A mum teaches 1

A mum teaches 1
My mum, is the typically English matronly lady, she`s 40ish, medium height, perhaps a pound or two overweight, shapely but smackable bum, tits large but not huge and beginning to head south, surprisingly shapely legs, brown hair, blue eyes and a smile that lights up a dull day.
She is every lad of 15`s wet dream, and she`s now mine, not my dream, But my conquest, my sexual partner and it came about some couple of months ago.
Better than that my old dad knows so we don’t have to be secretive and he approves as long as he still gets his weekly ration in the same old way!
Let me explain; I am Peter, I am 15 and what is termed a bean-pole, 6ft and 1inch tall, thin as a whippet at 7 stone wringing wet, a ‘B` stream boy academically, a keen swimmer who hates ball games and sports generally but who started getting ‘interested in girls’ at 13 however was so terribly shy that I had had no sexual experience of the female gender except from the usual sources of magazines and the like.
In this modern age of advancement and technology, now rationing has finished (and believe me that was a pain in the arse for a k** with a love of sweets like me) we have advanced things like the TV, my dad saved up for ours and it`s got all sorts of gadgets inside that gets us 3 yes, three channels! So I can watch such lovely women as that honour Blackman and Cilla Black, without having to embarrass myself saying the wrong thing in conversation or becoming tongue tied as I am prone to doing in real life.
We actually watched the coronation last year and were the talk of the street having ‘the box’ and inviting in the neighbour`s to watch!
Anyway back to the story, we live in a row of terraced two up and two down houses, in the back streets of a seaside town, we have an inside toilet, unusual in the area, a bathroom with hot water, tacked on to a tiny kitchen, and a tiny back yard with a shed for dad to potter in, (at his hobby for some years; building bird boxes, wooden toys and the like,) to supplement his meagre income as a bakers roundsman.
That bathroom as there is just the one loo in the house was to be the key to my suddenly finding my sexual feet and opening up our miserable lives!
Unbeknown to me my father, when it came to the taboo subject of sex, was a strictly once a week on a Saturday night quick missionary job, then roll off regardless of mums needs, duty done for another week type man, despite mums best efforts to educate him and open up his tight little sexual world.
Not that it was his fault it was the times they lived in, the war had taken the best years of his life away and his parents had been strict, straight laced people that felt sex was for the creation of life and nothing more, there being little joy in my grand-fathers house believe me.
Anyway my mum came from another world, she had parents that enjoyed life, they talked to their c***dren, sex was a matter of enjoying one another and they believed in sharing, I later found out that in fact it was her dad that shared her and her s****r`s virginity`s at a tender age explaining everything as he did the deed and with her mum there to allay her fears!
Things for mum must have been miserable on that front, there was a framework of deep love, he kept her and his only son (me) in the best style he could, he worked hard and in all other respects was a model husband, he just could not bring himself to let go sexually.
Mum could not have any more c***dren having had problems in my c***dbirth, so if she had strayed from the marital bed there was no risk of ‘mistakes’, if she did or not we shall never now know, but knowing her she would have felt that that would have been a violation of their marriage vows.
She did however feel that c***dren should be properly educated in school and sex, so she must have felt justified in educating her only son.
Having rambled over our f****y background, perhaps the bit you are interested in starts here.
My 14th birthday was a landmark; I was presented with a camera, but roll film and developer sensors excluded any sexual use. However it allowed me to take a flattering shot or two of mum in the yard, slipping in a flattering comment about her figure and legs during the take. It did not go unnoticed.
Dad as usual was off to work on the Monday and I was on summer holiday break and it was raining heavily putting pay to the Monday laundry ritual.
Her housework done Mum was at a loose end after dinner and decided she would have a bath. Normally in our house it is deemed good manners to enquire if anyone needs the toilet before you take a bath, to prevent someone desperate to use that facility having to disturb the bather. Today at dinner I had been given a pint glass of my favourite ginger beer with my sandwiches, (we eat our cooked meal in the evening when we can all sit down together) mum said nothing but went off for her bath while I was reading and she said nothing so I did not notice.
The inevitable happened and I had the urge to pee, the bathroom door was unlocked so in I toddled, to find mother sitting up in the hot water her tits on full show.
Naturally I was embarrassed, though I was quick to take a good look like most lads would, apologising I went to turn and leave but she quietly said that as I was there and had had a good gawp I had better do what I had come for as it was her fault for not locking the door.
Desperate to empty my bladder, I rather red faced turned to the toilet and aimed at the bowl, however things had stiffened and I stood like a statue tool in hand and could pass not a drop.
Moments passed and the voice said “oh dear I take it my top being in sight is just too much for you is it?”
I mumbled that it was the first time I had ever seen a real ladies chest uncovered and she smiled and said that she understood, and that she had never seen such a fine stiffy on a boy, (no doubt a lie to boost my morale as mine was very average for my age,) I still stood facing the WC desperately wondering how to relive the stiffness and the needs of my bladder.
She said she knew what was wrong and that I was to take all my clothes off and sit on the loo, I was naked and seated in a flash, she then told me to recite a poem but to look at the ceiling while I did, I struggled with that blessed poem and it took my mind away just enough after a moment or two that I began to piss and relive the pressure on my bladder
Total relief; however the poem and the piss over, here I was naked with my mother also naked only 3 feet away stiffness returned with a vengeance.
Her gentle voice asked if that was better, which I agreed it was. At this point I was near to grabbing my clothes and scampering away,
But she gently asked “as I had said I had never seen a real ladies chest, did that mean I had seen ladies in books then?”
Busted! Still with my eyes averted I hesitated before telling her that one of the other lads at school had had a copy of health and fitness, and that we had looked at that.
She said that was natural and asked me if I wanted to see ladies with no clothes? To which I said with some enthusiasm that I did, adding that there had been no chances of doing so though I had tried with my pal Tommy at the swim baths.
She said that was wrong and that it would lead to all sorts of trouble and that though she understood it, it was wrong so perhaps if she showed me her body would I be satisfied till I was a bit older, but I must on pain of death tell no one as it would cause a lot of trouble.
By then I was willing to have sworn on a stack of bibles, and all my Biggles annuals, that my lips were sealed forever.
She told me that mum`s too enjoyed looking at men and boys naked but that it did not happen often if they were not married to the man. So in return I was to stand and face her so she could get a better look at my wonderful young cock, I felt that exchange is no robbery and as I was doing her this favour it was OK, like a rabbit in a headlight I stood for her, my face probably like a tomato and my eyes fixed on the wall above her bath. She brushed away my hand from my stiffy, and then cupped my balls in her wet hand.
A strange feeling came over me just as it did when we boys had a wanking session in our den behind the wood-yard; I knew what was to come, instantly my cock jerked and a jet of what she later described as cum splashing on her face.
If my face was red before it was now the colour of beetroot, but her gentle voice telling me it was ok soon put me at my ease as I spluttered my apologies.
She wiped my jism from her lovely face and bade me kiss her, which I bent down and did, she pulled at my shoulders and I fell into the bath on top of her warm soft body.
Again I apologised, but she said as I was here now she would let me wash her body I was by now kneeling with my left knee between her knees and my arms on the sides of the old roll top bath. The soapy water hid her lower body and mine but her chest was well out of the water, her nipples stiff.
With trembling hands I took the flannel, and soap and slowly began to wash her arms. Fearful of touching those beautiful breasts, taboo for so long to my youthful touch.
Her hand took my free hand and gently placed it on the softest most smooth skin in my universe, not a word was said the tension like a blanket surrounding us both.
I dumped all pretence of washing, dropping the wash cloth and with a hand on each of her lovely breasts gently felt the weight and the texture of each, savouring the moment and having a good look at either brown nipple rapidly stiffening under my gaze. The water was cooling now but neither of us noticed in this moment of exploration.
Mum bade me kiss her nipples, then suck on each in turn,
Her eyes closed, her head fell back and her breathing deepened, my prick had stiffened again and was pressing into her soft belly as I leant forward to keep my lips in contact with her as she leant against the cold enamel of the bath end.
“The water is cooling” she said “let`s get out and dry off then we can be more comfortable and do the job properly”
I hopped from the cold bath and went to help her out but she waved me away , told me to dry myself then take my clothes and go into the living room and wait for her.
Sadly I did as I was bid thinking that this adventure was over and wondering should I dress.
Instead I sat ever hopeful.
I did not have long to wait as I heard the toilet flush and the gurgle of bath water vanishing down the plug hole before my mother; dry, with a dusting of sweet smelling talcum powder, her hair trailing over her shoulders and a pink towelling housecoat, appeared took my hand and led me in a whirl to the stairs, then up to their room.
She motioned me to her bed then sat next to me, again impressing on me the need for secrecy though she said she had already told father that this is what she would do when the time was right!
I was amazed at that, expecting dad to have been an angry man, but she said that theirs was an open marriage and she could do whatever she wished as long as it brought no shame to the f****y and dad still got his once a week! I really didn’t understand ‘what an Open marriage’ was but as long as dad didn’t mind and I was not going to get in trouble...wow was I all in favour!
She began by asking all I knew about ladies bodies, well by now the embarrassment factor had eased, so I sat and explained that health and efficiency though showing ladies top bits was less forthcoming with the rest, and despite our best efforts in the library, we that`s Tommy my mate and I, had found out not a lot.
Mum smiled at that, saying she would show me all of her body, and explaining all about sex, in all its forms, she would show me how to please a woman as well as myself, BUT and it was a big BUT, I was not to go using my knowledge until I was a lot older, that she would guide me till I was old enough so I would have no need to ‘try it on’ with other girls.
I asked what I could do about Tommy, as his mother and father were dead, he lived with his granny and it would be difficult to hide the fact that I would be way ahead of him in the subject.
Our f****y had known the turtle f****y for years, and Tommy had been the best friend a lad could have had I had trusted him with my life in some of our adventures, and we had a bond that was to prove unshakable in later life.
She said that “it was a very grown up thing to do thinking about my friend like that and she would give it a lot of thought, now though; did I want to see what a woman looked like or would I rather wait till I was older?”
I chose now! Thoughts of Tommy and problems in the future swept away by the moment and a rush of male testosterone.

“Well Peter” she said, “where would you like to start?”
Not waiting for my answer she kissed me gently on my lips, a kiss like none that I had ever experienced, her tongue striking into my mouth and touching mine in a way I could never imagine, my naked body stiffening in a display of sexual tension, as her hands led mine to her housecoat buttons.
One button at a time the pink towelling parted, revealing as it did her magnificent chest, her nipples brown and stiffly protruding, the kiss over she leaned back so I could have a little time with the soft breasts and nipples, to lick, suck and m***** as I would. Her breath began to quicken as my amateur fumbling began to stimulate her sensitive body.
She lay back now across the bed, completely abandoning her-self to my exploring hands running hither and wither they would. I remembered the buttons, and began opening the last few; each revealed another treasure to my amazed gaze. First came her naval, my kisses flitted across her belly, my tongue exploring the tiny thing atop the pink expanse of exposed skin, another button, and the contours changed, her belly giving way to a forest of curly hair. Another and last button, the towelling falling away from her hips like a pair of curtains unveiling a wondrous statue, her legs slightly parted the last wonder of her womanhood now revealed to my eager eyes.
I sat back on my heals, my gaze directly fixed at the half hidden as yet unknown area of womanhood, slowly she raised her knees gripping her ankles in her hands and opening her legs to allow me to fully see the centre of my attention, the pinkness of her lips, the hooded nub, the wet slippery cavity, my eyes must have been boring into her like lasers as she lay open to my intense gaze, the inner flesh of her thighs a brownish colour, the brown puckered rosebud of her bum, nothing was missed as I took in the vision before me. I must have sat on my heels mesmerised for what seemed like hours, time stood still for me as long seconds passed.
She said could she please move as it was an uncomfortable position, so I stood and she did as well, removing the pink house-coat at the same time she lay back down the centre of the bed, flat on her back legs wide, motioning me to climb on the bed between her legs and get a close up of her lower body.
She said she wished me to really have a close look, taste it, lick it, feel her, and enjoy her, ask whatever I wanted. Anything to keep her happy I got close up touching each strange part gently with an enquiring finger, as my finger traced each of the unfamiliar items she explained what it was and what it did, I found her pee slot and she said she would let me see it work one-day, then her clitoris hidden in its hood, she showed me how to use my finger to stimulate that, explaining how it was the most important part to ladies, so I started to slither my finger on that button and her reaction was instant. There was a run of slippery juice, and her back arched, her breathing quickened, and she gasped for me to lick her there.
I was down and my tongue was in use oh so quickly. It was not a taste that I had any difficulties with, I don’t know what I had expected but I found myself enjoying it so did she and her climax was something else, gasping and groaning she collapsed back to the bed as if in a faint.
Worried I stopped and sat back on my haunches staring at her wondering if I had overdone it. Her eyes opened to my great relief. Saying that that had been fantastic and that that was what a ladies climax was like and that it was equal to the way boys felt when they spat out the stuff as I had on her face that earlier. She took my rigid tool in her hand, and worked it for just a few strokes, I was so hyped up my dick sprayed her leg and belly with my seed she rose wiping herself with the towelling housecoat, and saying that that would be enough today, dad would be home soon and she needed to start on tea.
We tidied the bed and together hand in hand we returned to the living room to collect my clothes, she kissed me whispered “tomorrow” and then vanished into the bathroom.

if theres enough comment I will add the rest!

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3 months ago
That was incredible I hope it was true.

on to part 2...
3 months ago
This is very good mom phantasy, written well enough that it could be true. It wasn't difficult to imagine being there. Thank you
6 months ago
Wow. This i great writing. I love to read more. I'm hooked on your mom. Thanks.
7 months ago
Brilliant.... reminds me of being in the bathroom with my own Mom, but not with the same results.
8 months ago
glad you enjoyed the thing will start on a sequel soon