Captured, tortured and ra+++d by gay Caribbean sad

They came out of nowhere. I was pushed into a van, hooded ,handcuffed and gagged.
The van drove for about an hour, while the roads became bumpier and bumpier.
I was shocked.
What had happened to me? Who k**napped me? What did they want?

When the van stopped, the door was opened and I was dragged into a room with a vast echo, when the door was slammed shut.
I was pushed to a pole, my handcuffs were removed and I was tied to the pole.
Nobody spoke.
The only sound was some rustle and some jingling.
Then my hood was removed and the shock increased.
I was surrounded by 3 naked men, who wore just masks and leather harnesses.
All had quite impressive cocks, which were already ¾ erect.
One of them finally spoke to me.
“You will ask yourself, what do we want from you? And the answer is simple. We want some fun with you.“ – „But why me?“ – slam, I got a hard hit in the face – „Did I ask you a question?“ - - - slam – another hit ---„No, you did not ask something“ – „So why did you speak? And it is „No Captain““ „Understood Captain“ – „Thats a good boy. Remove his clothing“
The other guys took some knifes and just cut me naked.
It was strange.
I got aroused, a little bit horny and was immediately betrayed by my cock, which was half erect when my pants vanished.
„What a fish, got into our net?“ asked the Captain grabbing my balls and squeezing them hard, which made me moan and my cock fully erect – slap – I felt a whip hitting the top of my cock – „Aaargghhh“ I cried, but my cock transformed into an oak rod.
„I think we were lucky and got us a painslut. Are you a painslut my boy“ ----„Yes, Captain, but I submitted to Ladies only“ --- „I see, but now you will submit to us and until now, my impression is, you are very good in submitting to men. Tell me: what is your favourite torture?“ ---„Sorry Captain?“ --- He squeezed my balls harder and dragged them brutally down --- „Aaaiiiieeehhh“ --- „I think, I asked a simple question, didn’t I?“ ---„Yes, Captain“ --- „Boys, help this slow learner to understand what will happen, if he doesn’t transform into a quick learner. 3 strokes on his cock – hard ones“ ---- „Aaaiiieehhh“ – as the first stroke of a riding crop landed on my sensitive top ---- „Aaarrgghh“ as the first dog whip hit --- „Aaaiiiiieeeehhh“ „Aaaaarrgghh“ „Aaaiiiiiieeieeeehhh“ „Aaaaarrrrrgghh“ as they hit harder and harder.
„So, I will repeat my question: what is your favourite torture?“ – „It is being suspended in A-shape on tiptoes and whipped, Captain“ --- „aahh, a quick learner“ the Captain said, while I could hear him smile under his mask.
„Boys, his wish is granted. Suspend him“ .
The guys released me from the pole, threw me to the floor, which was the floor of a big barn as I now realised and dragged me towards a winch. They raised me, made me spread my legs and fixed them with ropes. They shackled me to the winch and lifted me up to my toes.
„You see, we are reasonable guys, ready to do you a favour. For sure we will expect you to do us a favour later, too. Now, what is your favourite whip?“ ---„Ääähh sorry for it Captain, but its the ridding crop and the dog whip, Captain“ ---„Lucky boy, so we just picked your favourites. What about the bull whip?“ ---„No experience with it Captain ,...“ ---„But ?“ ---„But I have to admit, that I am curious to be introduced to the bull whip“
„A real quick learner ... and a lucky one. I am a master of the bull whip and will for sure teach you a long lesson.
How long do you want your first bull whip lesson to be?“ ---„Maybe 25, Captain?“ --- „Aaarrgghhh“ --- as he kicked between my wide spread legs. „25? You are no newbie, but an experienced horny pain slut and you offer 25?“ --- „Aaaaarrgggghhh“ as he kicked again. „Make a new offer“ ---„60 Captain 60“ ---- „ooorrgghhh“ as a pole was shoved up my arse „60 is into the right direction, but definitely the lesson would be to short. Make your next offer and it better be an agreeable one“ ...“110 Captain. I’ll try to stand 110“ „Good boy and you WILL stand them, because the ropes will make you stand them“ ...[to be continued]

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be gentle, but use all his holes often and repeatedly.
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