It was my birthday, and it was to be hers the following week, we always celebrated both together on the weekend between the two! Perverse sods you may think but it`s what we have always`s not the only thing that we do that`s perhaps not what some vanilla people would call “normal”.
Each year a month before our “birthday” we each write down on a postcard whatever fantasy we have invented or read about or are turned on by this year, and want the partner to receive.
Then if it`s a possibility the partner arranges to do sexually whatever it is on that birthday weekend, We can each have two requests, one for yourself and one for your partner, neither can be that needs trust believe me as there are no limits, though we have a safe word if things get too painful. The one for your partner is to be swapped with your opposite number on a postcard a month before; the one for yourself is in a sealed envelope giving exact instructions and opened either on the day or on the first day of the weekend that`s your choice.
This year my day is the Saturday and we take turns yearly as to who`s first hers naturaly this year is the Sunday. Now that all may seem like a good sexy idea but it can lead to some bizarre happenings and fall-out or aftertaste, we have been together 7 years now and we have had 4 birthdays using this method since we started to become shall we say sexually adventurous.
The first year was pretty tame, just swapping with our friends for the weekend, which as the lady I ended up with, was a real looker it was no hardship at all. Her partner was big chap in all but sex size and the wife missed out badly!
The second year I wanted to see my wife with a large dog, oh yes no worries she did just as I asked that`s why we now have a 7 stone pet Alsatian! It shags her regularly (and since the following birthday, me as well... at her request!) However it eats like a horse, costs a fortune and it`s me that has to be dragged round the park by it, me supposedly exercising the great b**st!
Then there was the year of the tattoo, she had me tattooed along the length of my prick, So that, like a perverse stick of rock when hard it has her name along it, it should have read Jackoline unfortunately I didn’t think I could put up with the pain so being a wimp there is only five letters! Her pet name is Jacko (most of the time it is spelt Jo, or at least the bit you can read is...I blame the cold myself!)
I got my own back by getting her pierced,doing the job myself the following year, just the nipples of course, and I got her a pair of name tags, property of ...well, you know the style.
She in turn whipped me for an hour with a bull whip then left me hanging for another hour.
This year, well today, our friendly tattooist cum piercer a 6 ft giant with tattoos on his face and I suspect body, sat here waiting to do his worse to me, he was aware of our Birthday system and was to stay overnight. Her postcard said that today she wants to cuckold me with this giant and I am to clean up afterwards for her and him.
In return my envelope say`s I am to have my foreskin pierced twice today, that`s not something I have been looking forward to but I feel it`s something I need to do to show equality as she is having her sex pierced for me. You see tomorrow she`s down on the postcard, for a clitoral piercing, and a line of rings down each of her sex lips, I have been looking forward to that.
I am to open her envelope on Sunday morning.
To start she ordered me to strip which I did, our huge friend lumbered across the room and pulled my dick to him sprayed alcohol on the skin, she held my hands and with a swift stab he pierced my foreskin deftly, the pain was immense, the second piercing was worse as I knew what was coming, the skin was quickly threaded with a pair of rings to which my beloved quickly added a tiny padlock. I was left to “savour the new weights and rings” I sat at the dining table, and she secured me to the chair, my prick was now painful.
I was told to watch as she slowly stripped for her partner, who by now was displaying his tattoos which as I suspected they were all over his body including his balls, cock and no doubt his arsehole. He then throws her, face down on the table only two feet in front of me, and slipped his huge cock into her and they began slowly to have sex. My dick now stood to attention straining against the new rings, the pain doubles, to her deep joy as she was visibly aroused by my pain.
She climaxed noisily, he carried on, she climaxed again, this time he groaned noisily and I can see he was filling her with his seed; I however was desperately trying to lose my errection to decrease my pain.
He withdrew offering his thick prick to me to clean with my tongue, I have never had another man`s prick in my mouth, especially one covered in my own wife`s slime. I gagged a little but he f***ed my head to him. The task is soon over to my relief.
My wife then swang herself to me, her body on the table a leg on each shoulder; I cleaned her sex, the taste of the tattooist everywhere, my face wet with cum, my chin, chest even my lap covered with dripping spend.
I was left in the chair still secured, they move off to the bedroom next door, five times that night she came to me to empty herself onto my tongue.
A puddle of come formed round my feet, on the tiled floor I became desperate to pee, and told her so on the fourth load,
She laughed and told me to “get on and do it then”, in desperation I released my bladder-full, the stream hit the padlock and the pain was again intense, she laughed and left me sitting in pain with wet feet.
The last time she returned, he came as well, watering me like a prize plant with his tool in her hand, before they then went to bed to sl**p.
They arose at 9am and released me to allow me to shower and clean “my” floor.
After breakfast we sat at the table, and she gave me her envelope. When I opened it, the page said; I have caused you pain, both mental and physical yesterday, today you are to have my lover whip my pussy till it is tender, then have me pierced, however you wish. My lover is then to take me as his payment for the piercings until dinnertime.
You are then to secure me and add weights to the new rings before he leaves. You are then to give me pain in any-way you wish until I climax once. Leaving me, afterwards as I did you, overnight.
The table was soon cleared while she willingly placed her wristlets and collar on then hopped up and laid back, her legs were soon strapped to the legs of the table to leave her open and exposed. A rope passed from the legs at the head end of the table across her throat, and through the D ring on her collar this allowed her no movement but allowed her hands to be free.
Her erstwhile lover now stood to her right and I to the left she took our rigid penises one in each hand and I held her sex open as he began to gently strike at her sex with a thin strap she had supplied, each stoke caused her to grip our manhood like a spasm, we could tell by her grip when she was ready for the piercing but gave her a few more hard strokes to make sure.
Our giant friend now pierced her lips, four rings each side were placed and she hardly moved as each piercing was done though it must have been painful.
He came to her then and asked if she wanted the spray to numb her clitoris, she refused, saying that she wanted to feel all of the happening "for me", so he first clamped her soft pinkness then quickly pierced her, adding a bar with a small ball at either end up through the hood.
We released her and allowed her to stand and walk a pace or two; her face was a picture as she savoured the new sensation at her sex with every step.
Our friend now took her to the table had her bend over, she held my hands as he applied a lubricant and eased himself into her anus, he then had her violently regardless of her cries of pain, suddenly he filled her, her cries now a wimper. He rested still deep in her bowels, then after a while repeating the whole violent scenario filling her yet again. He withdrew in one single stroke causing her yet more discomfort.
He then lifted her in his great arms and lifted her to our suspension chains attached to the beams of our low roof, her bare feet just flat on the tile floor.
From his bag he produced some fishing weights which he gave me to attach to the fresh rings he then kissed her tenderly on lips and again on each nipple, dressed collected his bag and left without a backward glance.
the weights were of a size that would not allow her legs to fully close
I spent the afternoon gently whipping my wife with a long soft cat of nine tails, stopping frequently, so the effect of weights could be appreciated, and so I could drip hot wax on her breasts. Also it was so she would not climax as I was only allowed to have her climax once.
It was seven in the evening when she finally climaxed, her bladder releasing its contents as she came in a massive shuddering convulsion, her body collapsing to hang in its suspended state.
I kissed her, wished her a happy birthday, I then gagged her so she couldn’t wake me during the coming night.
I ate before I toddled off to my bed sitting wondering what next year would bring.

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