Dora`s bill

Dora`s bill
Let me introduce myself, the names Lenny, 6ft of unkept, red headed, slim, tired, unemployed, sex mad 30 year old , who`s wife is the delectable Dora, a 5ft 10, 36D 24 37, 25 year old blonde who has just returned to me after some days of intense adventure.
It all started at the library, as I said a month ago, I was keeping a low profile from the good lady having squandered her holiday fund on a certainty that obviously with hindsight was not... and the library seemed to be the best place it being warm and the last place on earth the wife would look for me. Anyway another of the great unemployed, a chap called tony, who I had known for a while came over and marked my card that a local loan shark, Sharkie by name was angling to use my wife in his “massage parlour” and today was his collection day. The man was a grease-ball, and he was known to be both violent and to run prostitutes, some of which were former clients of the loan business who had been unable to pay.
Forewarned was forearmed, I nipped off home to Dora, her rage being the lesser of the two evils and I did not want her to face this chap alone, though I didn’t aim to get involved if I could avoid it as while I had a wife that I felt I would like to keep intact.
I slipped in the back way just as the door was hammered by one of “the collectors “men. Dora answered the persistently ringing bell, and there was some `on the doorstep diplomacy` the upshot being her being told she would be visited again tomorrow afternoon by the boss himself for full payment. She returned to the kitchen to find me making her a pot of coffee which took the wind from her sails just a little.
Her eye was steely as she said that “we would talk about her savings later” but that she wanted to speak to me about this loan shark problem. Now I till this morning had had no idea that the silly bitch had been daft enough to use money from him to buy the Christmas presents this year and in the ensuing months the interest had built up so badly, a small loan was now looking like the national debt to our small income f****y. We sat on our couch, swilling coffee, and had a long talk about our options she was a scared woman the £2000 would be hard to find.
Dora cleaned for a local doctor`s surgery, it was part time and paid little but it was cash in hand and regular and she had done the job for a number of years. She also worked for a bookie and a dentist cleaning the workplaces of these worthies on the same basis.
Combined the three of them would not be enough to pay a week`s money to the shark so our options were as I saw it to run off to some other area of the country, rob a bank, commit suicide, or for Dora to go on the game.
I was not keen on any of those first 3 options, and Dora was unhappy about getting into prostitution, don’t get me wrong she was and is no virgin we had been swingers for years, but she was not into not being able to pick her partners. So she wobbled off to her jobs that evening, a very unhappy soul, nothing having been decided.
Her first job being the dentists, one Micklewhite by name, an older single man who had made the odd pass at my wife on occasions over the year she had worked for him. She had her own keys to close up after she had finished, so it was normal that he would see his nurse and receptionist away then always hopeful, he would chat for a moment before he left.
That night she was looking tearful and down, so he asked what was wrong, sitting her down in his rest room and plying her with tea.
She tearfully explained the problem was to raise £2000 by tomorrow or she would be in hospital or working the streets.
Sensing a way of at last getting his wicked way the dirty old git said that he couldn’t get that much together but he might manage £1000 if she would play with his body for a time. She asked for how long, knowing some of the things suggested by him in the past and he said he wanted to “be her plaything a few times each month”
The girl was twix a rock and a hard place, she agreed as long as “the money was in her hand tomorrow morning.
A plan was hatching as she knew the doctor and the bookie had designs on her body as well, she thought to herself she would try selling her body to them and she might get lucky enough to be able to pay old Sharkie and mayhap make a profit on the job as well!
He soon went and so she completed her duties, locked up then went to the surgery. Now our old doctor was a grand soul but his wife was a cripple, Dora knew he had a fancy for her and had for a while he having “talked dirty “to her. She began her cleaning while the last few patients were being dealt with, then the receptionist beat a hasty retreat as she cleaned the waiting room, the last patient hobbled past and away shown out by Doc Mobley, as he returned he greeted Dora, who by now was looking tearful.
He leant a sympathetic ear and soon had her spilling her story over a cup of coffee, she mentioned the £2000 and how silly she had been and laying it on thick saying she would do anything to obtain the cash by the next day.
He too soon took the bait saying he could perhaps loan her the money and explaining how his life was a sexual desert, his wife being a cripple and unable to help him out. Dora said she would never be able to return the loan in cash if she had it so he suggested if she was “nice to him” she could have it paid off in no time, and that he felt she was worth a £100 pounds a time to him, as he was so desperate and she was so attractive. The deal was struck, and each evening he would “work late” and they could be “Together!” He promised her the money the next morning and she could work it off over the next few months. After a kiss to seal the bargain and a quick grope to prove she was not k**ding, he went off home to see to his wife, Dora finishing the cleaning then locking up and trotting away to the betting shop, this she knew would be a challenge, as old Cornet the bookie being as tight as a tick. The old misery would turn milk with a single glance and would sit watching her as she swept and dusted she said it made her skin crawl. He had told her many times before that he had would “spank her arse if she kept bending over like that,” so tonight she bent down in front of him whenever she had an excuse. I did not take long for her to reel him in.
He suggested he would like to “put her over his knee and spank her pert bottom till it was red,” she said “would he now, and would he pay for the privilege as she was a lot short at the moment.”
His shrewd mind took that in a mille-second, and the cogs began to churn, she explained she was in trouble and that she needed the £2000 by tomorrow, so he went all sympathetic, asking who the debt was with, there followed a lot of tooth sucking then he made her an offer of paying off her debt, if she would become his plaything for a while. Dora knew he was a slimy old sod but decided that better a few days in his bed than in the local A&E so there followed a spell of bargaining and she and Cornet arrived at a compromise.
He would pay off the loan, and she would be his plaything for a whole week, Monday to Sunday, to do anything he liked too and with, as long as there was to be no permanent marks or injuries”.
For his part he wanted to be sure that I would not interfere, and would come and deliver her to him at his home to make sure there would be no problems. So turned on was he at the prospect that he suggested he had a little on account, but she said until the money was paid she would not take off a stitch of clothing, so he took her to his office and placed her over his knee, spanking her over her clothes, and groping her chest through her blouse warning her that if he paid it and she did not come across for the week, he would be far worse to deal with than the shark.
She arrived home to me flushed but happy enough, saying that tomorrow the shark would go away and that of course was a load off my mind. She explained that she had three jobs and that all three owners fancied her, well I knew that already, she always told me all that happened, it was the way we were. She told me that the three were going to pay off the shark, in exchange for certain sexual favours, I said it was almost like prostitution, but she said this way at least she could pick who she slept with, whereas the shark would have had her used by anyone and everyone and she did not fancy that. I could see her point.
She told me that old cornet was coughing up the payment and that in return she was to be his sex puppet for a whole week, I was to deliver her to him on the selected Monday morning and I would get her back on the following Sunday. Luckily we don’t have k**s so other than the cleaning we did not have any commitments. I asked if she was nervous and she said she was petrified, however she was exited as well.
I asked what she was expected to do for a whole week and she said that he could” do what the hell he wanted if it got the shark off her back and she was not scarred or damaged.
I asked about the others, and she said that Doc Mobley was going to pay her nightly but it was straightish sex as his wife was incapable and that the mad dentist wanted a bit more but she could handle him ok!
The next morning she went off to the dentists then the doctors letting each cop a feel to reassure them, Dora then told each of the three jobs she would be taking the week off on annual holiday from the next Monday and that she had arranged cover as usual, Dora then told each of the three jobs she would be taking the week off on annual holiday from the next Monday and that she had arranged cover as usual, thus the scene was set to pay off the first creditor, old Cornet. She popped into the bank, did some shopping then came home, I had had a busy day in front of the box, and brewing tea, when the bell went, it was the shark all smiles and greasy handshakes, he explained that he expected my wife to start work for him on the next Monday evening to work off the £2000 she owed. My lady took him down the road to the bookie to collect her “winning`s”, she then paid him off and sent him on his way less than a happy man.
Her next move was to enlist her s****r `Bab`s` to stand in for her while she was away like she had done in the past when we “had a day or two away” she needed the money being a divorcee, and could be relied on. that news was music in my ears as Bab`s and I had had a mutual attraction but had always had Dora about so nothing had happened despite a number of near misses!
That Sunday night in bed Dora promised to retell all the details for me after each event, explaining she would keep a dairy if she could. Her nerves slowly getting the better of her as the night progressed so by dawn she was up and dressed collecting the items she thought she may need to stay over at old cornets house up on the moors, where I had to deliver her at 9 am.
Our old rattle trap of a motor pulled up at his house at just 9 on this damp morning, the bell was answered by old cornet with a large golden retriever at heel, He ushered us in then asked me if I understood why Dora was here, I answered that “we don’t have secrets” and he said that she would be ready for collection on Sunday after dinner, then he turned to Dora and said he had been “looking forward to her” he showed me out saying he would take good care of her body and soul, turned on his heel and scurried away.
I returned to the arms of s****r Babs, who I now had staying for the week standing in! The week for us shot past, Babs covering the cleaning jobs, cooking for me and sharing my bed, in fact I only raised my weary carcass to go sign on the dole, and go for a pint all week...Shangri-La!
Babs trotting off home after changing the bedding on the Sunday morning, then I went to collect Dora as the dutiful husband after my dinner at the pub, ringing the doorbell and being shown into the living room as before.
Dora had black bags under her eyes looked shattered though she had a smile on her dial though she could hardly put one foot in front of the other. As I helped her to the motor, old cornet however had a spring in his step such as I had never seen in all the time I had known him.

We arrived home and after a brew, my lady explained that she only had had 4 nights sl**p all week, so off to bed she trundled, promising to tell me about it “tomorrow” she slept till midday on the Monday, then came down for something to eat.
After she had cooked us something and we had eaten I prompted her to give me the gory details, so she began to tell me her story, she said when I left his whole demeanour had changed, he said he had not had a woman to himself in years and was going to use every second to enjoy her if she wanted it or not.
Anyway he had her slowly strip, using his camera at every item and then he took her case away, saying she did not need clothes this week, he fitted her wrists with leather straps and then her ankles, as she stood in his kitchen the dog sniffed at her sex and she was told that she may as well open her legs as the dog was all part of the week and it had not had a bitch for months.
He bent her over the kitchen table and took her from the rear, she said he was more skilled than she had expected and had brought her to a climax in a few minutes, the first of many that week, he then had her give him a blow job while the dog attempted to mount her, scratching her back as it did so.
He then took her over his knee and soundly spanked her something he had been threatening for months By now I had a dick like a cucumber, but she said I could keep it to myself, as she had had enough this last week...I reminded her of the medical professionals she was to service later and she groaned heartily remarking that her s****r could perhaps do the cleaning to save her some of her duties. I suggested Babs could come over and do me a favour as well, but she ignored that!
Anyway she said he then hung her from what had once been a drying rack for clothes till she was on tip toe, he then took a soft whip to her till he again climaxed onto her feet and legs, he then lowered her down till her feet were flat on the floor fitting her with a spreader bar and leaving her overnight with the dog as company.
The dog she said used his tongue on her about 3 times during the night, which was a distraction as her legs were aching badly and her arm muscles were painful. She said she climaxed each time and got no sl**p at all. He appeared at dawn and had a knee trembler, having no interest in her aches and pains at all. After which he let her down then told her to cook breakfast, which she did, they sat and ate together then he had her again amongst the dirty plates on the table. The dog again had her on the floor, before they took turns her man and dog to have her, time and again, both virginally and analy interspersed with a sound spanking.
Mid afternoon she was allowed to bathe, though even there she found he used her as a toilet watering her with his urine as she lay in the bath. She spent the night in his bed, her arms and legs tethered to the bedrails, and he having her twice overnight. At dawn she was told to “do breakfast” and it was followed by a good whipping this time with a leather strap over the table end. After the washing up was completed he secured her flat on the table top, then he spent an hour dripping candle wax onto her nipples and pubes then removing it with a crop.
His next move was to shave her everywhere from her neck to her toes, following up with after shave which she said was the worst feeling of the day and that he saw that and said he would do it again later.
She spent that night still attached to the table, though she said by dawn on the Thursday she was desperate for the toilet and as soon as she was released she had to dash away to empty herself.
After breakfast she was soon back on her table, secured and this time blindfolded, he then slavered her body experimentally in various creams, each of which either gave her a burning or a cold sensation, at one time one breast gave the feeling of being on fire and the other freezing, he then took his crop to her nipples, which produced a lot of serious hot and cold pain.
The afternoon passed with the dog using her again, before he made her cook tea and sit with him bizarrely to watch television, like star crossed lovers, before taking her to his bed unrestrained for the best night`s unbroken sl**p so far.
After breakfast he secured her to the table shaved her pubes again then mixed a batch of plaster smothering her sex inside and out with handfuls of the stuff, it struck cold then rapidly heated itself as it dried.
He then did the same with each breast telling her to keep very still. He removed the casts, then released her, greased the casts with Vaseline then filled the negative moulds with fresh plaster, taking her roughly on the carpet while waiting for the casts to dry. He removed the finished castings destroying the moulds as he did so, and saying he now had a keepsake of their last day together.
She said it was strange but she was glad he would have a keepsake of her, he had made her skin crawl in the past but she almost felt sorry for this sad lonely little man, who despite all his money had nothing and no-one but his dog.
then to bed a missionary coupling and an uninterrupted night till breakfast on the Saturday, he secured her arms to a long wooden pole so she represented a crucified blindfolded and gagged scarecrow, then he stood her in his yard and turned a hose on her before leaving her roped to the wall, wet and spread-eagled against the shed in the sunshine, the dog again using his tongue to advantage at odd times during the long day, while he was indoors watching the racing he being a bookie. It was going dark when he hosed her down again released her and she having soiled herself, he made her clean the yard and before cooking tea for them both.
They spent the evening making love like a couple of teenagers, She said that he kept her up all night, either screwing her, whipping her or setting the dog to her, tenderly cooking her breakfast before a last long screw over the table end and then assisted her in a reverse strip into her clothes, just before I arrived to collect her.
I asked if she would do it again and she said in some perverse way she had enjoyed the feeling of not being in control of her own body, however like the curates egg it had been “good in parts” and the dog was a great turn on she would enjoy doing again!
Babs arrived, and agreed to cover the cleaning at the bookies and the dentist though she was to tell Micklewhite that Dora would be along to see him in a few minutes as she had an appointment first.
They left together, Babs to the dentists and Dora to the doctors,
The cleaning over Dora found herself with the doc on his consulting couch in quite short order, a missionary screw that took little time the poor old doc being so frustrated, she felt so guilty she told him that one was on her!
Her next stop was the dentist, Babs having cleaned and gone

Micklewhite looked relieved to see her, telling her he had been beginning to think she had conned him.
She snapped at him not to be so silly he was to refer to her as mistress, to strip off his clothes and be sharp about it, he was soon naked and a vision of white unfit and overweight manhood.
She had him crawl to her then remove her skirt and knickers, before licking her sex clean, she still had the doctor`s spend in her as she had not had chance to wash, He spent some time using his tongue to clean her and to rim her back passage, she then told him to get in his dental chair and while fetching her to climax with one hand he was to use the other on himself. He scurried into the chair and minutes later it was all over, she made him carefully dress her again then left him to dress and lock up. She was home just in time to do my tea. It was to be the beginning of a long relationship with the professional classes’ in our area and would I hope allow me to retire.

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