The taking of Nadia Craig part 1

The taking of Nadia Craig part 1
It all started in the mall in a downtown part of Wisconsin, it was a normal shopping day, her name Nadia Craig and a well put together middle age, housewife. Her well shaped body encased in her jumper and short`s, must have caught the eye of the burly trucker named Pete.
As she rounded the corner of the old streetcar depot, a great hairy arm snatched her off her feet and bundled her into the cab of the reefer, she fought a bit but that was just part of the game for Pete, who had a pad of, something sweet smelling and sticky, two breaths and she felt her head swim three and the world just drifted away. Pete simply collected her like she was a bag of washing; threw her bodily into his cab bed, collected her bag from where she had dropped it and as the big diesel grunted into life; he slipped a pair of handcuffs on the slumped body, had a crafty grope of the lush breasts and then set off towards the setting sun.
An hour later the big truck was in a lay-by, the driver on the phone and the now gagged Nadia secured to the bed at the rear of the warm cab, her head thumping like a drum, her eyes wide with fear.
She listened intently desperately trying to concentrate her fuzzy head taking in one word in two as Pete seemed to be selling her like a side of beef, over the phone.
They were soon on the road again the rumbling truck doing nothing for the hammers banging away in her head, Pete; the radio at full pitch, singing loudly but flatly as he threw the wagon round the winding road.
She asked him to stop and let her out, he laughed.
He asked her name, she told him, “Nadia” hoping to forge a link of some sort with this rough, noisy man.
He laughed again and told her his name was “Pete” and that she was “on her way out of the state to a cattle auction with a difference” he laughed sardonically, then went on to say she was “lot 3” and he was “going to make a bomb selling her!”
Her bl**d ran cold; her f****y would be going spare worrying about her, her hubby would be going off his head, she knew. She then began to think of her own situation, why me? Her fuddled brain screamed!
But she already knew in her heart of hearts, that unless she was very lucky her life was over as a housewife and perhaps as a human being if she fell into the wrong hands.
The truck rumbled on, her bladder was now bursting, she told him so, he warned her he would not be a happy man if she went on his bunk!
She desperately tried to keep her urgent need to herself thinking who knows what this repulsive man may do. Finally they ground to a halt in a turn off to a mud road, miles from civilisation.
He produced a rope which he attached to her cuffs, helped her down on the passenger side of the truck and told her to “get on with it then” she was glad to be down from the noisy cab the wind blowing in her face freshening her still drumming head as she struggled with her shorts and panties. Her hands restricted by the cuffs luckily at her front she wriggled herself free of her garments, conscious of his eyes boring into her as she squatted and with some relief allowed her overfull bladder to relieve itself.
Her urgent need over she realised her vulnerable position, hauling up her clothes in an attempt to cover her nakedness, He laughed at her as she tried to hide herself, saying “she would have to soon get used to nakedness as some of the bidders would be using her and sharing her charms, if she was lucky for a year or two.” He then pulled out his penis and proceeded to water the desert in a show of indifference to her plight.
For a fleeting moment she thought of running off then remembered the rope, it was hopeless, he would be on her in seconds, and where would she run to, the road empty of human beings seemed to run for miles in both directions without any sign of life. She decided to bide her time struggling to refit her clothing, at his behest she clambered back into the hot cab he allowed her to sit in the passenger seat, a second pair of cuffs were produced and her ankle attached to the seat frame, the diesel roared and in a cloud of blue smoke the huge truck moved on leaving just two rapidly drying damp patches, mute testament to their passing.
Her mind now clearer, from the break, she began to take note of the surrounding countryside, in another time this would have been a fine trip, she however was desperately looking for perhaps the highway patrol, or a sheriffs car, something, anything.
They passed through a small township, the swarthy driver blowing a toot on the air-horn and waving to the local lawman as he passed in a demonstration of just how hopeless her situation now was a fact noted by Nadia who with a sinking heart was beginning to believe her position was beyond normal help. She asked where they were bound.
His answer that “she was on a one-way trip to hell” was not quite what she needed to hear. His soft, drawl adding quite a hint of menace to his words as he took pleasure in explaining that he was one of a band of truckers who were very well paid to ”collect “what he termed “better looking broads” for the auction.
She felt a little flattered in a sad sort of way and he then went on to tell her that the lucky ones became rich men`s playthings, for a while, the less lucky found themselves working for a living, till they were no longer wanted, a comment he did not expand, but his shrug made her shiver to think whatever her fate may be, it was not to be nice. The truck rumbled on trundling her on towards whatever destiny decreed.
Her mouth dry she slumped in the big leather seat her mind was in overtime.

Her interest in the scenery having waned, the hours dragged on, the miles passing like some blurred giant news-real, since the last few nuggets of information tears were forming as reality began to dawn, no cosy home, no loving husband, her k**s fortunately away at school perhaps would not yet know she was missing.
Even jasper her dog passed through her muddled mind, he would be missing her, who would feed him or walk him now?
Her stomach rumbled, she had not eaten since her breakfast hours before, she asked if he had any food, and he said “she would get fed soon” then conversation such as it was, had dried.
The truck air brake hissed as the machine came to a halt raising her from the glazed stupor she had drifted into. It was dark she realised, how long they had driven was anyone`s guess, Rough hands released her cuff and she was helped down, her captor led her to a huge old building voices congratulating Pete on the looks of his captive, as they walked.
The men removed her handcuffs, to her relief and she adjusted her shorts, still uncomfortable from the stop.
She was pushed into a small cage in an old warehouse, just enough room to lie down on the rough floor; she collapsed on the cold concrete. The door crashed shut with an awful clatter, like the gates of hell closing on her forever.
The hours passed, a Mexican woman appeared with bread and soup, which she ate hungrily, the woman waiting for her bowl patiently, before silently leaving her with a jug of water and a bucket. No words passed but, it was as if some unspoken bond had past between them, each feeling that the situation was hopeless and words pointless.
She cried herself to sl**p, the cold concrete hard, and her bones aching, she awoke as dawn was breaking, conscious of being watched she took in her surroundings, there were four identical cages, in a huge brick built room the other three empty, a CCTV camera surveyed the whole room its unblinking eye roving silently and impassively over the whole cold room. She used the bucket, the camera intruding on her privacy no longer more than a nuisance, let them watch if it turned them on she thought, the first of many small losses of dignity in her new life.
The door opened and the Mexican woman reappeared, crusty rolls and eggs on a tray, and coffee hot and steaming, she said nothing but her eyes said much as she rolled them at the camera, terror showing on her face less Nadia spoke. Neither spoke a common language. The frugal meal over the woman shuffled away, the door clanged shut.
The hours dragged past, soup came and went again in silence served by the Mexican woman. Tears again coursed down her face as she sat on the cold floor the hours dragging past ever more slowly, the light finally dropping from the one high window as the Mexican woman returned with her main meal of the day, a stew of sorts.
The meal just finished as the door burst open and a man entered dragging a girl behind him, she was about 20, half undressed and in floods of tears, she was thrown into the next cage.
The man exchanged a few guttural words with the Mexican woman in presumably Mexican it was a language she didn`t understand, the woman left , well more scuttled away, and was soon back with another bowl of stew, she gave it to the girl who through the tears gobbled at the stew like a hog at a trough.
The silent meal over, the Mexicans left, taking the food bowls while leaving water for each prisoner and an extra bucket for the girl.
The girl lay in the corner of her cage, Nadia, attempted to speak to the distraught girl, who by now was crying again. She spoke softly and the girl began to explain her name was Jan, she was from Ohio, had been dragged into a truck cab, ****d, then d**gged and had been dragged in here after a long hungry ride. She wanted to know where they were and why they were here, but Nadia could not tell her much and did not want to alarm the girl at this time they slept fitfully hands touching through the bars.
They were awakened by two new occupants both d**gged and u*********s, one black, in jeans and a jumper, and the other very white and beautifully dressed in an expensive frock, each thrown into an empty cage, it was still dark. They slept again till dawn.
Again the Mexican woman, and the eggs and rolls, by now the coloured girl had awakened, her name was ‘Monica’ and she was a hooker from Chicago.
It was a full hour before the last of the quartet came round she was from Idaho and was named ‘Petra’
She was also a pain in that she began complaining immediately about having been a*****ed, that her daddy was rich and that she wanted to see whoever was in charge. She wanted the john she said, Nadia pointed out the bucket which she said she was “not under any circumstances going to demine herself using a bucket”
An hour of her hollering for a guard did nothing except making her throat sore, and the rest of them tired.
Monica, with hooker realism told her to “shut up whinging, and if she wanted to hold her water to just do it and shut the fuck up!” In another half hour Petra was using the bucket. At least they were not on their own now.
The Mexican woman reappeared with a bucket of soup some bowls and a loaf. They fed, Monica a dab hand at Mexican asked the woman some questions and had a conversation which none of the rest understood. The man reappeared and the conversation was over the woman quickly collecting the bowls and the spoons then both leaving at speed.
Monica explained that the woman`s name was Maria
And that she had said the place was “very bad” and that they were “to be sold on Saturday”
That news was troubling.
Another problem was what day was it now, ‘Nadia’ had set off shopping on Monday, but she had no idea how long ago that had been, nor did she know how long she had been d**gged. ‘Petra’ wanted to know who would be sold and to who, Monica explained in words of few syllables the position they were all in and went on to say that the luckiest would be sold, to rich men as playthings till the men grew tired of them or they were damaged in some way then they would be sold off to a brothel somewhere, or worse used for a snuff movie.
The young ‘Jan’ began to cry, she was ‘Nadia’ thought near the edge of reason.
The Mexican slammed open the door fetched Monica, and left the door open for a short while, the woman returned pushing a barrow of bales of straw, which was distributed between the four women. She was then made to empty the four buckets, before being returned to her cage, they now were up of the cold floor, things were looking up.

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