girl no more than a c***d of 15, the Dutchman opened his bid at a mere five thousand dollars, a young man bid another two, hands went up all over the room, twenty thousand dollars, twenty two, bidding finished at forty three thousand dollars, bang went the gavel. The auctioneer`s harsh voice screamed “Sold to prince Henry for his harem. Next”
The girl was returned to her ring, her price and owners name emblazoned on her breasts in lipstick
It was Jan`s turn she was dragged to the front
The auctioneers voice again extolling the virtues of the youngster, he finished with the fact she was a virgin as he had with the younger woman, bidding was brisk she made fifty seven thousand dollars, the prince again being lucky.
The auction proceeded steadily, one at a time the women were sold, it was Monica`s turn the auctioneer explained she had been a hooker, that she was free from any known infection and “will be a good buy for any brothel.”
Bidding stated at ten thousand and after a brisk tussle she went to the Dutchman for thirty thousand, she exchanged a glance at Nadia who`s bl**d was running cold as she was fetched to the front of the assembled crowd who leered at her as she stood waiting.

She was described as a housewife with a strong attractive woman, with a sturdy figure and her own teeth, infection free and no obvious blemishes, but no virgin, who would grace any brothel or BDMS dungeon.
Her nails dug into her palms as she heard the description, especially the last bit, the Dutchman started at eighteen thousand dollars, a rat faced little man, leered at her as he bid nineteen, a large man in a tweed suit bid another twelve, the rat face swore and bid thirty two thousand, muttering he wanted to remove her skin with his whip, the Dutchman bid thirty three and a half, the rat thirty four, her legs like jelly now the hammer came down to the Dutchman at fifty thousand dollars, she was led back to her ring the Dutchman s name scribbled by the Mexican in a distracted sort of way his eyes on Maria still silently stood at her ring. On her left breast just legible the name Van-dam the first time she had heard mentions of his name the price on her right breast like a side of beef.
Such was the flurry of the sale that she suddenly realised her part was over and they were returning with Petra, tears coursing down the snooty maidens face, as she was again returned to her ring, her left breast soon bore the legend of the rat faced man, and her price of just forty thousand reflected the way she had behaved during the day. The sale went on, the remaining women on the middle wall were dealt with, the Dutchman buying two more, the heartless rat face buying three more, each of which he told with a sardonic joy that they would be skinless wrecks by the time he and his friends would be finished with them, chuckling at their distress when he told them.
The auctioneer moved on to sk** row, prices reflected the state of the women, most went for just low hundreds, no thousands here, their bodies so misused now they were worthless in the brothels and the most they could hope for was a quick death, they all knew the score, most past care they had been used in the most brutal ways imaginable now the ruthless users and owners needed to dispose of their bodies, evidence of this cruel trade they would soon vanish without trace, the risk for these buyers being immense but the snuff movies trade being very lucrative.
Most would end up as pig food.
Nadia saw the Mexican near beside himself with grief, on his knees in front of the Dutchman, begging and imploring him to save just this one woman. Much to her surprise, the Dutchman bid for Maria and got this wreck of a woman for just five hundred dollars, the over whelmed Mexican thanking him in a most profound manner for his generosity.
Monica later explained that he had asked the Dutchman to buy Maria and keep her for a cook and they would both work for him for the year for free.
The last poor wretch was sold, the hammer fell for the last time, the matter concluded.
The women were removed in groups to the cages for the night, the buyers wandering away to a nearby hotel for the night as if it were the most casual of things to have bought a few human beings and spent thousands of dollars doing so!
Nadia found herself with Monica and Maria and two girls they had not met before, Tina and Amy, from Chicago, in Monica`s old cage they were all relived that they were not to be going to the rat faced man, his victims in Petra`s old cage next door, there were still a lot of unanswered questions in a lot of disturbed minds.
At some time shortly after the auction finished the little Mexican served a stew, which not having eaten for many hours they all ate ravenously. He had a very rapid conversation with Maria; he then went away leaving her in tears of relief.
Monica, quickly asking Maria what had been said and to their amazement finding out that the little Mexican, named quite predictably Pedro by the way, was her husband of twenty years and to get her released he had had to promise themselves to Van dam as cook housekeeper and house boy, they were to travel together with them the next day he had not told her where, it was probable that he did not have a clue where.
With full stomachs and many unanswered questions the women soon slept it had been an exhausting day.

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5 months ago
Very nice continuation, i loved immersing myself in the fantasy of being inspected and sold like a side of beef, not knowing how my new Owner would choose to use me, but knowing i have no choice.
5 months ago
Building the suspense nicely......