Advance to the animal, The power of hamster

Advance to the a****l.
I have a friend, not everyone can say that, but I do and I met the lady on hamster. She refers to herself as a “total slut” which I don’t agree with, but there if that`s what she wants to be known as, fine by me.
Friends on hamster are a misnomer; I have registered on my profile 50 odd “Friends” one or two very odd as it happens, but only two I have that I think of as real friends, one a cross dresser in the USA, with whom I can share any inner thoughts and I hope he with me, this lady with who I have shared more than one climax, and another more of an acquaintance in the UK who feeds me stories of his wife, him being a Devout cuckold.
I have never met the lady, and though I do know her name I am not going to give it or one or two other details to “protect the innocent” as there are a couple of folk who don’t need upsetting or identifying round the lady and perhaps the couple involved.
So we will refer to the lady as `D`, locations too have been changed but this is a true story throughout with those exceptions.
I am a wanabee writer, I have done a few stories for hamster readers, partly for my own enjoyment and partly for the other members of hamster who may or may not have the same tendencies as me. It`s also a cheap way of trying out your skills writing and the stuff being seen, publishers being loath to touch some of the what they rank as “the out-pouring of sad minds” such as mine. Anyway I tend to write around BDMS. (Which I haven`t tried personally for years) Or b********y, in the K9 forms.
`D` read one or three of the stories and asked a lot of questions, and I knew her personality (or at least the bit she had shown me on here) being such that she was going to get involved in the scene. She lives in a cottage out near Wrexham, with a husband that thinks sex is a Saturday mission, and who never thinks to check her computer so really `don`t have a clue` about the workings of her mind from what I can understand, perhaps he would rather not know!
sl**ping dogs better to stay sl**ping! It takes all sorts.
Anyway the story that got her going was one from my youth,and involved Casper a Newfoundland. The thought of this giant dog skewering her was getting her hot but the thought of his knot was sending her right over the top, as she confessed to me later.
At her request in private messaging, I explained the mechanics of the knotting to her and it seemed to push her way over the edge, in turn her excitement did it for me as well but that`s another story.
A couple of days after that she came back to me and apologised for getting carried away!
My reaction was “Silly girl!”
I had totally enjoyed sending her into orbit even if it was 100 miles hence! In fact I suspect that was as much of a turn on for me; being able to have that effect on another human being at such a range, as even the dim ones can do it face to face and hands on, that`s instinct, to do it in words is an art form.
We only talk in the evenings due to work commitments and The next thing was she came on, and said she had ”found a friend who knew someone,a couple,that kept dogs” who for the “keeping of a set of photographs for themselves” would help her achieve her goal with no fees.
Normally alarm bells would ring, but the couple she had contacted seemed genuine enough and so she had made arrangements to visit an old school friend who lived in their area, so that she could visit the place. She had Google`d the remote home and left the coordinates on her computer... “Just in case of white slavers!” she said laughing. She then asked what I thought. Was she a complete slut?
Well I thought it was up to her, she he was the one who was dog curious, and if she did it and it was too much she needn`t do it again ever, however if she didn`t do it at all she would be forever curious.
As to the security aspect, well the photos would be a worry; however you looked at it, they could be used for blackmail, except she had only talked to the couple by mobile pay as you go, and they had no idea of her address they living over 60 miles away. She had chatted to them and things to her seemed straight, so I said she should go for it if she wanted to do it that much.
As to being a slut well I didn`t believe that for a minute,I never have, as she just had a healthy appetite for sex, be it one sort or another.
The couple she said had suggested using a turkey baister of hot water well into her body, that would give the nearest effect, and if she wanted to still try they would be happy to accommodate her.
The next night she came on she said she had tried that and it tickled and that she was off to them on the next weekend as she was keen to try, and would perhaps chicken out if she waited too long,if I ever visit though shall avoid the turkey, lol!
I could understand that, opportunity`s don’t always strike more than once and the logistics of this all came together like fate had decided for her.
She said they had two dogs a lab and a Dalmatian, which did I suggest?
As I said the only real experience I had had been with a Newfoundland, so I suggested she should leave it to the wife of the couple, she being the experienced one and to ask for a set of the pictures for herself.
I then set out my imaginings for her in a series of messages and she gave me her word that she had climaxed from them, I asked her to let me know how the image in my mind compared with the reality.
She said she was to meet them on the Sunday teatime and stay for that evening, and would I think of her at that time.
Would I, I thought of nothing else on Sunday, images of her flashed into my mind hourly, would she go through with it, would the Embarrassment factor overcome the meeting, which dog would she choose; would she share the photos?
Images of her on her hands and knees mounted and in pain from the knot, guilt on my part at having built for her the image in her mind and her need to try this at all, they all flashed through my mind at some point through the day.
Would she want to talk to me again?
Even; was I involved in this for my own self gratification, or hers, or what? After all I had nothing to lose, she could potentially be a porn movie star, or in the hands of some sort of sadists, or even as she said white slavers...imagination ramped away.
Then there was the physical side; try explaining a cut on your back from a claw to your hubby, or even a tear from an oversize stretch.
Would she be able to walk way, it all went through my mind, played over like a newsreel.
So I awaited her call scheduled for Wednesday evening,when she had returned home,with baited breath.
When it came I was not disappointed.
She told me that on the Friday evening she had set off for her friend`s place, a cottage of sorts further down Wales, and only about 5 miles from the dog keepers, to whom she had spoken again and had had a few instructions from.
Her friend she had not seen since University, where they had been “close,” my friend is “Bi”. A full day of close harmony passed the pair enjoying reruns of old time stories interlaced with sweet gentle sex.
Over an evening meal that Saturday “D” explained to her friend that she had planned for the next day, what she called “an adventure;” though she didn`t enlighten her as to the location, and told her it was something she needed to do alone.
Patty, the friend sat with her mouth open as “D” explained about hamster, me and my story she had found so interesting, then about the friend of a friend. She explained that she was intent on having sex with “their big old dog” and soon before her resolve cooled, forever and she would be sorry she had not done what she set out to do.
Patty knew how determined “D” was and once she had set her mind on something, it was going to happen so they spent the night in gentle sex, Patty treating her as if she was away to the scaffold at dawn.
Next day came and after a good late breakfast and no shower, and in yesterday`s knickers, as instructed by her mentor with the dog, she set off for the cottage. She was dressed in trousers and a blue jumper, over her favourite bra, a black platform affair.
Butterfly`s fluttered in her stomach, as she pulled up at the address given, a two story affair, tidy garden, clean curtains, the signs were good, but what do you say at the door of someone you don’t know and who`s dog you want to sl**p with!
As she approached the door it opened, a blousy woman heavy set, big breasted, nicely dressed in white shirt and dark skirt, stepped out and to her relief said “your `D` I take it”.
She was ushered into a warm kitchen and through to a large sitting room.
The woman introduced herself as Mary and poured a couple of glasses of wine, over the next couple of hours the bottle went dry and the pair chatted, while waiting for Mary`s hubby to come home he had been held up she was told.
The dogs were with him so they chatted; the wine helping our heroine to relax at least a little, ”D” explained that she was a total slut and she wanted to be treated as one, Mary slid her hand first under “D”s jumper , then down into the band of her trousers, her eager fingers on the receptive wet clit. “D” sat impassive but aroused she wanted Mary to do as she wished with her.
The husband arrived, they broke of the engagement, he ignored his wife`s hand in "D"s knickers. He said his name was Brian, he and apologised for the delay and saying the dogs where now in their shed. He did not ask who she was, or attempt to shake her hand, presumably taking for granted she was who he expected her to be.
Mary now led her upstairs showed her into a small bedroom and asked for her knickers, which she watched her remove licking her lips as she did so. She took them from her and gave her a dressing gown, telling her to “strip your slutty body and when you are ready to come down and present her-self to Brian”
She then went away taking the knickers to “tantalise the dog” she said.
“D” said she was by now well horny, but with not knowing what to expect, she slowly, a step at a time went down dressed now in the rough dressing gown, her a leather collar, she had fetched with her to signify she was to be the dog`s bitch and no other clothes.
She nervously arrived in the living room where Brian was now sat, watching a DVD of a dog having a ball with a young lady, he motioned her towards him the pointed at the dressing gown. She opened it to allow him to see her, he gave her a severe and careful look at her sex and her breasts, noted her collar shrugged then motioned her into the seat beside him, they sat on the sofa watching TV and waiting, he not even looking at her. Plucking up courage, she asked him if he would take a few pictures with her camera, but he was not keen, as he said it could be “incriminating”.
In turn she requested she could wear her hood, which he found sinister but said that would be ok. The hood she took from her camera case still on the sofa where she had left them.
However as he was going to run his video camera, for himself they came to the compromise that as soon as the dog dismounted he would take a couple of her wet and full sex close up but none with the room in them and that when she was in the hood he could use the video as he would.
Mary came in then, surprisingly she was topless, and she sat on the sofa and began to kiss “D,” they fondled one another`s breasts, gentle soft breasts and the nipples on each woman stiff and brown.
The dog was now beginning to whine so Mary went to quieten him, her big breasts bouncing a little as she walked.
She told her husband that; ”her baby was ready and keen” then to “D” she said that “his name was Joe and as she could hear her knickers had sent him into a frenzy” and “was she ready?”
He said they had best get on then or there would be no paint left on the door.
“D” put on her hood, and then Brian switched on his video saying to his wife that they should “advance to the a****l.”
Mary led her to a dining area at the side of the room by her collar removing her dressing gown as she did, she said she “needed to prepare D” rubbing her nipples gently then playing with her clit oh so gently while whispering in her ear that she was;”a dirty bitch” which had “D” nearly coming on the spot, she then was told to go down on all fours.
Now down and in her hood her view was restricted, Mary told her to “relax bitch” and she felt her pussy-lips opened by the woman`s fingers, flipping gently and perhaps for just a while too long. The dog was now scratching at the door insistently; he could smell her wet sex, she heard the door open and a large sandy coloured Labrador came into her vision, with Brian holding his collar. Mary spoke to the dog and fondled his head saying “hello baby, look what mummy`s got for you a fresh bitch”
He released the dog who came to her hood, he had long woollen socks on his front paws, he lapped at her face with his great rough pink slavering tongue, so she stuck her own out to meet his, swapping saliva, his breath smelt but by now she was so aroused that she didn`t care. After a second or two he went from her hooded vision.
She felt what she thought was his cock bump against her pussy, but then realised it was his nose sniffing at her especially unwashed sex. He must have loved the smell as he began slipping his tongue up and down her wet slit, up onto her puckered arsehole, then back to her pussy.
She could hear the couple, egging him on “good boy, and go on baby the bitch is yours” then he jumped up onto her back, the tip of his ready cock stabbing at her pussy lips, so she arched her back a little.
He jumped down giving her a huge feeling of anti climax; he walked round in a circle in and out of her vision, she felt a hand holding her sex open and a soft command she could not really hear, and with a lunge he was up, his dick bigger now slid easily into her, as big as any man she had had, his cock getting bigger with every rapid stab of his hips, his hairy balls slapping against her.
The hand again opened her arse cheeks and it was like putting the dog into overdrive, his hind legs went onto her calves and the prick speeded up stabbing at her like a machine.
She could hear him panting now, Mary telling him to “fuck the bitch Joe” then Brian pushing him forward; “D” pushed backwards attempting to get more cock into her hungry sex, she relaxed at Mary`s instruction and the prick slid in further, deep inside against the walls of her cervix, with a bang each stroke hit her inner wall, the thing piston`ed into her, she began to moan loudly, oh so loudly, it felt like nothing that had happened to her ever before.
Mary began playing with her nipple`s, it was enough to drive her over the edge

She began to be conciouse of the swelling just inside her body the knot was swelling; it grew bigger, her sex now full to bursting would it never stop swelling, his scalding seed began to pulse into her body, her belly felt full, would he never stop forcing seed into her body.
Joe stopped moving he lay on her back flat out his deadweight collapsed on her, just the odd twitch now the odd squirt of his seed into his bitch, who had lost count of her climaxes.
He began to scrabble at her hoping to turn himself butt to butt with his bitch tearing a scratch on her leg. He gave that up.
His knot now so secure in her he could not get away from her, for 17 long minutes they were together, then and not without pain the knot suddenly shrank a millimetre or two and with her scream it plopped away. She said later that really hurt and she could feel cum running down her inner thighs like a river.
Brian leapt forward with the camera and fulfilled his side of the bargain, just 4 shots, and his voice commanding her to “stay there” Her knees were sore after some 25 minutes on the hard floor, the dog having tongued his prick in front of her for some minutes, now he got up and remounted her but the knot was not gone completely and only the top section above the knot actually entered her this time, the feeling was divine and she climaxed again, before he got down.
Mary now ordered her to roll onto her back which she did with much relief her knees now quite painful, “lay back bitch” Mary cried then fetched Joe over the hapless girls face.
There was a crisp command to “clean my baby with your tongue bitch”
“D” took the tip of the red cock into her mouth as Mary peeled back the sheath, the bitch sucked on that tool cleaning him and washing his shaft, a final act of subservience to her dog.
Brian put out the dog to the run, Mary helped “D” up to the shower, the attitude seemed to have changed, she peeled off her collar and the water helped her back to the real world. As she had promised patty all those hours ago she did not wash out her sex, she dressed, her breasts tender in the bra now, her body still just seeping cum, into her trousers, she never saw her knickers again.
She returned to the living room to collect her camera, Brian rose to his feet and told her in no uncertain terms that as a bitch, she could go but she was to wear her collar and she was never to contact them again.
He placed the collar round her neck and she found herself outside, the door firmly closed behind her.
She drove home to Patty in silence, arriving with the collar still in place, Patty fetched her indoors, and led her to her bed, she laid her tired body back on the bed and Patties tongue reached deep into her body, the taste of doggy cum was the biggest aphrodisiac she could imagine.

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1 month ago
Very HOT!!!
3 months ago
Nice story. Have enjoyed this activity several times myself
6 months ago
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Well written, excellent attention to detail, and highly erotic.